1. Her behavior seems obsessive. All when she an no one is at it she mek subliminal posts. Bitch grow da puck up aint nobody got time you old saggy ass take several seats and go find a book n read. You dum ass minimal knowledge fool

  2. Melissa every woman a Kevin wife,cause all him do a go Jamaica and look fi all a the magnum girls them and bring them come a foreign fi satisfied his sex needs that u cant fulfill. U really a claims Kevin,all white keep and u and u matey them in a one dance a enjoy ununh self.


  4. melissia u r a joke all u can do is take picture back way cus the front of u mash up with yuh bang belly self, yuh needs to get a tummy tuck b4 u start chat good lookin ppl
    and as for Kevin, u a real pappy show how much time kevin cum a ny and dont tell yuh
    u think he in ja(setting up car rental) but him deh a ny a sleep in pops basement and sometimes scarry place
    o and by the way stop pee pee the bed yes kevin tell mi seh yuh nuh stop pee pee the bed, dem need fi put u inna pull ups big ole crosses gyal like u

  5. Me feel say mel have some mental problem, Gal no have no sense. Deh pan the net a hype ova the regular ass life and ova man wey a f**k a bag a gal and she a f**k a bag a man. nuh u get evicted couple months ago gal? Unu lifestyle mucky sah. To each his own.

  6. All of the one link man dem eat pum pum.kevin, pops, marlon,and the one name nesta.dem bwoy deh love eat it bad if you give dem a eat them stalk your phone like Seh u name feed the poor lol.

  7. anonymous up top, well if she did get evicted thats a lot of ppl on the street
    thats she har 2 pickney dem plus the bag a gyal she hav in deh
    keri, pretty business + har son, and har cousin…tally dat up 7 ppl inna one apt, not to mention kevin mek 8 …mel yuh life sad nothing flawless bout u piss bed gyal

  8. Kim seh when Marlon a suck di pussy all him nose a suck to a cya tek it lawwd jeesas poor dem nasty man yah

  9. Lmao…not a lie not telling.pops, marlon and Nesta dem 3 deh love eat out pussy fi true.and stalk down your phone, di one name Nesta use to stalk down me phone me did of to block him.all them do is look everybody and den sit down a chat the gal them but still a beg to eat the pums.Melissa need to go look a life cause Kevin no want much less need har, Kevin prefer the young gal dem sweet pussy juice lol and pops lawd me hear say when him a eat him no want doneee

  10. Nasty scarry need a one way pass back a Jamaica wid him old man buddy him look like when pussy beat up Eva inna white pants like him a play cricket wid him dutty teeth dem inna him mouth bout yuh wah f**k me yuh mad dis big ole tiaad man hitch up inna dibasement boy by lol

  11. Dutty nesta him love carry people business go a road you see chat nuff for a man go talk bout how you a stalk the gal fi suck them pussy #onelinkpussysuckcrew none a them boy da can’t f**k me all them do a chat gal

  12. Mel need to stop beat up her chest ova Kevin him walk and look every dog. The man not doing a thing for you y beat up your chest girl stop it. Dutty nesta the way how you love chat y u go eat the pum pum Neva expect them fi talk the biz. Memba say him fren lance love threesome so wa you think any man that love them thing suck pussy but you can’t go around eating every gal front. No sa I guess one link man them thing out a rd smh . All a the gal them when you want a good suck go 109 your service will be granted lmaoooo

  13. The gyal na talk bout Terry Ann unu too mix up ask her who she a talk #Kevin have nuff gyal but she a wife a just through the maty a Jamaica a gwan n a own him up n a one thing him nuh ramp fi hype them then drop them like bad habbit.

  14. Wife where? Wife don’t get treated the way Kevin treat that girl. Stop the madness please, we all know if she never have a child fi him them wouldn’t a link still.

  15. One link man dem Gwan lik dem ting up dem look every gal all the one dem with AIDS dem f**k, lance nesta paps Marlon scary dem freaky bad , the gal dem no stop talk bout it…all a dem live in the big Dutty house. Unu go clean up.. All a dem f**k pon one bed… One real f**k shop that…

  16. One link man dem can gawn like them hot.all a them suck pussy like dog and act like them a things ina the dutty basement round 100 man live in da a dem ny home dat. Ever single one the list too long dem boy da cawn chat to me all dutty lance wa did a f**k kerry she say him suck out her pussy like him last suck. Things them a talk

  17. If a me lik mellisa me wouldn’t claim wife title wen it comes to Kevin nah she nah get no better treatment than his rest of his bitches …. Only sometimes u see Kevin Melissa u fi stop it all good 5 month u no see him or talk to him for

  18. @met, Kevin no ramp fi f**k mellisa fren them weh she Bring a the house, and the one them weh u Sen go Arizona fi work , Melissa Kevin f***k Lisa weh u Sen go Arizona fi go work lol …me wudnt claim wife ,, Kevin a dutty man

  19. @keisha lol preach hunty. I guess nobody else Naa go pay the rent for her and the kids so gwaan tek the bad treatment and go through girl, yo life well lavish Dwl

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