1. one bag a waste, one bag of stuff you toss out after you buy a whole chicken to cook. they dont know how lucky they are . i guess mi a get old because mi see them and shake mi head most time. bring us back to parenting . it ruff but parents can’t fling dem hand up and walk away let the street and dem nasty peer grow dem. most times mi see the critters dem on the street in them pack and i am the first to admit i am effing them up and catching a charge before they beat me down. then the sad thing you will see the headlines, 35 year old charged with assaulting 16 year old. lol bring me back to the girl that was hyping up on the train and the man in the 8 ball jacket box her down. if you was to sit with these kids, i bet you all a them will tell you that them live with them old grandmother, them live with them auntie and so on. No mother or father close by. bring us back to parenting . PARENTS THE JOB START FROM U BELLY START SHOW UNTIL FOREVER. when you half step and it gets out of hand this is what happen . and you know what, it happens all the thime all over . Is just that this one took place in a Mcdonalds on tape. it was a week when news was slow so the media ran with it . THANK GOD or it would just make a 30 sec segment and nothing much would come out of it.

  2. Saying the victim was a bully might just be a PR stunt to further demonize the victim and make the pack of hood-rats look like victims themselves. They are all going to meet their fate. Their biggest problem was attacking the girl while she was lying unconscious on the Floor and kicking her in her head. Wouldn’t be surprise if the Victim start claiming permanent brain-damage, once the bottom feeding Lawyers start encircling the wagon. First they will go after McDonald for lack of security, then the School System.

    That school has been a source of problems from back in the late 1970s up until now. The problem started with clashes between African Americans and the new influx of Caribbean people into Brooklyn. I doubt many of these Students even finish High School, although I know past students of that School who have gone on to be Doctors, Lawyers, Computer Scientist and Engineers (all from the same Family).

    1. two young hot head gang members meet up . is just that dem catch her alone. young bucks glorifying the term RATCHET. miss guided FOOLS.

  3. It doesn’t matter two wrongs doesn’t make a right that’s someone’s child too .. They could’ve killed that girl I don’t care what no one says it ain’t right they Straight cowards!

  4. The bottom line of the story the news say, the victim set up somebody fi get kill previously and they have been looking for her. She think it cool dung and safe to come out and them ketch her.

  5. There’s always three sides to the story. I thought it was odd how everyone just stood by and watched her getting jumped. Two wrongs dont make a right but if you go out there messing with people dont be surprise when KARMA bite you in the ass! I’ve been on this little girl’s FB page and she’s a bit HYPE if you ask me.

  6. When I watched the video, I just could not feel sorry for her and now I see why. I didn’t even commented on the post. My spirit was not sitting well with her at all and now this post is the confirmation. Some people deserve just what them get. She too should be arrested and charged with something.

    1. When mi drop pan her Facebook mi haffi draw brakes wid bay smoke mi cudden believe it. She hypeee bad and no sign of her family so it look like she do what she please

      1. They said she set up someone to get shot so the beating I guess is the retaliation. These children are too force ripe. The police said she is not the stellar witness, because she herself knows that she is not innocent. Damn bad breed

    2. @Life Lessons: What spirit are you talking about. What kind of foolish you talking about now bout Spirit not sitting well? Bwoy, mi never know that Spirit can sit, much less sit well. A which part a Jamaica yuh come from? Mocho?

      1. Met, today is Sunday, me a beg tell this bedbug avoid me. Wanda from living colors go look a life and learn a few lessons.

  7. While 2 wrongs nuh mek a right, the victim was no angel and probably got exactly what she dish out to others PRIOR. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF HOOLIGANS AND THEY ALL NEED TO BE LOCKED UP AND THE PUBLIC NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED FROM THE LIKES OF THESE ANIMALS, VICTIM INCLUDED..I’ll save my sympathy for someone who actually needs it..NO NOT MISS ARIANA, NO SYMPATHY FROM ME, SHE IS NO DIFFERENT FROM THE REST A RATPACK…@MS. ANON @12:53, U GIVE HAR FI U SYMPATHY.

  8. she ain’t no saint by far if she didn’t set dude up to die that wouldn’t happen to her my friend know her n she far from a saint. Kmt dem shoulda do worst cause a life was lost due to this gang crap..

  9. Wow. So sad. And to think I was here feeling sorry for her and she and dem a di same thing shame. And maybe that’s why nobody never really help her. Maybe den did hear why she was getting beat

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