Submitted on 2013/06/26 at 9:40 pm
Ok…here we go. I have not seen the receipt ms. lady put up because I am not on her IG but as I said before I could care less about any receipt the bag is simply not authentic. I understand that Apple is a credit card scammer, a fraud, and a con artist. The art of the con is always to mix a little truth with a lot of lies or in her case a little real with a lot of fake. Her man says there are levels to this shit and there sure are….unfortunately they are on the ground floor. .
Now the thing about the internet is that you never know who is on the other side of the keyboard. I never called out the pink bag she posted because quite frankly based on that photo I can’t be sure if its authentic or not so I’ll let her be great and say that it is. It has nothing to do with the receipt. Receipts are just another tool in the arsenal of scammers.
The graphic flap bag however I do know quite a bit about. Apple you post up Brandon business card like that means anything. The luxury world is quite small (remember that for your scamming files) and I actually bought bags from Brandon when she used to work at the Bal Harbour store back in 2007… when you were still perfecting the art of squatting over a pit toilet. Ghetto girl you can’t talk to me because Chanel is not new to me. If you want a great SA to work with at the Hermes store let me know cause um yeah there are levels to the shit…
Now on to the bag. You say you bought the bag at Saks. Saks only ordered 37 graphic flap bags in that color combination for the Manhattan store. All 37 bags were accounted for my the end of March/early April. The bag was sold out. Do you know what sold out means. There was no more waiting list… All of the inventory was sold and the bag was no longer being produced by Chanel. All of these bags were SOLD. The same is true for the Chanel store in Soho. Anyone can call them and verify what I’m saying.
So Apple even if we were to put aside the fact that the bag has obvious flaws marking it as a fake….do you expect us to believe that of all the prominent people in New York….celebrities, business people, socialites, etc….YOU happen to be one of the lucky 37 people to get this bag from Saks in Manhattan, and somehow YOU were able to get them to find you this bag a full month after it was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE AND NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION???There were only 37 bags of this type reserved for that store….you could not have been on the list and still looking for the bag in May when they were sold out in late March early April.
Even if we were crazy enough to believe that you expect people to believe that once you got this prized bag in May as you say YOU being the attention whore that you appear to be did not immediately post it to IG but held it for a full month and posted it as a birthday gift to yourself a month later????
Bish…get your life cause don’t nobody believe that bullshit. You can take those dirty dancehall clowns for fools but its not only dancehall people that come on this board. I don’t care how many receipts you post, I don’t care that bag is not real. Its clearly “defective” and the timeline that you posted that you got this bag is simply not possible.


  1. Mi miss my name is like a padless bench oooo
    now mi a see more and more that what she said made sense but it look like tamara did done secure up di tings :ngakak a weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

        1. me feel away.. and you know say when ppl ask me weh me come from, me jump up and say Jamaica? a nuh Jamaica ehnuh, but now me a go say Ethiopia, or Guinea cause this look bad.. very bad me shame ehnuh! a now the white ppl dem a go skin up dem nose off a we.. and hold on tight to them pocketbook or wallet

          1. Ah now we affi stand up and puff up we chest and talk it loud seh we ah Jamaican….cah who nuh know already need fi knoe bout di Jamaicans dem weh come yah and get college degree, eena good job, own dem own house, volunteer inna dem pickney school and inna dem community and live productive lives. Dem jancrow deh nah guh mek mi deny fi mi heritage… siree.

          2. @Yawdy can’t seh bettah..agree hundred 100%, :shakehand2 :2thumbup mi nah mek becaz a dem mi nuh hold up my head..aftah a nuh mi deh do it, mi shame fi mi country yeah, but mi nahn heng mi head low, not fi dese few bad apples. Anyone ask mi weh mi come from mi nuh fraid fi chat, caz mi can defend myself and mi country, ebry weh u guh u hab thiefTs and liars. Mi know seh mi nahn do anything criminal yah, suh why I run and hide, mi feel bad yeah, but mi guh heng mi head dung and mi nahn hide, dah ring leadah gal not henging fi har suh why should di I? Mi ah hard hard wuking smaddy innah dis country yah, wuk hard fi all wah mi got, no thiefTing or ill gotten gains innah my house and sah..Suh if u a wuk hard and a du u ting honestly no mek dem yah wicked mek u hide weh u come from chile, nuh gi dem di pleasure.

        2. me nuh know how dem brave so! I woulda neva live fi go inna dat courthouse heart attack woulda kill me as the police dem come handcuff me.. rite there me drop down fi heart-attack me wouldn’t even see the jail cell dem.. me woulda fret and dead di same day! dem strong and brave

      1. oook an dem a bawl out seh dem workin hawd an jmg grudge dem otayyy lets pull up a chair…tamara call dem outtttttttt..doah guh dung alone
        shani dem gud ehh?? smh

          1. mi sehh as anythin drop yah dem mek up post til ppl all a cuss jmg fi dem an luk deh ehh…is dis real? dese ppl…an all dis big bad color bleach burnt badii man weh she a mine is worth it doah? lawd if yuh nuh busy

          2. Now it’s just time to sit back and laugh afta all the flossers who will be put to shame for stealing…what ah piece ah embarrassment; head cyaah heng low enough :malu2

          3. Instagram ago start get subpoenas…lol
            Dumbasses please to know that your pictures and arguments are stored on servers so onu can delete till god. See BB serva bring dung the genius dj, dwrcling.
            God Know a bobby shmurda me want fi see go down…can’t find it in me to dislike happle as much as that ratbat robbaz.

          4. Pp anytime people talk here is badmine so when dem get subpoena dem might jus say a badmine feds badmine

          5. :hammer
            Tifa and Spice say “why yu mad?”…lolol
            Met, If and when the day come please to summons us with that video! lolol Them going to go from Balmain to county flip flops and from chanel to hefty plastic bags.

          6. Dwl. If a gal want fi wear something that no one will grudge them for it is that lovely county jumpsuit or two piece, lolol Prison haute Couture

  2. bwoy mine unno mek apple start shit weh she deh enuh de gal hate dah site yah ten more time dis mawnin…afta tammy goodaz put de gal pon de 37 waiting list unno cum wid dis yah …fix it Jesus

  3. tamara call up akwele lawes name and har pink man dont guh down alone gal carry dem wid you start a list bring them down to hell wid u

  4. weh kizzy step son mada name again from trinidad “zookeeper” wateva it is dem seh yuh a wuk wid hikan bout phone thing like unno name tmobile,boost,sprint,att&t,metro,simple mobile or wat not a beg yuh resign dis day in theft cuz dey coming around corner yes dey ar :nerd

  5. Dem ppl yah pass brite neva in all my days see nutten like dis before dis dry eye tiefin gal ave a nerve bout ppl a badmine har ova da scamming cc bags me seh social media aguh b dem downfall

  6. i know this red head hood rat who says the same thing there are many levels to this shit lol. bitch i know you peeping. unu next in line fe get caught them soon find unu. “they” are on the trail dwmfl.

  7. Morning chief detective Met…lol Inspector Yep! Lesion officers Danny and Simplicity.
    Morning happle and her walkin closet…dwln

    1. yuh see how she well cova de ppl dem name nd a pose wid receipt like a really fi har hard earnings…how dem nuh stay nd stay doing de wrong shit i will neva understand it

  8. Excuse me language MET . Kiss me Rass Imcrimated evidence this seal & sign Apple how could u stupid . A U them called dumb criminal :ngacir2 :cekpm :cekpm :nohope :nohope

  9. Well guys, look at it like this…maybe afta the the Feds dem clean up dancehall, it can be nice again like it once was….that way , ll the decent grown folks can start come out again and enjoy some real reggae music wid nuff vibes and niceness….

  10. A one a the stolen bags linked to Tamara this Met? (forgive me, yuh know me always late pon everything)….What’s the worse we’re looking at here? the purchase of stolen goods if she merely bought them from Tamara. Do you know if she was one of the ‘shoppers’ involved in the pick up and delivery? For clothes and shoes, she risks going to prison? come on son, it ain’t that serious, especially when them ghettofy even the most expensive clothes.

  11. Happle and yuh fellow scammers dis one is dedicated to unno….Dis one call “Time Will Tell” by the late great Bob Marley….pree dah line yah Happle “yuh tink you’re in heaven but yuh living in hell”:kr ……caaan seh JMG neva did warn yuh…:travel

    1. She may take offense to you using her name and the word poor in one sentence. After all, if you account don’t have more than 4k you not worthy to her…Met re-run that to, lol

  12. unu low di bloodclaat gal every day unu have something fi seh come off a d gal name man some a unu just bad mind n jealous yess if dem a scam police will soon ketch one but everyday a apple diss apple dat. . . unu nah no dutty clothes fi go wash or dutty house fi go clean, Mi tyadd a unu n this apple topic

    1. ” 7. If you dont like this forum, please do not whine and wear us out, do yourself the favor of closing the screen- Thanks! . “

    2. Here we go again wid di badmine and jealousy ovah di soon to be jailbirds,fakers and highlife wid odah people money cravers..larks man..seh sinting else caz dah one dun out like unu conscience. At least di people dem pan yah hab a house fi clean and dem own clothes wah dem buy wid dem hard earn money fi wash. Can’t seh dat fi di Appsoontobefallen and di rest a har crowny dem, if it bun u suh much bout wah is said pan a mixup page, gwan pan one wah in league wid unu. Dem have whole eep wah praise dat mess or u can form one uself. Den and there u can dictate wah can be said. But noo thiefTs not having any merci roun here..puss wid long tail nuffi jump ovah fire, or dem wi get burn..lock dem the hell up and throo weh di dyam key. Hope dem gi dem a phone suh dem can update wi from innah jail wid di latest ornge suit, loofahs and slippahs and food weh dem enjoying in deh. Wicked set a criminal unu.

    3. @ ms no name – afta nobady neva send come call yuh. Why di obligation fi come oba yah come read an get frustrated? Yuh nuh have nut’n else fi read or nah???

    4. Well, we know one thing fa sho..this isn’t Tamara commenting cause she behind bars right now ….dutty clothes washed, folded n’ put up *check*…dutty house clean from Satdeh pass *check*…food done cook n’ served *check*…time to chill n’ kick it with the JMG family *check check*…anyting else eediat gal? :nerd

    5. Unu leave ar right ya suh weh she deh…anxiety ah kill ar suh dem haffe try kip up wid we…read in silence and doe seh anadda word tuh wi…


  14. @ms no name, bun u eeh!!! unu luddy, u and happle is the same bloodclaate set a germs..teef and teef alike. MEK a did ur credit smaddy ruin den ur sankey would be different. Oh but then again, unu nuh know nutten bout good credit, law abiding or 9-5 job…u fi go wash ur dutty drawz ole HARLOT..

  15. Mi just ave one degge degge question fi all the scammers…. Suh Unuh really tink Unuh nawh go eventually get caught?

  16. @yawdy… Dem think dem a somebody inna di thiefing clothes f**king set a pess bout why apple Nuh get love har mumma never give har love so why we jmg ppl fi gih har??? Apple batty washer tek several seats are liff up from yah man. F**king set a thiefT.

    1. Bubble di teefin dutty drancrow dem need fi drink harpic and gweh. Mi waan knoe wha mek we fi frighten over di dutty scamma dem. Set ah low life, dutty living crablouse dem..KMT

  17. @Ms no name, some of you take jackass to whole new level. How on Earth can people badmind a thief? Do you not realize that’s saying people badmind jail? Have you seen the news lately? With the latest credit card scammer hanging her head in shame over purse and shoes?
    Why badmind a thief when there is Beyonce, Rhianna, Housewives and whole heap a people with legitimate money fi badmind?
    When people showcase their ill gotten gains on social media, they subject themselves to scrutiny, not just that of JMG but the FEDS as well and Met will showcase it here and we will talk. It’s the whole purpose of the blog. Yuh never hear wey Scarface boss tell him “the man that doesn’t know how to fly under the radar in this business never last”.
    If you are so concerned about your friend, I encourage you to encourage her to “fly under the radar”, though it might be too late.

  18. @Met Hun I can’t see the pictures them, I’m kind of going by the reading… Please please I want to see em

    1. met how did she Tamara get social if they say she don’t work at Saks, i see articles online that people in the medical profession stealing people info from their medical files.

  19. me a wonder if happle buy the flase hair pan head or she buy it.. cause the way how dem teef, dem will all teef milk out a coffe

  20. @yawdy and tinan
    white ppl don’t ask question they judge you before they get to know u, dem will look at you and tell u who you are before asking.. that is why I say that, all we dress up neat and look like decent citizen dem still judge we.. all when you live next door them them chat and say u must be a drugs dealer.. that is how most white ppl react situations like these

    1. @Anon, while that is true u can’t feed into their ignorance. This something we going to face from time to time and for a long long time. People a judge we based pan di color of our skin every day are we going to hide and or change it fi suit dem? No, not me, I don’t have a problem, is dem have it suh mek dem wuk pan dem probs and me wi go on living my life. Just as long as none a dem nuh step to me disrespectfully or innah no odah way, I am great. Dem can judge all dem want, if anything a dat time wi fi hold up wi heads higher dan high, and show dem seh just becaz u come outah di same barrel it nuh u are a hot mess like di ress. Mi nahn feed into dem prejudgement,dis is done out of pure ignorance, if u feel it is that is important to you, like your neighbours for instance, it is up to educating dem,although even den they might not believe or still have dem antennas up, suh wat u gunnah do, can’t live your life fi everybody else. If dem want to live in dem ignorance mek dem gwan, dem nuh deserve my time,suh mek dem chat to mi back, while I keep reaching fi di top. Just suh mi feel. People are always going to be talking and prejudging, something we can’t get weh from, if wi fi fallah all a dem wi nevah live wi lives, suh mek dem gwan judge and chat mi nuh watch dat, long as u know u a life a clean and propah life.

    2. Mi hear weh yuh ah seh Anon, but mi caan prevent dem from forming dem own opinions, but mi nah guh heng mi head inna shame and deny seh mi ah Jamaican sake ah dem red yeye waste deh. If dem come tuh me wid shegry mi hab ah tall list wid fi dem white embezzlers and fraudsters, den mi will end it wid all di accomplished Jamaicans both famous and not famous. Nobody ah nuh scammers like white people and mi refuse mi bury fi mi head like ostrich.

  21. Them say showoff brings disgrace dis a perfect example can’t believe this idiot gal go put up receipt of stolen goods pon social media foo

  22. only classless people buy stuff and post receipts, I hope she wasn’t stupid enough to go to the store and present one of the fraudulent cards, hope she have betta sense dan dat otherwise they never learn

  23. Yuh know say I think dat Tamara or one of har close frens is dat person “My name is” weh give out di 411 pon Happel an di pink Chanel bag back in dat 2013 post. Cause how she kbow di exact amout weh Saks order. Memba say as much as dem a frenz or roll in di same circle, dem smartly banton an dunn dem one a nother unda sikes. Cause maybe Tamara customers dem did want di pink Chanel bag too an a wonder how a Happel one get it and start cuss… Tamara come set di record straiiiiittt. Tamara when yuh get bail mi can get di black one to Happel Chanel bag pls. Or it too late. Sorry…..I’m joking cause I know identity theft is no joke. Good luck in jail.

    1. Same suh mi didda tink to. A ongle smaddy pon di saks inside can know how many bags were ordered and how quickly dem sell out. All a chat bout Soho location, inside knowledge dat.
      I doan tink even Tamara coulda lift one a dem bag deh, mi sure all tutti seven were pre-ordered by Chanel enthusiasts and first dibs were given to Saks’ loyal clientele.
      Flatbush couture never looked so good in dese times. Unno can find mi in di ebryting fi $10 store.

  24. @Cita, di feds fi cum rite a u door tinite and give u a summons fi ordering teefing goods from crafty stikky fingers pple charged wid felony credit card fraud. Dont make dem jokes dere, cause u eye wata near and u mada have high blood prussure..Happle dem a prison bud, dem been dere and dun dat ina dem Giuseppes and channel cha ..

  25. Highly…. Mi waan yuh loww mi a nuh. Oohh. Dwlll. Suh mi nuh waan brand too. Truhhh Yuh know say a cotton mi pick an di pay likkle bit. Loww mi mek mi hustle mayyyyne.

  26. @Mamacita, I thought the exact thing when I read the article that it was written by Tamara. It had to have been someone who not only works at the store but one who is on top of inventory.
    What are the chances that several Saks employees are not only familiar with JMG but with Apple as well and has an interest in that particular bag.

  27. Even if she buy de bag…y put it on IG bitch ur not rich…de bird dem pon har IG mousse waa see it I guess. Buy a house n put it pon IG like antsman

  28. Lets stop for a moment. Lets say these instagram celebrities really own these items. As i’ve asked before, what jobs do these dancehall celebrities have? Which job allows them to be at EVERY major dance wearing at least U$3000 worth of clothing? Which job allows them to be out EVERY week till the wee hours? If there is anyone that can explain how anyone who works a
    9-5, even if they are doctors and lawyers, combine both partying hard ALL the time and spending thousands ALL the time, please educate me.
    Real Talk 😡

    1. Maybe dem hab two bodies, since all a dem mix up eena obeah anyways, mebbie di duppy body guh wuck and di real one hit up di dance.

    2. I’m still trying to figure that out because after my career took off my party life drop to almost zero.

    3. The vast majority doe spend dem kinda money deh, ah more di high end flossa dem aka thiefTs & scammers. Most as di regulars only hab a few pieces of name brands, and Kizzy or cheap stores duh di rest. Most ah dem only works enough hours fi still qualify fi food stamps and nuh hab real bills since dem still liv ah yard inna basement or wid dem mumma. Dem is ah different species an fi dem ambition guh as far as weh dem ah guh wear ah di next dance tomorrow. dem tek wutliss tuh ah whole new level.

  29. a doan feel sorry fi dem. dem chest too high. is one ting if u a teef but fi a show off pon top of it? Happy riddance.

  30. @Met and cita, anuh Tamara write this at all. I analyze the epilogue and I deduce it was an inside Rival. SOMEONE THAT KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT SPECIFIC SACKS INVENTORY. Smaddy whe deh sell pple info to di scamma dem as well and know bout tamara and Happle scammings. She was a rival inside man and she probably set dem up to raas. If im correct, that bitch is one DANGEROUS DELILAH.

      1. Met, I agree. That person is a buyer so they have knowledge about inventory. On a few occassions that blogger and I believe thexone have such knowledge.
        There isn’t anything far fetch about a blogger knowing such…JMG INTERNATIONAL AND INCLUSIVE of all sorts of people. I have a family member who is a buyer too so, again. inventory knowledge is known to those in that field. The numbers isn’t hard to come by because these brands don’t make things in the high Thousands.

        1. PP I dont know why people mind go so far as fi assume is Tamara that smh…u know how long my name is a blog and she know her thing fi true like u and nixie lol

  31. Nite Met and Metters
    You know mi deh fram day a read and a say Happle Tamara the whole lot of dem dunce everything we see pon the news as soon as the case done a few months later the police precinct whey arrest dem ago put up everything pon police auction and use the money back inna fi police force
    So basically the things whey yuh a do time fah a guh sell fi lickle bit and nuttin cause police auction cheap bad SMH y

  32. Nite Met and Metters
    You know mi deh yah fram day a read and a say Happle Tamara the whole lot of dem dunce everything we see pon the news as soon as the case done a few months later the police precinct whey arrest dem ago put up everything pon police auction and use the money back inna di police force
    So basically the things whey yuh a do time fah a guh sell fi lickle bit and nuttin cause police auction cheap bad SMH such a waste

  33. Claim dem? Really they used products some a dem! All I know everybody seh Tamara a informer and she will talk cause de FEDS dem a tell har bout 15 years plus a few a di people dem she scam is pressing charges against her so she a face multiple cases
    Then the other defendants sey she a di ring leader and two a dem agree fi talk and talking already dem sey dem all of list of dem customers cause she wrote down things. Plus dem sey Saks is coming after her cause then name and dem integrity deh pon the line A SUH MI HEAR mi nuh know if a true

  34. Dem sey a bear bawling she deh pon cause Saks draw fi dem camera and a run through cause dem feel sey is ring of dem and dem a watch who go to the cashier chick whey dem ketch wid har so it sound like SAKS tek this hard and dem a go harder

  35. Yes zulika work for jay icon she pick up packages for him that’s how she end up sleeping with him all that war apple war her she still with jay icon. Everyone know apple bags is fake and Babette they get the fake bags from the African man in the city .yes they mix fake with the real. What jay icon don’t know is that zulika talks a lot and by being around him she knows most of apple business. Zulika took jay icon to a obeah man when his friend got arrested she said he was scared and needed protection from police

  36. I here say apple clear all the goods out her apt Monday an put them in storage. She is scared Tamara talk

  37. Storage is in Apple name or did she use scammer card and fake I’d too Dwl Apple you need to come in and defended unno self . Can you post a pic of ur kids bank accounts before they lock u up

  38. I Don’t Get It!!!……. ALL CHANEL BAGS COMES WITH SERIAL NUMBER AND MATCHING AUTHENTICITY CARD……… WHY NOT POST IT…. IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE!…. I give her the Benefit of the Doubt, when i Use to Party i Use to be able to Get Items when they were SOLD OUT!!! i Paid CASH! No Credit Card Fraud. When i would go out to a Dance with my Authentic SOLD OUT item On….. They Would Always Say It Was FAKE! I Had to Bust Out My Receipts on Them One Night! , CASH ENTERED! So For That Reason I Give Her The Benefit of Doubt!

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