6 thoughts on “MI CYAH BADDA

  1. dwl stop waste time…how pink wall no feature mz rupunzel engagement party!!! i saw it thought it was a wedding

    1. The use of the term “Dem” is perfectly acceptable in Jamaican parlance of relaying an allegation…thus it doesn’t require a singular or plural form.Therefore Dem sey is interchangeable for di ppl Dem sey,he sey n she sey!!

      How di fcuk yuh come pon a patwah site giving Standard English correction lessons for patois when u don’t have a clue bout yardie culture!!?? :bingung :batabig

      Signed Sarge in Charge
      Grammar police
      To correct and serve

    2. But yuh deh pan di mixup website fi yuh daily dose doe… Ah wah? Yuh mek a wrong turn and tumble dung ova yah?

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