MESSAGE TO TASHY BASHY-Please we are asking Trashy Bashy To Release the People dem Husband in the name of Jeezas

DI RES A DI MESSAGE-Ms Met. The man nuh talk to him kids dem in 11 months. This man is married. Tashy it is evil what u doing. U Beat him all when him dont did anything. she f**k pan him all inside of the house. If F**king was olympics met she woulda have all the medals. Tashy we knowss ur foilz u was f***king # Q british #JUGGIST FREN

# Chubby Mad dem # Daffy Black # Dwayne Platinum (rip) # Lefrack (rip) Sage (rip) # Pops an she just dash weh a belly fi mr man a Bronx. Please dont say we watching your KAT cuz that Kitty is actually watching us…..




0 thoughts on “MESSAGE TO TASHY BASHY-Please we are asking Trashy Bashy To Release the People dem Husband in the name of Jeezas

  1. Good Morning beautiful peoples! Hope everything good with everybody inna the monday morning :-)…..
    Mi just see this pop up inna mi FB feed and mi haffi fly come over here wid a swiftness…. people no easy eno… This saga of the multiple Olympic medalist and the pumpum surveillance mek Usain and him 1million chicken nuggets look like Anancy story to rhatid

  2. Lord god how dem involve Jesus. Fi real though tashy has changed. Middle finger n things like really a big ooman like tashy.

  3. Clarity por favor! So does Tashy live with Mr. Married man? He hasn’t spoken to his children in 11 months, did she recently start sleeping with Mr. Married man and if so the list of men are prior to so wouldn’t that be irrelevant

    Sender Tashy doesn’t look like she will be letting go of Mr. Married man nuh care how much you wanna fling her pan pink wall.

    1. thank ya Puertoriquena all dead man a cemetery the sender a call up and dem cah defend dem name calling….. Senda Senda Senda it seem like you are infact watching Tashy not so bashy Kitty Kat oooo….. the married man nah lef her fi come to you so stop wid di pussy watch thing

  4. Good morning Met and Bloggers unu good mi cah lie. Suh unu know fi sure that girl slept with dat many men???? Somebody a clock somebody puxy mileage, gosh!!!!! She not cute though she look like she need some lamp oil…she have this constipated look, oh well!!

  5. Possession is 9/10ths of the law so any man she may have been seen with is guilty of running up the p$$y mileage. Dat is how the people dem know.

  6. Lamp oil Babygirl??? Yu remedies have mi weak sometime….dwrclllll. Huhmuch she fi swaller Babygirl? ————————————-

  7. Big and serious though wha dem use lamp oil fah? me see it in a one thread say a dat beenie rub pon angel skin fi mek it glow…..idk.

  8. Willie she just need fi rub it pon her belly, in a fi har case she need a whole gallon. LMAO!!!! Woooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee yuh can tell a mi granny grow mi right????? @me pretty fi tek dung swelling hun, very good remedy…

  9. Between possession is 9/10 of the law and lamp oil unno kill me dead! Tell us more bout lamp oil and swelling bc Nuff a dem dancehall bat want clean out…. Ooo

  10. Mi can’t get over last week when them dash up smaddy old chair from outta door and panty. Ms Tashy bashy please to come and explain the ppl dem say 2 weeks on the pink wall and all now you nuh answer.

    1. Full time now unu lowe the chair. That chair could’ve had sentimental meaning to it ad mYbeit was just time to let it go..

  11. Raas Babygirl……it r a lucky ting yu come explain seh a rubbings. Mi did swear a suppn fi swallow fi “wash out” yu belly….lolol. Nailey piezn miself to claat.

  12. I remember one dance a Kerryls a while back him seh hello to one girl an she buss up him head right there in di dance. No dam joke. I think him tek di beaten cuz him no want di wife fine out..

    1. Morning met and everyone… Because mi deh a work mi can’t too comment but let me say this I’m gonna leggo har file when mi go home it long and mucky bad half of what the sender is saying is all truth because mi use to ask mi sista how she fi hang wid da gal deh and yes she buss him head wid har shoes outside a kerryls but she nuh beat nuh man him nuh ramp fi f**k har up and jump all in a har head and buss up har face bad. Mi ago ask mi sista somethings and come shell she and di odda 1 weh keep on a play dash fi dash dem fi go sit down now.

    1. Maybe if Tashy stop beat him wid ar shoes heel an start beat im wid ar dutty panty dem( evidence displayed on vintage chair) he will run home faas faas and never look back again. Tashy, if yuh want rid ah di man, wheel back fe one ah the so suh baggy dem an geem some raas lick wid dem. That should solve your dilemma

  13. This story is very true. Tashy was f**king Chubby mad dem fi true. I don’t know if a him breed har but she did get rid of a belly. Di man above tell him co worker a di hospital seh him wants to leave but him can’t. She threaten him seh Ef him lef she gonna fuxx him up so dats y him put up wid di bunningz.

  14. Tashy u mean fi say u lef u likkle man who did mine u and u Pitney fi smaddy husband and a beat him? Times really change. A nuh suh one time hot gyal fi guh on

  15. Trashy is in no way in a position to chat about anyone her life dutty and her file long fi true everything up a top a true trashy fit tashy perfect leave her and that idiot of hers they belong to each other one man can’t so fool tashy change your ways stop walk and f**k so much man if a so you want to live be single then tashy its not right , all when me see him in a party me just laugh after him because trashy have him and all 3 more man in the party at the same time har pussy pass tun up it tun over


  17. Oonu lowe di gyal! All oonu can sey is f**k f**k dis and f**k dat. Everybidy f**k don’t act like ya’ll life squeaky clean. We have all sinned in different ways and come short of the glory of the Lord. Cobweb tek ova nuff a oonu closet. Her so called frenz did this because of a disagreement or else this would’ve never been a topic. Tashy is a promoter so she talk and flirt up wid nuff man, dat doant mean she f**k dem. Yes maybe she give har man bun so what? If he is really married then is karma no? Next topic this boring. The girl and lefrac was good frenz from high school and his wife an her are very close so thats a lie right there. Tashy is not perfect nir innocent 100% but talk facts. I think ppl quick to condemn her cuz she’s stuck up and act bourgeois so wen dem hear lickle dirt dem run een. I guess this gonna humble her somewhat but nuff a oonu a lie pon di girl

  18. Stuck up oh pls She still a hoe stuck up girls don’t fuk down da place n laugh inna every man face dwlllll tell u fren fi have sum puxxy principle den ppl woulden have nutten bad fi say bout har

  19. Shut the f**k up bitch who the f**k is you tashy talk about all of her friends I’m surprised she still have any around her she is a low life hoe f**k f**k f**k like dog pon the little man him he is a real ass hole can’t even defend him self she and the girl was good friend and all she do is sit down and chat her with her fool fool man if the girl a hoe tashy u is a bigger one u love to use ppl and you don’t have shit tell the ppl them u move cause u couldn’t pay the rent and the ppl them get sick of u a fight everyday in them house u nasty u can’t talk about anyone I wouldn’t want to be seen in the street with u all the man u f**k and still dont have any thing smh poor little fool fool man mi feel sorry for u u are the biggest idiot tashy u so busy a worry about other ppl life clean up ur life stop talk about ppl

  20. Him nuh stop chat har ah road wid people how she wicked nd stay bad. Him seh him have woman and apartment pon Di side while she live in a har dutty dungeon basement we she deh Fi how much years nd can’t move up inna life yet…that bum bitch don’t have shit not even a ride..nd beg man Fi buy har champagne a night lef har pickney alone by himself a night time while she party nd f**k pon roadside like Di big whore she is…smfh….Trashy need a soul cleansing.

  21. Nasty dutty jhoncrow NUFF go take u dutty pussy and go wash it leave the f***ing girl alone f***ing bitch u don’t have no f***inf idea what the f**k u are saying shut u big stinking mouth waste bitches oonu just sit on the girl and her man name oonu sad tashy and her man make oonu life miserable u worrying about then and they are ever sooooooo happy some of y’all that talking don’t have a man for oonu self…go suck each other invaders of ppl life disgusting nasty walk an pick pon the street suck every man and woman pussy back lick hop off a mi pussyclot friend name shit face nasty stinking gal!!!!!! jealousy is a sin think about y,all life leave ppl alone distroyfull typhoon pussy bitches can’t keep oonu man just cause tashy have a good man y’all want to bring her down bag a germs No life hoe…… Tashy just keep the faith ….GOD IS WITH U NO MAN CAN BRING YOU DOWM …… As for all you hater y’all need to learn how to keep y’all man… TELL ME WHY Y’ALL SO MAD SERIOUSLY ….LOL hahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  22. @lookatu so how u manage fi include God name inna bag ah bad words birds of a feather u n ur fren two ratchets dwlllll include careers house good furniture brand vehicle then come back again bout hate lol delusional much

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