17 thoughts on “MEET ALIISHA

  1. Unno always associate success wid gay or illuminati .

    Headline should have been “meet the man On top of dancehall”.

  2. Yuh know mi did a one smaddy new a mek de wall ur a damn mess :ngakak

    Nah lie After All sick Alkaline,Extra Lesson nuh bad edah Block nd Delete him really a gwaan gud ..wen mi see him like dis mi exactly weh him a duh just like de yeye thing him luv controversy badly

  3. Alkaline have a vibes. Him a the drake a dancehall. Every single him put out a hit.

    Him need fi clean up him image though. Yuh a get big now, change up. Market yourself properly now. Yuh look….. :najis

    Yuh skin did black and smood, cut yuh hair etc man.

  4. This is a old pic, Alkaline stopped the bleaching n has cut the hair, but I reckon he did all these things to get people talking (was media n communications him study)

  5. Top of which dancehall????? A him alone inna dat deh dancehall I never see this youth on a stage n sing 1 a him song like how it sound on the record…charley black is on top of dancehall rigth now selling the most units

  6. I can never understand how them fans yah issue titles, him cannot perform. And any real dancehall fan will tell you that being a radio artist alone no cut it. as to the look……

  7. He always look sick. I seen him in concert awhile back with a couple of my girlfriend who were so excited to go. Anyways we were up front. What a waste of money. He has no stage presence and no vibes in real life. Plus he looks sweeter and sweeter everyday. The reason people bring up gay and Illuminati all the time is because that the program he is programming the young youths with! Be vile, look like demon black eye balls, be goth,tattoos, bleach out you skin, sex, gal Fi luck batty, self glorification…And the list goes on and on. He is taking thousands of souls with him straight to hell with him, all for fame! So yeah f*k his fish demon looking ass..

  8. this gal is a sick individual… him get a voicenot off my mans phone and put it pon him album ..when i step to him and him ppl dem fi tek it off him offer mi plane ticket and money fi f**k mi ..sick and delusional nuh rass..sick stomache dutty alisha u are germs only nasty gal wudda lay dung wid u ..sick sick gutter rat

  9. He is NOT on top of dancehall, his songs are at the top. The man perform at sting and sumfest one time and flop and seh him nah perform back a Jamaica, u cya run the place if u fraid a people. U might not perform back a yard but u performance dem still flop, jus tek the constructive criticism and make a change thats all.

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