How gyal fi pose off ana post up picture dem like seh yuh look gud Simone mi ah wonder if you nuh see seh fi ya face white and bleach out and fi yuh legs dem black same way yuh forget bout yuh hands n legs dem ? U always did look like a man now yu look like Micheal Jackson dwrcl Mi ah try wonder seh how unu can pose up ina dance ah look suh. If yuh nuh have sense or cannot afford fi bleach unu fi leave it alone. All yuh baby dad Blacks nuh rate yuh cuz him fi tell yu seh dat nuh look gud at all but him probably nuh even ah study yuh again afta him just have newborn baby pon yu. All yuh weave ah lift up offa yah head top. Try stop take care ah man n take care ah yuself.

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  1. to rasshole di big black ugly one a treli gyal wah a walk n fuk man n act like she a lesbian shi need to talk di truth but di dike gyal a rass poppyshow to it doh look gud

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