1. MI GENERAL NAH GO DEH SO ..mi boss is not a constipated artist….him done a go regualar a bear constipated artist dede …..dem have it inna dem but it nah come out …so dem a falla backa mavado …..mi general bruck and boasy

      1. No Met one new artiste he is managing, I was there, it was a good luk I liked that fact that Popcaan was there, it appears some truce has been made, mi she all Vado a big up Kartel and no mention a Killa, mi laugh to myself fi seh im still need fi memba weh im a cum fram wen mi hear im seh big up Kartel mi nearly drap a grung,,,,, Chase a trow wud pon bounty inna song still kmt

  1. Vado really gone “hip hop” look pan him pant, it all di way down him batty.

    If kartel come out a jail tomorrow , Vado start do dancehall music again

  2. stacious looks real nice i must say how ever ugly ass piece a cake nd for a min i thought that blonde wig smaddy was spice dis har type a dressing terrible….beenie luk like likkle hair a grow back man or new stylist perhaps :nerd

  3. Met smaddy post this pon FB

    MAVADO’S BIRTHNIGHT PARTY REVIEW … You all know I had to give my evaluation of the event .. So here goes
    1) did mavado & famous nightclub had a special discount rate for over over over size females ?? Because the place sure felt like I was in a room full off scales …
    2) how can you host your own birthday party .. And almost every artist that perform last night got more forward and crowd acceptance than the birthday boy !!! Ummm
    3) mavado please man up & tell your cousin ” chase cross ” that he’s garbage .. Be a honest relative ..
    4) Assassin aka Agent Sasco got the biggest forward and crowd response last night .. SHELL !!!
    5) last night while I was watching mavado perform .. I mistakenly type the word ” ungrateful ” in Google .. And Mavado’s name & picture came up # coverface # it look away !!
    6) someone in the music industry … Please for the sake of music .. Tell ” new kids ” to give up the trade of trying to be any entertainer !!!
    7) now for the females who enter parties looking tall .. And go home looking short … stop wear heels that you can’t walk in or be comfortable in # DUMB F^£K !!!
    for all the Christians that I saw last night … Did god send you last night for Ace Hood’s soul ???
    9) Mavado & Popcaan a voice tune for tune … Popcaan get the most fwd … Poppy really a shot
    10) finally … There are few artist s that try to diss Rodney ” bounti killer ” Price in this music industry … That actually still have a career … And people need to know and understand that if Vybez Kartel wasn’t as witty and smart with his lyrics and craft … He also would be left in the shadows .. Even now baby Cham is still trying to get back his fan base … People still hate Mr. Vegas … Merciless even a send me friend Request on Facebook now … So mavado please don’t let the status change in your life now fool you .. Because when hip / hop put you aside … Dancehall is what you will have to fall back on … Never forget where you coming from … Because I can recall you saying … You will never diss bounti killa cause a killa feed your kids and mek you know money … But yet still you can now a try style the warlord … I hope you realize that was the main reason why 95 % of the time last night … The crowd was so non-receptive and annoyed with your performance … # DONE TALK !!!

    1. real chat de smaddy a chat everyone a dem weh killa help get stunted a bit afta dem start throw shades pon him is de dam chuetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  4. mi rate pop caan bad ….him jus a nyam a guweh so and KILLA haffi lock off him light fi him lef a night time …and now him inna mavado ting bare face …..mi love it

  5. Give credit where credit due…Stacious tan good :thumbup . Movado still luk like dog (de amount ah money him have cyaa change dah luk de) :cool . But mi ah search fe de 5 Star General, weh him deh…lost in ah de crowd, maybe :malu2 I only hope him maintain de “Alliance” wid Khalid dem, caws mi nuh wah hear him when him ah lan ah grung. :travel :kr *singing Movado…yu can’t c meeeee, I’m invisible… :kr


  6. Him fly-een ace hood fi show him ow him hav yaad lock an end up a flop in front him guess….him mus feel f**kup

  7. Met come here…. How yo Neva tell mi say Suzie q pop big wedding wid spanner banner… Mi just see wedding teaser pon video alley

  8. What a way stacious shape nice and look good inna the curve out red dress??? Is what a miss?? Met stacious get a body discount a doctor Jimmerson ??

  9. all ah dem tun round an diss di grong god….but bounty alright him ah go be the last on standing. Met ah Ninja man bring bount? me neva hear bounty say anyting bad bout Ninja yet.

  10. Keep in mind how DJ Khaled came to Jamaica. Also, keep in mind how Mavado got recognized to be signed to We The Best. None other than Bounty Killer. And yet, he did not sign him under Alliance/We the Best.

  11. enlighten me please , how exactly did movado diss killa ?

    i not in ja so maybe i missing something

    how unu nuh know seh a killa and him ego seh him nah go the show ? isnt it known that killa vex anytime him protege dem get too much light , he try to trample dem

    not dissing the history he created but killa is history people face it

  12. they look nice! however why him neva put more “ghetto” jamaican artist to perform? i feel like everyone that did are somewhat “JAMERICANS” now lol (no offence) but its almost like certain ppl nuh good enough nuh more since him “big time now” lol ijs

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