18 thoughts on “MET GALA’S TOP 4 WORST DRESSED

  1. Mi know seh Solange love dress diff, but all mi ah try figua out dah one yah, I CANNOT! Mi tun di screen sideways, upside dung, an mi juss cyaa meck it werk… :cystg :cystg

  2. Love Solange outfit. Its portrayal represented what the Met Gala is all about. It was different, unique and she owned it!!!! now on the other hand Kim…. WTF ?!?! She looks so friggin old mi nah lie, she look mash up. Her ass looks even more ridiculous, is that y she had Kanye pose behind her to hide that hippo of an ass lmao. No gyal, gone are the days when she was beautiful and slayed NEXT!!!!!!! Hahhahahahaha

  3. Kanyesha and the Liberachi jeans jacket & contacts gots to go….he looks gay as they come….and the skin & eyebrow look funny like him ah wear powder & darken him brows fi more “drama” in him look.

    Tired ah Beyonce & nude dress…does nothing for her……I love Solange bad but zoom in on the face….she look drained…tired as well…what’s up mums? Married life ah stress yuh?

    Met, yuh Neva notice Kerry Washington? She look crazy…the burgundy streaks in her hair coulda stay….and she like one Victorian lady of the night fresh outta one brothel….nope!

    Madonna need fi siddung now wid di nakedness.


  4. why Kanye Kardashian neva wear him brand new third hand mad ppl get up,dis grown ass man wid blue contacts really thing him luck gud.

    Beyonce looks like a used condom wid one bag a contaminated inna it nd over it.

    As for Saliva Knowles :salahkamar

    Kim looks bone dry in the face nd played out

    Escape hell Madonna

  5. Beyonce look like she go do a chin implant, her face look different in a bad way, her gum use to show when she smile. Idk but she did something to her face. my opinion

  6. That’s the whole idea of the Met Gala. Art so there is really nothing wrong with being different.. Which with the Met Gala comes of as weird

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