Met Run Sadiki Dog sh*t file because this noh look good ooo yoh mean to tell mi sey Sadiki and him wife and him babymother not together Mek him do this a mean tideh a satideh and him have woman crush Wednesday…. Denise when is u going to learn sense?yoh give this man a green card him goh have outside Pitney pan yoh and all him other woman dem and now this him a di living proof a ungrateful man him walk and look everybody and him mouth smell like pit toilet gal dem sey him wood small when it dead as Fi u miss shavel I hope yoh leave people man alone cause dem noh mean yoh noh good

0 thoughts on “WAAAANIN……….IT IS A MAN TING

  1. Sadiki smell like fish Si him a dance a ja a buy special fi a man wey soh hype him shouldn’t a drink boom and rum

  2. So she don’t look like shavelli for a young gyal shavelli look used like her mother been pimping her from she in jamaica( south side)…. Shavelli just use to mess with safelight for hair style cause I never see her in no good clothes YET

  3. Smh denise this man don’t mean you any good your too blind to see and your eyes are so huge? Number one your still living with your family in a one bedroom with your kids you have no car no nothing always wear some outdated clothes and stay bad from him go out his marriage and have a baby on you, you should have been DIVORCE even though a paper marriage lmaooo number to mawga dog shavel yohh love tekk people man and breed Fi dem and di man dem nohh want you go look about your papers lil gal drugs money don’t last long sohh continue thief wid Kizzy and See where u going to end up SADIKI mi nah touch your case have a good f**king night

    1. So hold on both denise and shavel live in a one room is a trend? If I laugh I dead tax time a come unnu use it as a start to get unnu own place or atleast a bed. Merica nice waiting for the out come

  4. A true man . Sadiki always inna clean clothes and smell very fishy , a wah , him nuh like bade . Same way him bredda Bag White always have a funky body ordor . I guess is a family thing .

  5. Omg met dis likkle nasty boy ever stink FI tru, a dont kno if him nose Naah work but him ever clean and ever smell Renk, all a dem gal yah weh a deh wid him, dem stomach strong bad, sadieki u need fi invest inna some bathing product, u renk nuh bloodclaat bout u nuh a hot boy…

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