Beenie Man ft The Astronauts – Chicken Gunya #Chikungunya

0 thoughts on “Beenie Man ft The Astronauts – Chicken Gunya #Chikungunya

  1. Okay, this one is better because it more of a public awareness statement. Mutt face elephant man own is fkry. Hope no body else no bother mek another song…cheesy.

  2. @PhantomPhoenix, too late everybody have fi do one, dem affi falla fashen a wah a run di cut. kartel call dem sheep. dem cant think fi dem self …..das why dem falla jesus, him wah dem fi be him sheep same ting

    1. O gracious me…me man sick wid it and the first day was like death wid the joint pains, now it’s going away and it itches like crazy along with the fever…so the song dem really no necessary. De victims nu want fi remember the illness.

  3. I nuh lissen it yet, but dem need a video fi dis. Dah tall astronaut deh coulda wine, laaks when him ready fi wine up him would be good fi see if him still got

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