DRAMA erupted at the Mutare Civil Courts last Friday after a man tried to dump his girlfriend who evidently would not have any of it.

Manica Post reported that Johannes Muza had dragged his mistress, only identified as Thandiwe, to the courts claiming that she was in the habit of visiting his new place of residence and insulted him using vulgar language.

He went on to tell the court that Thandiwe wanted spousal maintenance from him, yet they were never married.

Thandiwe disputed the claims and told the court that she had been staying with Muza for over eight years and even contributed towards the purchase of his vehicle and a residential stand. She told the court that she was as good as his wife, only that she had no children.

β€œI am as good as his wife because we have been staying together for more than eight years and we bought the car and the residential stand together. I take him as my husband and if he no longer loves me, he should give me a divorce token,” she said and added:

β€œHe wants to dump me because I do not have a child and that I am no longer employed. He used all my money. I feel so used by this man and now he tells me that he now wants to be a faithful husband to his wife. I know this person Your Worship, he is my man and I put it to you that he is not moving in with his wife, but with a new mistress. I demand that he brings her to court. He is a womaniser.”

Chigodora ordered the pair to keep peace with each other.


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