Natalie Murray its me again y everyday uno a worry bout me n Pablo all when him batty man mi nah lef him. Natalie me n mi man get we regular check up but when last u get 1 well mek me tell u this yuh see d gyal weh live a bell rock weh deh with yuh baby father MIKE she ave HIV suh guh check yuh self n stop worry bout me n my batty man weh mi live with.



  1. Lmaooo Sad Bitches Natalie Member Unu Progressive People Nhu Worry bout old farts weh you need to is go back to school cause yhu dunce nhu blccc ……siding on road side everyday yhu daughter come home wid hw yhu can’t even help shitty pussy maggae a take yhu front and yhu mouth Naah left out that..worrying about the woman babyfather talk all sort a things and ntnn nhu go so …..sad bitchesss unu Cyaa face the gyal and her family all unu have is mouth

  2. Lol… Batty man doesn’t even mean gay in Jamaica anymore. The term batty man pretty much is a slander tag that waste man and trashy gal put on ANY man who they don’t like and they feel that’s the worse thing they can say in order to disrespect the person. I hear people get called batty man so frequently ah road these days it’s just has become meaningless and almost never is accurate or true.

  3. is it just me or is there an element of libel involved here???…maybe not natalie cause if she a skets a so it go…but dis person right here ” d gyal weh live a bell rock weh deh with yuh baby father MIKE she ave HIV”…might have a solid legal case….im just saying…lmfao

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