This Is Vanessa A.K.A May Pen Twin P** Cuz Nobody Wid 1 P**y Nu F**k So much . Shes One Teacher Weh Na No P**y Principle , Har Man Marley Did Ketch Har a f**k her Ex man Sheldon and mash up up her house And Bruk Out Har Window Dem And Release Bare Naked Picture Wid Har , Vanessa Walk And F**k Down D Whole A Maypen She Tek Everybody From TopMan Str8 Down To MadMan .. Juss To Name A Few She Sleep Wid Jonross and his brother James , Craig ,Puppy tail, Sheldon , one a her student ,Andre and him brother Brian , Savi ,Robert,Kutcha,Bigga , Martin, Chang, Kurt , The Man Weh Work A Appleton And Mi Not Even Mention The Man Dem She Tek A Kingston Yet and Mandiville yet .. y u cyaa easy yuhself ? Annuh every man yuh fi go bed wid ennuh ! Not because u see dem a drive big car a dat always ketch yuh! U f**k fi wear clothes go party n fi get free liqa .. my girl do betta , from yuh aguh CC yuh cumin like board house



  1. Stop it she isnt Jon Ross’s type! Smh wicked sender! :ngakak sender u maybe si di girl talk to Ross but she aint his type smh Jon is a friendly money spoil brat who is frenz with just abt everyone but he not f***g everyone!

  2. So man really answer to the name puppy tail? Go hear all when dem a dagga…yes puppy tail, no puppy tail harder puppy tail…. a joke dis to rhatid.

  3. If a so she a function like century ole mattress then har principal or ministry need to know that her character is unbecoming as a teacher, and worst she a sleep wid student. She no fi a teach nobody.

  4. Everybody kno say a suh Vanessa stay longtime . She f*k fi everything . I don’t see a so call hype man from may pen weh neva f**k her yet … she f**k fi down to to the slippers weh she a wear . She is a big ole disgrace for a teacher , dem did suspend her when her video n pics did release . Unnu kno bout the may pen list , what about the ville n town one?.. Vanessa fren just about everybody fi inna di ” hype” class .. but it nawh work fi her… girl u need to fix it up!

    1. Ok fly on wall! U think u kno weh u kno and me kno weh me know! Dont mix up Ross name wid yuh waste x fren name dont dweet!

  5. From the man use to beat her n wake up the wul a ova mineral heights she nuh learn … no sah I cyaa badda . Yes him did mash up her house n bruk up everything in deh just cause she couldn’t keep her front to harself

  6. Really now sender! u sound very hurt. She is a teacher what are u doing for urself? U post and then u and u fren dem start post unda it. I am from pen so going to research and see who she is, but all u females do is get caught up in unuh feelings because the man dem like the girl and not paying u an u fren dem no mind.

  7. G is like Jonross a promise the money weh him nuh av ! D gyal tell her ex man seh she f**k jonross so cum again . Why when her ex man did post it pan may pen business u neva come defend him germs . Get outta yah suh

    1. Suh wen frenship guh sour like vinegar unu come air out unu fren dem business birds of a feather flocks together!!! Cuz u soun bitter az f**k! As a matter of fact i bet any money u and di gyal a still fren smrh

  8. Like u hurt she tek JonRoss hush! Its his birth month gwaan over hotel versales and suprise him! :ngakak u soun really hurt up

  9. Lol…. Well deserved May Pen… Well deserved!!! Because of your consistent phuckry MET has decided to give you Lego beast your own section hahahahaha…. Now MET you have to make a section for all di Jamaican gal dem who get caught wid dem tongue inna next gal panty, I bet that section fill up in a week.
    Something must be going down at these teacher colleges because almost every teacher gal me screw or even interact with on a social level seem like they’re out of the way freaky. To even find a straight one who doesn’t enjoy eating pums or partying in a go-go club is an arduous task. So I’m not surprised by this at all.. Di gal look good still, some fool soon wife it I’m sure.

  10. @new new 3:08pm……please to find a new name i’m already using this name and i’m in no mood to change it.

  11. Some gal watch gal pussy more dan how dem wash dem pussy…. Dem keep tab pan yuh pussy like bar an still naw drink nothing… Move yuh bloodclaat hair everything yuh watch yuh soon get shave.

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