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  1. Yes Marvin why? Why you left Jamaica come up yah mek man box yuh ? Yuh too hype! Well Yuh always a talk bout worldstar. I hope to reach pan it.

  2. DWRCLLLLLL!!!!! GEEZAS KRYSE , bi man a tump and bax Supa Marvin an him tann up a moggle wid him Rachit. Mi cyaa believe all now!! MARVA it are nuh suh it work a fareen bredda…..LOLOLOL

    1. :sup2:

      My my me shame an a no me a phuck him. Any man me tek have fi caan defend himself 😀 weak back man wid unu weak back oman dem :hammer

      Marvin bitches unu only can defend him pon keyboard 😀 wife not excluded

  3. But why him no put down the knife and put on a bax, when him realize say a nuh Jamaica police and probably get stuck a America him not even move fi stab the youth.

  4. This “posing up wid a knife inna him hand ting” (but a mus dat) is just annadda pathetic grasp of attention for Marvin. Real bad man will use de knife, and anyway it mawga it cut. Argument done! Meanwhile, a fake bad man like Marvin can only pose up wid de knife inna him hand fe look a hype, and a gwaan like him bad!

    Him need fe rememba too say dat showoff can bring disgrace!

    1. I am going to ask you a question, please don’t come for me ok? But, If Marvin had use the knife and stab the man kill him knowing that he doesn’t have his 10yrs green card where would that put Marvin? Regardless of his dancehall antics and behavior in which I don’t condone, We all know this is America and not Jamaica yes, but stabbing the man and go jail and get his papers that are still in process get taken away that make sense? LOL. Marvin is from one of the garrisons in Mobay name FLANKER’S stabbing and killing people is the norm in those parts. Yes take your box and be called a pu$$y and galang Marvin, It’s time you find something do with your life and take yourself out of this dancehall foolery, your antics is played out and people are starting to dislike your arrogance, don’t let me Janet have to bwal over your grave side youth and I hope that you are reading this.

      1. So him fi behave a America fi green card, but stab as him like a Flankers/Mobay/Jamaica? Oh I see…dirty Negros wid no loyalty.

        1. Sorry you Misconstrued the message I was trying to convey #Smfh, I did not say Marvin should stab anyone, All I am saying is, the garrison he is from it is the norm so, therefore, hence, If this was in Jamaica Marvin would have easily stab that man. Relax and re-read what I wrote, I am in no way shape or form with Marvin’s behavior in the dancehall. I am NOT in that crowd and YES he needs to behave himself not only in America but anywhere else, So my question to you is, He should have stab the youth? :ngakak Marvin? leave these people alone boss and go have some seats somewhere and do something better with your life. Get your green card and go hold a 9-5 a nuff a them in a farrin from whappie kill phillope and cannot travel. Do better Marvin.

  5. Di man baxx up Marvin like Marvin is his big son, watch Marvin a pose wid di knife. If u not gonna use your knife don’t draw for it

  6. I swear I never seen a decent fight between two Jamaican men, Di f**ka dem caa fight fi save dem life dats why them always a run fi knife and gun. I can’t believe seh a bwoy like Marvin who always so aggressive and energetic when dancing can’t fight. A now mi believe seh him a nuh battymon cause mi nuh know nuh batty man weh caa fight!

        1. @Tawkchuet yes dear…let’s put it this way, fi a man weh seh a drug dem drug him and f**k him…dah hood deh did slide inna Marvin too easy!

          1. @Met yes mi dear there was a video! U never wondering a wah everybody did a talk bout wen dem mention di video! A years aguh it mek, dem time him colour never as white and bright as now!

  7. Marvin wasn’t going to do one shit with that knife except for wave it around in the air. If he really wanted to stab him he could’ve when there only that one guy trying to part them. Marvin you’re a pussy and played out. Time for you to go find a real 9 to 5. I hope one of them BX man box really you down.

  8. all me a par him have the knife inna him hand fi a good 45 sec get box wid the knife inna him hand get push wid the knife inna him hand and still noting listen next time betta him drop the knife and just fight ya mon him just waste 45sec of doing nothing

  9. Nooooo sahhhh me wan deddddd. Nickesha u manto is a big Baboooooonnn !! Yes man when u hype a so u get shimmer down…waaiiiii if me nay see di video me wudda say a lieee mi bludcleeeeeeeet

  10. All if him pull di knife fi show badness…look how the man hav him well drape up and a box out him claat! Him caan put on 2 box…a suh him weak!

    Maybe that’s wah him did hav Nickeisha fa! Tek up har tuff self and defend him! Nickeisha u tek a batty man, a bruk batty man at dat, weh caan even defend u!

    Lord da Friday ya tun up!

  11. Yikes! The boy thought that the beast was going to use the knife but when him see nothing nah gwaan wid di knife him say box/drapeup time.

      1. nmi dont even bizniz wid de fight up top nuh more….den me as ooman cuda hear seh certain man a tek man,have evidence of it and him response to it was him drunk,so a rape marvin get rape mek him hate ooman suh ,dis need police..weh open investigation aguh

  12. Im kinda glad he didnt stab him. When you have kids, you gotta think about them before you think about yourself. But him neva shoulda pull di knife.

  13. Di man have the knife and am mi a hear is …..1 hour later….2 hours later …if him did have the knife another second Di knife woulda carry him go court

  14. All him do make his friend den guck up the boy , make the youth scare them jump him because him deh a farrin. I bet you if that boy go Jamaica them f**k him up. Keep cool youth you know anthem say you working on that green card just keep and remember you have a daughter. Let one a you flanker man them guck his ass up. I said and I do not know none of the parties involve but some people a bully.

    1. HA!! I understand why people dislike Marvin trust me I do, But Jah know, I know where Marvin coming from so hear what? I would prefer to be called a Whossy, Battymon, Punk and everything else, Even tek the box up but to stab someone and go Jail a farrin and get deported? Marvin? I know you could have stab that man, Leave out the dancehall and go do something constructive nuh dude? Goosh. You could tell the idiot boy a try perplex the youth and I know it’s coming from the majority of dancehall people don’t like how he behave with the dancing thing, I for one don’t like it either with people girl pickney, But Jah know, Marvin need to go sit down now and leave this dance thing alone cause him go end up kill someone or someone kiil him. Marvin? Miss Janet, Just remember Miss Janet and let this go.

      1. Mi agree… mi nuh inna violence and a mother wudda probably lose her son and a str8 deport Marvin wudde get. But YYYYY even pull out the knife inna di fus place. Man a box u, at least fling a one box back…. or pretend to mek a move with the hand with the knife if is a scare tactic u a try.. u draw fi a knife u nah guh use (which once again I’m glad he didn’t) and a pose wid it. What sense that mek?
        Mi nuh like him and him over aggressive antics neida. A one video mi a watch a him a fling and beat up gal like rag dolly and mi seh no sah. From a psychological viewpoint him cyaan love woman. Mi never know seh video deh bout altho mi see ppl a seh it was not consensual! Mi shock!

    2. Juck up u mumma! Marvin a phuck you to man bitch? Bunch a sodomites who want other people fi defend onuu.

      Try know more kuff and bullet de yah fi yu man if a so onu like it. Careful whey yu utta. Bebe bitch up fi grabs :travel

  15. Notnice need fi guh bathe him sour bloodclaut and low the bwoy now..dutty notnice no body nuh like yuh thats y yuh dance dem always empty like yuhclaime dancing career weh yuh claim yuh did have ✌ both you and yuh fat gyal nana propa need sort out rotfl!!!!

  16. Dem fi charge Marvin fi indecent exPOSEure….lolololol….mi ded.
    A nuh dancing this Marvin. Dat rappa-pam-pam yu hearing is fists to yu face.

  17. Mi naw pull no weapon unless Mi a use it….. I repeat Mi naw pull no weapon unless Mi a use it.. A mussi play play fight dis cause when Mi fight Mi nuh too memba still. But Mi scared inna every fight cause mi tink di person ago kill Mi so mi only aim affi kill Yuh fuss… Di evidence here is inconclusive so let’s solve it 2gether.. Mi neva know say one a him hand no work cause how it naw move? Yuh mean to tell Mi say all if yuh conscious enough Yuh nuh dash weh di knife an throw two bax back… Next youth a real badman cause him say pussy use Yuh knife an all now… Dhq Nicki if my man get bax up so Mi #usainkasi him bumbo all when mi get Mi goal an come back him nuh see mi

  18. mi glad him nu stab him cuz dat video would let him get 10 years in di pen…dwrcl..marven next dont put yu weapon if yu naaw use it just tump it out if yu win yu no man caa seh u was a pussy after dat

  19. So hold up unnu just a know bout the tape? Kmt, mi sure it still deh pon the web just inna the gay section n mi nuh really waah go desso go search fah. Mi know Marvin from him ago Flanker Sch, a dem say rich by any means. Marvin never say nutten bout drug and rape til the video buss and the whole a dem hold it down. But it is the basis fi the gay slurs him a endure as Spoon say. Him shouldn’t have pulled the knife bcuz it could have escalated into supn worse glad nobody got hurt except fi him feelings and him shirt collar.

  20. @anonymous weh a ax if wi tink Marvin fi stab up di bwoy……NO! And that’s precisely the point. Di man come wid two fiss and a bag a chat anna bax bax Marvin, weh di knife for? Leff dat eena yu waise and fight di bwoy. Win, lose or draw yu get yu respect and man think twice before dem rush yu up agen. Now if that man had harmed Marvin’s child, then by all means fly yu blade and walk it cross him belly battam mek him walk and pick up tripe.

  21. Some ah uno ah talk bout man ahbrun from prison time man but web duck up greencard.
    If uno really know Marvin him soft like butta fraid ah war can’t defend himself
    Just full ah mouth who ever hear seh
    Marvin best or stab man in a Jamaica?

    Marvin love beat him chest but him far from had lmao lmao lmao
    Wat is the sense of walking wid ah ratchett an nah use it lmao lmao
    Marvin is ah little gyal bout man nuh wan guh prison child please
    Yuh shoulda use de ratchett fe cut an clear lmao lmao lmao old crosses :ketupat

  22. Well it came in the news paper long time ago say popular mobay dancer was drugged and rape, but through me fass me go enquire more about the story, the man dem never drug him, it was a exchange sex for money which Marvin agreed to but him never know sey di man dem a secretly a video them love making, so after ppl start see di tape and shit hit the fan. Him run come bawl bout drugged and rape. Marvin it can’t be rape when you give your consent

  23. Youth next time you don’t hold up knife above who ever you are about to fight that’s how you get a rass boooox No boy can run in an my 3star if him don’t have a Well after the quick box I hope you go a good dine an get some mixup porridge cause only two thing you can swallow !!!!!!!!

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