“In September 2014, five Saks Associates were arrested in connection with credit card fraud involving 6 individuals using stolen credit card information. The incident impacted 22 Saks customers. All customers have been notified and their accounts have been restored. The incident involved several retailers, and there was no compromise to the security of Saks Fifth Avenue’s networks or systems. Customer security is our utmost priority and we take these matters seriously. Saks is continuing to cooperate with authorities handling this matter. As this is an open investigation, any questions should be directed to the Manhattan DA’s Communications Office at (212) 335-9400.”


    1. Wid that ass she going to need two jumpsuit fi mek one. She may can scam one from an inmate.
      Yep! big up!

      1. Hey mi boobie :peluk …all she gotta do now is swap/sell her prison commissary for flip flops and scandal bags…same routine…

  1. Me did think a wendy williams wid out heels, lol. See phone # de fe all callers seeking a good word wid INS :hammer

  2. Wid all di millions she a scam and profit. Can you believe seh dis gal have har fambily a Philly weh she no even fawt pon. She wouldn’t even meck dem barrow one a har bag. God is showing har a sign and bringing her back to square one.

  3. YEH TAMMAAAAYY ah yuh seh good baggggggg good slipppaz and good waistline wid di good stan up mamma ..good brazilian and good rubbinz me aguh pardon yuh elbow mums.. yeah goooodie ah you dat wid di good bawlin wid yuh head hang real low

    1. Don’t forget good for nothing____________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. rass look how them ago call the DA office and send in all a the culprit weh a post up. all the receipt them post. and all the boasting. me sure unu have proof of income

    1. That’s what fi happen to dem backside. That mutt robbaz should go down first for that gift card reciept she post up, the picture with her a seatbelt in bag and shoes and the $6000 red bottoms whey look like payless wedding shoes and the ig post bout how she work hard and people a haters.
      I want you hoes to know that the US Justice System is the true HATERS to onu dark skin and that the Brazilian, name brand and the bleaching don’t make you immune to the Hate! :ngakak

  5. Omg lord Jesus take this case . Met u sure this is Tammy this is my school mate totally different this is a brand new person .met The Lord is my life met u sure god is good Tamara Tamara Williams omg so shock .met 2005 .6,7 we use to hang out lost contact when she when to jail but was not sure wat was going on met are u sure.

    1. Maybe you can provide a better picture…..classmate!
      Yes, that’s her did time prior and is heading back, I am sure she can use a friend, maybe you can write her often while she is at ClubFed!

          1. Everything that I would have added has already been said. I don’t know of heard, I was never in need of buying stolen goods so no link to mi link :cool

          2. ok. But me sure you will know bout Beyonce and Jayzicon if and when dem get netted, lol.
            BTW, remember when someone said feds were monitoring the other day? There is never smoke (rumor) without fire (some truth).

  6. A bet u a dollar a people credit card info she teef and buy dat inflated ass. Dutty Tamara, a shit house like u why we we get labeled in dis society. A hope dem ge u 20+years behind bars.

  7. @Stuups, so if she did mek them borrow one bag or two and share some a di thieving goods wid har family, would God have spared her and not shown her a sign?

  8. Met that out by the ugly twin them shop. Whey them do up them body omg them look a like met a 3 zombie them fe do the self so .met you see the twin a jay icon party apple ace a say why she do are self so. She look like iron man . Hey met the twin them ugly badddddddddddd

  9. WICKED..11.18am just thought I would bring something to your attention! mi born brown to a chiney mother and black-black father
    my point is that even though mi brown me have one back your point is??

  10. Shi fuhck *BIG TIME* when di blogger victims dem start ring off di DA’s phone cause dem ago rinse everyting!!! :tkp :tkp :tkp :tkp

    1. Dem fi ring dung it rass! lolol There’s a angry blogger on here who nu stop talk bout how dem thief har and use up har things a Connecticut :siul

      1. And you know the yaw dies dem gonna give up ALL the links…every dog have dem day, and theirs have FINALLY come!!! :newyear :newyear :newyear :newyear

        1. And for the record…I am SO HAPPY that they will ALL be caught not because of their name brands…but because they sit, laugh and scrutinize hard working, decent people like us who work hard for ours, go thru struggles, trials and tribulations to hold ours down…just for them to demean us so now it’s their turn to be demeaned and scrutinized..

  11. @Tina, I’m sure Wicked meant to say, the elbow being dark is usually indicative of someone who bleaches…which is true, however, clearly in your case, you are the exception to the rule. That doesn’t make what Wicked said any less true or offensive to you. I’m brown and under mi batty jaw dark and mi never bleach but could never take offense to that comment.
    Matter of fact, it’s not hard to tell someone who bleaches to achieve their complexion.

  12. That mean in the video she was th one holding down her head. A never she in the black jacket . Was thinking it couldn’t have been her either bcz the girl in the young jacket was too young for her age.

  13. I wonder when you go Jail with fake battom and it start rotten how that go work? Teneisha Image, Apple and all a you in the same crew, I hope they find you all and deal with you properly. Wicked set a people unuh be, Just to be in a dancehall and hype? lock up dem bombo. Look on her to? show right off wid the people dem purse. I KANT. So she was the one that was holding her head down, how she manage fi keep up wid the false hair in a Jail? May the good lord go with you.


  15. @Foxy…….I was wondering how that comment offended Tina to the point where she’s elaborate about her “Chiney father and black mother”.

  16. Foxy thank you for backing me up and honey beee mi really nah focus pon locust Ah swearrrrrr . :najis
    Thanks guys :peluk

    1. But elbow, knees, knuckles, battam…dem places deh suppose tuh be darker than the rest of your body because dem get more exposure and usage *yuh vex or sad, yuh rest yuh head pan yuh hand/elbow, *cleaning your floors/amongst other things..knees ago tek pressha and get dark*…can’t quite explain the knuckles…somebody help mi wid dat one please….

  17. Good afternoon met! yuh nuh si say shi(tamara)aka tammy is at one of har business place hangout=right down ah the two ugly twin dem shop down on Merrick BLVD, right in front of Lorna’s place. Shi to thief and love show pon people with it and about it.

  18. Happle why you Running don’t run stand up
    Good afternoon wallers and MET
    I heard today babes mi hear but why vex wid the pink wall? A talk bout a di wall mek ppl know so much and the wall a informer no Happle a yuh Instagram and Facebook inform pon yuh a dem tell pon yuh not to mention yuh fake friend dem how ppl know yuh nuh have nuh papers? Ok
    Happle yuh waan move but caan find place yuh sey cause how land lord a deal with credit and pay stub suh yuh stress out (wink wink) you know what I’m talking about mi feel it fi yuh yuh nuh stop shit nuh true
    Grapple Aka Apple the lingerie whey yuh wear go yuh man dance out a agent provocateur Apple mi sorry fi tell yuh mi boss have one she wore it last week for her new husband she wore it to bed boo that’s where lingerie belong. So classless FYI Tamara need money pon her books unnoh caan help her?????? The books needs funds okay tonks

  19. If she served jail time before, how the hell she got a job ats Saks Fifth Ave? Maybe she was using the someone else identity. Saks must do some form of background check on their employees….no?

  20. @kerry berry ah thief the bitch the thief it, plus them dem setup fi har at them both locations(agent provocateur) on madison ave and soho green street cause shi like going there to butter the people dem things. mi hate ah clothing thief. Cause clothing store mi work ina midtown and when theft go down, it f95k with my hours and layoff people too. cause of losses, so mi hate dem.
    Apple,kerry-ann,christine and barbie,dafton(battyman),melissa lavish,simone,yankee michelle, and opal star aka twinny leave the people store dem alone cause they all work together to catches you. loss prevention and feds ready fi tek y’all down!!!!
    F#$Kin THIEFS!!!!!

    1. Yes because all their doings come right back down to the small man..dem swear store insurance cover everything n it doesnt

  21. Met! but it look like manette bobette laylow from the other day cause mi nuh si to mch over madison ave no more. Weh shi and GQ Dwight love go swipe the people Identity(CREDIT cards). ah i guess she use har batty man friend brain or others to do har dirty work. cause shi don’t want end up like tammy and rest!

  22. Meta lots of times mi want ask u to match the dancehall ppl with them job inside them house cause cloth and car don’t match up.

  23. Oh so Miss Happle, heat tek u and u waan move and caan move..U nervous nuh true?? U neva know when u did a brag bout u dear claate and boot dem, dese days would come?? EVERY SNITCH HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE, UNU GALANG, URS JUSS EXPIRE..

  24. Happle plz cum and post ur latest purchases. I am just deading to c them 😉 and don’t forget to post the proof of purchase……the people dem credit card

  25. BOYOHBOY…..My fellow Jcans wwhata mixup I never condone any form a teef but most of us at sometime or other take something not given to us if you take a pen from work or a million$ it spell same way.mi inna the Legal Field and it would be difficult to defend dem teef yah…Stores pay insurance for things like these…But when yuh ago messup hard working people credit like that mi have a problem with it…….The person who shame fi say dem a Jacan mi understand…MY girl….EVERY RACE, POLITICIANS ETC…… TEEF

    1. Have you read what is going on? Please read because they stole people’s identities through the stores which is a huge breech in the store’s security system that can lead to customer distrust. Insurance dont pay for that. Call a spade a spade unno love point pan all who a do and nuh like address the inner sores like these

    2. Taking a pen from work cannot be compared to stealing customers identity, then purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Saks is the one who lost suffered the lost.
      You said you’re in the “legal field” . It sounds more like your a security guard at a Law firm. Typical Jcans logic: if politicians doing, why can’t we?

  26. Met Kerrybornbless is on Ig with her real like green bag. This must be how shes proving she innocence. She was not one to buy from SAK personal independence sale person. So she can show her bag

  27. Mi know Tammy 1st hand shi do a lot of ppl dirty. Ppl dem get lock up dealing with her shi not look for nobody all shi care for is shoes and dem pocketbooks. Mi don’t knock how ppl make their money you know but she a selfish evil one but still I pray for God to have mercy on her cause mi not God and God forgives all

  28. And yes she always be with young girls use dem and wen get lock up she lie on them and say they stole from dem but really she left them to rot in jail so after all them times no one told on her someone did. God will show mercy on her she must ask for forgiveness we all sin. And Miss Apple is red eye and nose in the air but I pray for her too

  29. NOW she is trying to scam on a site called TAGGED,,,say she is a young girl tying to meet american men.She have a couple of profiles,,,she cant hide because shave have that big bottom an same smile,,,,so people beware of CANDY the name on here profile,,,she even sent me some XXXXXXpic,

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