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Good Morning Met & Bloggers,
After reading the story “My baby’s baby” in the Sunday Gleaner I had to fall on my knees and cry out to God. I am hurt and angry. I am hurting for this innocent child and her mother. I am angry because of the response of the police to the alleged rapist. Why can’t he recuperate from his surgery in jail? Why is law enforcement giving this man the opportunity to escape from the community with the help of his family and friends? Why are we further endangering the victim and her family? Have they not seen what has been happening to our babies when these dirty men molest them and get them pregnant? Are we going to wait until something terrible happens to respond by visiting the community with a media truck in tow and condemn whatever act takes place? When and how did things like this become the norm?
I feel so helpless. All I can do is pray. Pray that this child and all the others who are affected by cases like this get the help they need. Pray for things like this to stop. I can’t stop crying.
Bloggers I beg of you pray for the Jamaican children. They need our prayers.

My Baby’s Baby! – Eleven-Year-Old Pregnant After Sexually Assaulted By Two Adult Men

Mother Janet Fearon* (right) and daughter Alicia*.

At a time when most students her age are getting ready to sit the Grade Six Achievement Test, 12-year-old Alicia*, is preparing to give birth to a baby that is allegedly fathered by her 52-year-old relative.

The child is now seven months pregnant and her 28-year-old mother is upset that the man she believes is responsible is yet to be arrested.

Janet Fearon* told The Sunday Gleaner her daughter was sexually assaulted by her cousin and another man in their rural Clarendon community last year, but she was unaware of this until she took the child to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor contacted the police after confirming the pregnancy and questioning the little girl.

“She said she is afraid to talk to me. I don’t know why she is afraid to talk to me as a mother. I don’t know if it’s because I am strict. If she come home and say anything to me, I would rough her,” admitted Fearon.

“The other day she come from school and I see that she was crying and I said ‘Alicia, what’s the matter’ and she said ‘mommy, I am okay’, that’s it, she said nothing more to me,” she said.

But Alicia told The Sunday Gleaner that she could not tell her mother because she was threatened. She said the incident took place as she was coming home from extra lessons one day.

According to Alicia, it was not uncommon for her to visit her cousin’s house, since his 12-year-old daughter is her best friend. That day, however, two adult men took her into a bedroom and told her that they wanted to have sex with her.

“They said if I go home go tell my mother, they gonna kill me,” the little girl recounted.

Alicia and her mother have since been questioned by the police regarding the incident, however, to date, no charges have been filed against the accused men. While one of the men have been keeping a low profile and only visits the community in the wee hours of the morning, police say they have refrained from arresting Alicia’s cousin because his foot was amputated a few weeks ago.

Police personnel from the Frankfield Police Station told The Sunday Gleaner that they were advised by the clerk of courts for the Clarendon Resident Magistrate’s Court to hold off on arresting the accused until his foot is healed. However, they insisted that they visit Alicia on occasions.

The cops said they are currently investigating other carnal abuse cases in that area. One of the most recent cases the investigators are working on is that of a 14-year-old girl who said she was raped while taking a shower at an outside bathroom. She, too, is now pregnant.

“We have a grave challenge here when it comes to the young girls, especially when it comes to the fathers,” said one senior cop at the station.

But the hurt is not going away for Alicia’s mother, who is overwhelmed by the prospect of raising another child. She already has four of her own with the last one still in diapers.

“It has shaken up the family to know that you have a 12-year-old girl and you are trying with her with no father. Her father left Jamaica from she is one year old until now,” lamented Fearon.

“He is 52-year old and I didn’t expect that from him, because me and him a family by my father’s side” she said of the man accused of molesting her child.

As a small farmer, the young mother said things are tight and her daughter is yet to secure some of the items she needs to prepare for childbirth.


“She will be doing a surgery to have the baby, because the doctor said she is too young and cannot have it off her own,” she explained.

Alicia, a little older than a baby herself, however, believes she is prepared to deal with a baby, and briefly lost her shy demeanour as she informed our news team that her daughter will be named Tashay. Digging her toes into the ground while placing furtive glances at her mom, the adolescent outlined how she intends to take care of her baby.

“Like when him urinate, you wipe off him bottom and change him pampas and put on another one and him clothes. And like when him puke, you clean him and bathe him,” explained the child.

Fearon said she is constantly accused of being careless and her daughter, who hopes to become a judge, is often teased by her peers.

“They say a lot of things (and) that I should get locked up because I am careless,” the mother said.

“Her friends them see her and laugh at her and mock her and jeer her,” she said.

It has not gone unnoticed, too, that at least two pregnant teenage girls have been brutally killed in recent times in what was suspected to be efforts to protect the identity of their abusers. One man has already confessed to killing one of the teenagers while investigations continue into the death of the other. Fearon said she fears for the safety of her daughter.


“At nights when we are in our house, we have to fear, because I hear foot(steps) outside of the house. We have three dogs down there at the house, and last night somebody lick one of the dogs with a stone. So you have to say we are kind of fearful because we don’t know what people would do. The man dem name calling and so we have to be fearful,” she said.

Community members told The Sunday Gleaner that they, too, are concerned about the safety of the little girl and are upset that her suspected abusers have not been arrested.

A teacher at Alicia’s primary school told our news team that the Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) was contacted as soon as school officials realised she was pregnant. One school official also showed us a text message that was sent to an officer at CISOCA to follow up on her case last December.

According to officials at the school, meals are prepared by the school’s chef and regularly taken to Alicia to ensure that she is properly nourished. However, there are concerns about how the turn of events might be affecting Alicia’s best friend, whose father is at the centre of the controversy.

Individuals who have migrated from the community over the years, have also come together to start a Facebook page with the intention of raising awareness about incest and carnal abuse, which they say is very common in the area. A group member said they also contacted the Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR) to inform them about Alicia’s situation.

“It seems to be quite an accepted norm,” she said.

“We met at a physical location sometime last month and we called CDA and OCR and they said that we need to write a letter so they can have a meeting in the community,” she explained.

Alicia’s mother cautioned other mothers to observe their children carefully, in order to protect them.

“As a mother, I would advise parents to take a closer look on their child, because they are not going to come and tell you that man molest them. If the man threaten them, they are not going to come home and talk,” she warned.

*Names changed to protect the identities.

0 thoughts on “12 YO PREGNANT BY 52 YR OLD IN JAMAICA

  1. Sender, Iddon’t know if prayers will help, people have been praying for the whole island, for how long, things has not gotten better it continues to spiral out of control. I don’t expect any better from the police officers in Jamaica, because some of them are predictors them self.

    They (the police) knew the other rapist visit the community in the wee hours of the morning, but make no attemp to arrest him. I don’t know how far alongshe was when her mom fond out, but i would not let a daughter of mine who was rape by any man much less a family member have the baby.I will sure pray for this child, only god knows.

    1. Honeybee I was just thinking the same thing as I read – my child would not carry that child if I found out in time. I really am speechless and utterly disgusted by the abuse that’s being perpetrated on our children. Jamaica needs a purge..I swear

        1. Met, we lived in a society where certain thing does not bother us because it is not me nor anyone of my family member who’s the victim. The mother is only 28, with 4 children the oldest is 12. How do we know she was not molested or rape herself? Its very sad when you look at the situation.

          1. Very sad with no help in sight .The mother being that young and having her first at 15/16 a di same thing reach her of course. Where is child services in Jamaica to have looked at this?

    2. Not only the Police but Doctors too. Have you seen this story (Dr. Sentenced to 360 hours of Community Service for Sexual Assault of a 18 year old):

      Dr Lloyd Cole Heads To Appeal Court March 4

      The Court of Appeal is to hear an application by popular Kingston medical doctor, Dr Lloyd Cole, who is seeking leave to appeal an indecent assault conviction, on March 4.

      Dr Cole was convicted in 2012 and was sentenced to 360 hours of community service.

      The medical doctor is asking the court to grant him leave to appeal on the grounds that he was given bad advice by two Queen’s Councils which resulted in the abandonment of his appeal.

      The appeals court has requested that the prosecution obtain affidavits from the two lawyers before the matter comes up for hearing.

      Evidence was given that Dr Cole committed the offense against an 18-year-old woman who had gone to his office for medical treatment on January 31, 2010.


  2. If I was the mother of that child I would make her take abortion don’t care how far along nope I would not let my child bring a criminal seed into this world no no more tribulations on them now them have to face I would put the baby up to orphanage

  3. I have to been a victim as a child by nasty JA men. They’re predators and as a parent I am very keen of my children. It’s traumatic for a child to suffer through this. I believe these things add or start a vicious cycle of mental illness.

    1. Remember that Predators come in all form, Race, Creed, Social Status…you name it. There was a case in Florida in 2008, where the 60 year old Married Former Mayor of a pretty affluent Suburb of a major City, was found guilty of molesting the 5-year old girl. He only received a 4.5 year sentence, although he was looking at life in prison before the plead deal.

  4. God God jesus Jesus, your blood your blood and no other blood cover our children what a shame this brings tears to my eyes am sick and tired of it .. What’s being done to protect our children?? Jamaica and the heads of government what are u guys doing police commissioner what what ?? Lisa Hanna Lisa Hanna comeing on the tv or in the gleaner to talk shit we don’t wanna here it action action now man full time now we tire we sick promises promises den dutty man yah need fi dead Quick quick

  5. Lisa Hanna whey you deh,? Someone has to stand up for the children. Put castration on the books for the rapist and pedophiles. Followed by a long sentence. Some deterrent to let them know.

  6. I remember someone comment on the Lisa Hanna thread about child victims. The person said the government should not be blamed, it the parent(s) job to protect their child/or children. (don’t quote me).What that person fail to understand is that when parent(s) or a female who was rape or sexual assaulted, who are brave to report the crime, the police do not do their job. They talk down to the victim(s), as if what happen to them is their fault or it’s normal so what are you complaining about.

    In my opinion, they (the Government) have been blind to many social issue affecting Jamaica as whole. The laws they put in place aren’t implemented, so rapist, pedophiles, murders will always prevail and pray on the poor defenseless society of Jamaica, the women and children. I know what its like to be a teenager in Jamaica, grown men telling me what they want to do to me, touching me when I pass them on the street, looking at me as if I’m a prey. Thinking back right now make me sick!

    1. It is the government’s fault because if this was here then this would be a very very big deal. From she touch the doctor here they would call child services but in Jamaica there is no such procedure..U nuh see mi tell uno all when the schools find out the don’t call the police or nothing..molestation happens and they call the parents to come in and a nuh so it fi go..The law has to come before the parents to protect the children

    2. I think you are talking about me. :sorry Again, waiting on “Government” to solve issues stemming from social illness will not get us anywhere fast. All the laws that can be enacted will not make a difference if these laws are not followed to the T. I linked a situation in another thread where a Judge sentence a Jamaican Doctor to 360 hours of Community Service for Sexual Assault on a 18-year old patient. Do you believe this was the first young female this Doctor has assaulted over the years? The laws are on the books, so how come this well-respected Doctor did not go to Prison and/or got on the Sex Offenders Register (that YOU claim didn’t exist). How is this Government’s fault?

      How does Child Protection Services get past the wall of silence that the children and mothers put up when naming the men who impregnate these underage girls? As I have said before, you are a victim of your environment. You (and those of your ilk) grew up thinking that government have ALL the solutions to your problems, when in reality we the people can have a greater impact than any Government or politicians or laws. Do you get it or you want me to draw you some “stickman” to get the point across. Changing your mindset will take time and I expect a certain amount of push-back from you and your feisty blog friend (cannot remember her name…but she soon come :nerd ).

      See (must be the Government’s fault why these young mothers doesn’t want to name the father of their child? Right?):

      The fear that their partners will be charged with having sexual intercourse with a minor is causing many pregnant young girls to refuse to name the fathers of their children.

      And even in the cases where the father of the child is also a minor, efforts to get the under-aged mother to name her sexual partner have been unsuccessful.


        1. I don’t know if you are aware that there is no procedure in place to report and prosecute these cases unless the parent pursues justice. The responsibility cannot be left up to the parents or children to bring these cases into the law , there has to be proper procedures in place that will include a thorough investigation. There is a stigma on children who get pregnant early in Jamaica that allows even the professionals to see them as being over-ripe for their age and because of this, they turn a blind eye to these cases. The law should be above that enough to have them follow the procedure whether they believe these children are acting beyond their years. Just like how the McDonalds fight go down, the little girl not pressing no charges, she rude and all the rest but guess what? The law is still in progress…That is what we need in Jamaica and it is the government who has to ensure that

          1. If a child gets pregnant here and goes to the doctor without a parent the doctor calls child services and even after child services becomes involved ..while there is an investigation going on the mother/parent/guardian has to submit a letter to the doctor acknowledging that she is aware of the child’s condition and that letter has to be there because that parent has to give account also. We do not care who don’t want to name names, and not every single victim will not give a name. That is not our business and shouldn’t be the law’s business.. Whatever their cases are they should be investigated and protected because these children having children are the root of Jamaica’s current problems.

    3. The big men are very rude with their mouths on the streets in Jamaica fi true. There is a dj name Danny English, he saw me in the gas station when I was a teenager living in Jamaica. He must have had a few hit songs and a drive one jeep. He told me to come here so I ignored him and walk into the gas station and purchase what I wanted. When I was leaving the man come up into my face and start tell me some dirty bad words and curse me out. He said I am acting like I am miss world and if me don’t see a big celebrity a call me. One lady saw us and ask him if him want to dead. She tell him say if me people dem ever hear bout this him better run away from Jamaica. All a the c.d. man a tell him say if him know a who fa family him a mess with. I don’t even look at him because I did want him touch me so I can make the phone call. They see you and just look at you the child as the next victim to prey on and destroy. All the police them are the worse, you no how much of them me cuss when me a teenager. That is why they don’t care because they are just as guilty of preying on the young sexually.

  7. @Met, “child services”? They will do something when the media and the public called them out. When the mother went to the police, they should have called child services…but as well all know they’re incompetent when it comes to doing their job.

    1. From she go hospital the doctor should have contacted the authorities because the police don’t care..but not even teachers in the schools care because trust me. Couple a my family members are teachers in Jamaica and every single week there are cases of molestation in their schools. When mi ask what do dem say di principal call in the parents and thats a whey mi always a hear. These children must be protected and rehabilitated and its not being done. Its not like Lisa Hanna not doing anything , the system has been like this before her and a di sake a technology why everything a surface now..It has been a long standing problem in Jamaica and these children are often molested by family..nuff time dem run wake sake a dat n go to another man at a young age jus fi get whey from incest .

      1. Well said. Therapy is well needed for the victims. However, rehabilitation is far and few for most, if not, all of these girls. Lisa Hanna’s trying, lets hope she continue to fuel the flame regarding child abuse, if not, the atrocity against girls will continue.

  8. To the 52 yr old animal: You don’t deserve to live, because no form of rehabilitation will EVER remove the abuses from the mind of this 12 yr old child. You POS has scarred her for life, so you should be scarred for life too. Death by stoning.

    To the girl’s 28 yr old Mother: You need to have your teeth kicked out by Angie Stone! After what happened to you at a tender age, you should have stepped up your reality just another notch more, and keep a third eye out for your daughter. Now look, at 28, you are going to be a Grandmother. WTF!

    To the 12 yr old who is pregnant: OMG!!!!!! This plight should have NEVER happened to you. At 12 yrs old, I would love to see you in person to talk to you, and do what I can to help you. SMH and saying OMG again!!!!!!

  9. That Dr the person Spoke of above, is the Dr with the office in stand pipe across fr the embassy and them say the girl had to leave the area cause she tell somebody a lie. The girl along with a whole heep a others was messing with this dr. He lived upstairs fr the office and u could go there all hours a night and a young girl in deh. His office is still open. And it was a big protest and excitement when them come fi him cause them give the police hell.

  10. That one stem from money and a whole heep a free abortion service.
    That same Dr was also arrested for a botch abortion, he late got off. The lil girl and her mom tried a home done abortion that went wrong and before them bring her go public them bring her to him who gave her a pull to pass the rest. She Got Worst When Them Bring her go DR she tell them a Dr Cole perform the abortion. Lock him up 2 says she confess say a her mother give her something

  11. oh boy…wht has Jamaca come to…??? getting wussa by de day


    where is de Church?

    de Police??

    de MP???

    de Council man???

    De Pastor????

    de Principal????

    de CDA????

    de OCR?????

    Yesman , dont wnt to say it…but look like we JAMAANS behaving likes DOGS

  12. I’m so glad Met schools that baboon. Government Defender is always on duty even on weekends smh

    1. I know you weren’t far away…did I not predict that yuh soon come? I hear that even while in Church you were bringing up the site on your iPad. Weh yuh sey, mi a Government Defender? O.K, I’m calling you an enemy of the State or Birl (When was the last time you check your Testosterone Levels?)?

  13. This has been going gone forever in Jamaica especially in country areas and I dont know when and if it will ever stop. Its just getting more media attention now. But father breeding daughter a ommon assault.

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