0 thoughts on “MAVADO AND ACE HOOD

  1. Watch the poor dog mainge a kill the poor animal . It’s no shame wey me come but them could at least clean up before him reach dey man !!!!!!

  2. Window blade missing door missing paint color gone baby stroller tun clothes line no sa me no like that image pon YARDIE image !!!!

  3. the reason why movado taking pics like that is just for straight props. gona circulate them pics when he get back just to show where he is coming from, want to say he is from the hood straight thats all. so cleaning up is a no no before taking them pics

    1. That ah nuh hood, dat is str888888 ghetto!!! Tenament style :hoax2 … Good morning Metty, fam fam :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

        1. Hood is used in so ,any different contexts, but my opinion…from the visuals I’m seeing, this wuss dan hood. Dat fava crime scene, it jus missin the yellow tape

      1. That is neither hood nor ghetto that is straight nastiness. Caw yuh live inna the ghetto/tenament nuh mean you hand dem bruk or yuh nuh hab no shame. Btw us ghetto people a some a de cleanest people mi dey bout. Mavardo just nasty and nuh hab no shame bout him a pose inna picture. KMT

  4. All the clothes line pop dung,weh di clothes pin dem deh? Dog tan worse dan the hungry pickney dem ah Africa, stroller tun storage bin, brick pan toppa zinc roof?????… Like really?????? And I won’t even attempt at commenting at the delapitated fencing :hammer :hammer

    1. Mi alway sey me woulda give Vado some in the dark….mi always have crush pan him but we going through a ghetto Devore right now.

      1. He isn’t bad lookin eeh nuh Honey bee…a lil alcohol will make anything look good. Lucky for him, he has sex appeal, but still mi like how him move

  5. Met morning
    Killa have up pon him IG video a walk thru Cassava wid Vadoa tell him how him ago buss a same way the gully look but why Killa a throw wud tho

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