Look at THIS nasty ass b*tch this wanna be cheap ass tranny that look like trash from head to toe….this 40$ hood rat that every man f**k her pimp her out… miss shitty p**y let me tell u one thing you see when u stop sleep from floor to floor and man stop use you as their floor mat you can argue with me. But you know what I’m not going to even argue with you I’m gonna give you some tips rule number one always match your foundation and your concealer with your neck..it prevents you from looking wash out and dry as you look…b*tch you have a lot of nerve to try to come for me thinking you’re lurking when truly you’re just has a late when you decided to sell p**y and Craiglist and swallow all infected c*m… b*tch your body look like when hurricane Irma decided to wipe out Florida a natural disaster… b*tch the time you decided to put my picture up you should know my Outfit cost more than your half pack of hair and ur ashy a*s make up /cheap ass secondhand clothes.

.R.E.M. all of downtown Barbadoes f**k u out now u come to Canada and it’s the same thing don’t u see you have no luck you underneath rub out… you should talk about how you get awarded for Jane and Wilson entertainment condom of the year…B*tch when you stop Kil man with your gonorrhoea tongue then you can be able to sleep good night with out a bible at your foot #RIP…you give crossdressers bad name… b*tch like you have to take all them d*cks in your hand middle bcuz u have no more space on body to take them you is a sad drag queen

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