Well well well ! So Amelia miss dancehall mattress is there anyone in south London that you haven’t tek? Come on now yuh a gwaane too bad. A di first matey this mi si so brite and barefaced, all ina married man yaad, weh di mam live wid him wife yuh gone skin out. Then wen yuh done yuh wah throw wud pon people kmt Girl get your life.

One thought on “MATE WAA UPDATE

  1. A man gi gal so much powa… yuh have some scandalous gal eno but di gal nuh reach a yuh yawd and pull door go inna yuh matrimonial yawd a yuh man cause dah one deh him nuh care…. yuh have some man yuh cyah tell seh dem a cheat cause some tings dem nah duh cause dem nuh wah dem good ooman find out….. some time hunnu fi cuss di man dem tuh an nuh go f**k dem back suh quick when dem duh dese tings… pussy starve dem… nuh falla me still mi nuh care everything weh mi eva tek get f**k pan weather yuh a good man are bad man. Yuh get f**k pan.

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