1. So he was arrested and then released? Nuh the same shirt that him have on in both pics? I thought the killer was in custody a day after. I have so many questions.. Unnu come talk up!

  2. Think dem nah mad ova no Gyal like Munga sing!
    This one kill over his….Well check Jamaica by way of Mexico since the wall nuh build yet!!


  3. I am deeply sadden by the lost of Ratty. I have known him for quite sometime. And if it true what I am hearing that this was over a female, then Lord help us all. Now three little girls don’t have their father. He had his ways like everyone else, but after seeing the video I am just in a shock that this man just kept shooting and Ratty wasn’t discovered for almost an hour. No one deserves to fie alone. We can talk about the what if’s and criticize. But we have enough going on int his world. I just don’t know how to feel or think. This was too close to home. This man was on a mission and that was to kill another man. Ruthlessly. Sad part is the same individuals will be attending this man’s service. Rajoun SIP. The Bronx nor my life will ever be the same.

  4. Sir, i don’t know you or Ratty, but if you are reading this I want you to know that there is at least one person out here who is not judging you. I hope you are in a better frame of mind today and I hope you find peace that will help you to make the right choices going forward.

  5. Who has ratty killed for you to say such a heartless thing all ratty do is have a good time and fuck if that makes someone deserve to die you people insane oh he cause u seen for food that one time in good dine fucking heartless idiots

    1. STFU anonymous @ 1:07pm I have personally seen him disrespect people on many occasions. The difference is that those people had something to live for. I know dem never fraid ah him, dem jus never waan end up like Sojie over a waste b woy an Him disrespect. Ratty never have nothing ah live dah. No waan unnu come tell mi bout nuh pickney. When him did ah dis the other man dem, ah fi dem pickney dem did ah think bout. Him buck up pan a man wet weh never give a f**k bout nothing at all jus like him.
      You can’t be a giod person an jus walk around and f**k wid people who you feel ah weak fence. Dem days deh done anybody out ah road wi hurt yuh. Everybody have machine now nuh bad man nuh deh

  6. After all this time the 47th Precinct just releasing this photo? This murder took place on 1/9/2019.
    Well di “Bunna Man” get burn. You an di man ah fren unnu up an down ah guh party an all, why yuh ah fuck di man woman fah? An Ah can bet him carry news guh go di man woman an call up di man name. Ah suh nuff Ah dem bwoy out ah road stay.Ah dutty nastiness dat doe. Left dat fi a strange man fi duh. Some ah unnu Jamaican man too half staving and bareface do p***y
    “Solgie” yuh haffi guh pay oh bwoy.

  7. Pussy yuh afi dead back fi mi feel betta..kill mi fren n think all is wellova ah bitch weh nuh stop fuk fuk pon yuh why yuh neva guh kill she..big dutty ole waste bwoy suck yuh mada n i wish the person who plan fi kill yuh kill out the whole ah yuh family to pussy no rest for the wicked

  8. him a bumboclaat eediat. mi nah kill no man over nuh gyal n go siddung a prison. look how much more poom poom deh across the world fi conquor. him probly dev’n fly cross the atlantic, nor the pacific fi go experience dem unknown poom poom deh yet n gone dash whey him life over one single pussy. fuckin eediat.

  9. Welp Bunna Man pooom poom don’t cut inna 2! Learn ah lesson di hard way… Bullet bunnup flesh.. Being fuckie Fuckie cost uh life(Anonymous 1:07 said it best)
    Now ah deadHOOD uh end up wid 2rass

  10. Marie yuh cold nuh bumboclaat is what running through you?? Do you have children? Brothers,uncles, a father? Or even a close friend?? Becareful of the evil you spit out of your mouth. When something like this happens to your family or friends how will you feel? Him not getting away trust and believe that. How far is he going to run? When we can run and hide from man we can’t do the same with god.

    1. No, I fell out of the sky! Why vent to a person who you perceive to be cold? That’s just madness. Who said anything about him getting away? I said 5 years house arrest and now me feel that it should lower to all 2. Have a good day miss :travel

  11. Unuh tell the full story man, Ratty use to tek set and diss up the man everytime him si the youth and a fuck the youth girl on top of it.. The youth warn him and him never care, because him tek the youth for walk over.. Mi nuh feel nuh type a remorse fi Ratty, mi dislike a bully.. And if yuh nuh strong people can provoke a one to do serious shit.

    1. Di whole ah dem weh a talk bout RIP, SIP, him was a good youth, him was ah Bronx general all ah dem ah some big hypocrite. Dem know Ratty was ah troublemaker. Them ah only the dancehall community which we know the majority ah dem not about anything. Who ah have party ah come up hiffi show sympathy or else dem party wi get banton
      Ah bet if a Ratty did kill Soljie yuh wouldn’t hear a word. Yuh think dem would ah post now flyers pin Facebook or Instagram wid the man face, NO!
      Soljie yuh mek wastebwoy mek yuh haffi dah pon di run yah big fool, yuh ah wasteman

    2. Di full story ah Ratti dis up di bwoy nuff dis nuh haf nutten fi do wid ooman cah Solgie nuh fuck nastinest like Ratty wey di gal dey weh dem did a so call fight ova how come we nuh see har pic or hear frm har Solgie wuda neva fight ova gal him dey wid one ooman him ah soldier nuh tek disrespec him ah bad mon unnu get unnu fax propa

  12. Solzie fi dead….No prison to be eating 3 squares meals a day, fuck that. When them find Solzie somebody fi empty the whole clip in a The gun and finish him blooclaat. A next man a guh fuck out her hole, so was it all worth it to take Ratty life . Somebody plz kill him before police hold him

    1. Your logic makes no sense. You want someone to kill him? Don’t you think that person will be wasting their life too? Let the law handle the case before other lives are ruined.

  13. Regardless if He was a menace or have a community cocky…. Nobody deserves to die so…. I hope the careless gyal dem and skettels no bother go ah him funeral go war ova di dead cocky… Rest easy Ratty

    1. 3:49 am doe? Where is your man? MEK mi upset u likkle more…Soljie needs to be sentenced to 6 month house arrest, now go and implode. 😉

  14. It’s not that he killed him for the girl, it’s the principle of things! Ratty did not rate this man and not everybody ago tek dis!!! Di man warn him and him still tek set pan di man with the strength on knowing he was sleeping with the man girl, Ooman or bitch! No him shouldn’t kill him, worse Ova a gal but some ppl nah tek nuh disrespect!!! A jus di principle of tins! Mi and u cyan a par and u a sleep wid somebody u know mi a sleep wid, plus u always a bad mi up! No sah! One day one day mi ago flip!!!!!! Some bwoy love fuck man Ooman to nuff, dem feel like it’s a good thing , dem feel good fi di laugh!! Dats why roseza mash up natty wah day and it wasn’t because him fuck di girl it’s jus the PRINCIPLE of doing things! RIP RATTY!!

  15. Ratty wasn’t a saint. He had his flaws, so is that a reason for him to be gunned down in cold blood like that? Lets say it was the other way around, how would we all be reacting to it?? There’s no justification for such a brutal murder to happen, especially over a “woman”. “The man was warning him and him fuck the man woman”. That couldn’t possibly be his “woman” and she a fuck pon him suh. So is that what he’s going to do everytime she fucks somebody else? Shoot and murder another man? This happened in The USA, at this point the police don’t care if ratty was sleeping with his woman they care about getting the killer caught, what does it matter if they are just putting up a wanted poster? They know who they are looking for don’t they? Likewise if it was ratty do the killing they would be looking for him too…. some of you may have hated ratty, and thats fine…. but to rejoice over someone’s death over something so stupid is beyond my comprehension! Now look at this, he killed over woman and when he is locked away for life, what does he think the woman is going to be doing while he is behind bars? Now he ruined someone else’s life and left their family to mourn and he ruined his life. Somethings you just have to walk away from… and this situation was one of them, it was definitely not worth!

  16. All of u over here rejoicing over this mans death is just cold and heartless like soljie and u wont feel bad unless it happens to someone in your family.
    This ratti that u speak of bout bullying next to no one except you anonymous have to hide behind pink wall know him to be that way.
    Ratti couldnt even keep malice. If he was out here doing wrong do you really feel he wouldve been alive all this time because all ratti do is party and fuck and last i check that wasnt a crime.
    So while you over here slandering a dead man just know majority knows him as an upstanding father for his 3 girls a great friend that would give his last who never kept malice if u had a disagreement with him best believe hours later he doesnt even remember or care to dwell on it. Hence so many ppl turned out to show him their last respects.

    Marie did ratti take one and move? Cause u a leader in the badmouth ratti pack.

    1. Don’t fkn bright yourself…I don’t give battywash or tek abuse from man…But MEK me reason with you. Imagine going to work and while there a gun wielding madman confronts you over NOTHING. How would you feel? Initially I said the suspect should get 5 years house arrest because something told me he wasn’t all there. Now that is confirmed on the new post. UNNO MUST STOP BAD UP PEOPLE FOR SPEAKING THEIR MINDS. THE WALL WOULD BE VERY BORING IF WE ALL THOUGHT THE SAME AND MI NUH WEAR UNIFORM. ADDITIONALLY, IT MAKES PEOPLE NOT WANT TO COMMENT. I said what I said, if you agree cool, if not then hurl insults like a child. IDGAF!!!! AND ME NAW CENSOR MYSELF TO PLEASE A SOUL.

  17. They’re rumors that ratty has an incurable STD that he in fact gave to his BM . (Herp) Maybe hearing that he slept with this man’s woman , made him really upset . However that doesn’t give him the right to kill him . No one has the right play God . There’s more to the story but murder shouldn’t have been the answer

  18. Suck hood lick out batty Marie ,it look like ratty buss off inna u mouth n yu Pitney mouth why u have so much talk bitch ,go fine sumn do idiot gyal n lowe di yute ,can’t rejoice over death ,but a ppl like u mek other ppl cum look fi unuh n bus a shot inna yu head ,wicked bitch yu nah no heart how could u be so cold ,yes ratti have him ways n him do sum fuckery wen him drunk but him always come apologize the next day for sure ,but it look like him fuck yu madda n your pitney das why u have so much fi seh ,I bet your a dirty bumb bitch weh no man no want

    1. Leave ppl kids out of the shyt! It’s against the rules to talk about kids especially in such a repulsive sexual way.You are degrading yourself if u think wishing or celebrating sexual abuse is di way to go to show ur disapproval of someone’s opinion.

      Most importantly it’s against the rules of common decency as a human being to even a pree abuse of any form for a mother and child.Defend yuh loved one if u must BUT NOT LIKE THIS :malu2 :hoax2

  19. Soljie had enough of Ratti bullshit… nuff of di Jamaicans dem weh live a foreign fi long figet weh di real street code and order within Jamaican culture. Wen mon head chip- nuh long talking- strr88 doppie dat. Ratti pick up di Yankee mindset like he cnt be touched. Di real yardies bad ah yard & bad aboard. Ratti full up of tuff talk no action.
    Soljie real Killy Killy. Sometimes when ah dead rat ah stink up uh place, it comes ah time fi tek it out.

  20. R.i.p ratti mi still a cry mi heart still heavy but mi agawn hold it mi fren .mi si a bag crab a chat off dem mouth but jus remember nuh man nuh come ya fi tun stone. If yuh knw ratti inside out nuff aunnu would jus talk less him nuh keep malice if yuh fuk wid him family or fren him will diss yuh n defend it. Unnu guh suck unnu muma n low offa di man name now mon ..mi want deh all adi funeral n si some aunnu n si if mi nuh buss unnu face if mi hear unnu a chat off unnu mouth. Di whole a nunnu fuck off

  21. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak A doesn’t know wah gwan n a doe knows who dis ratty person is…. But Marie yuh hold yuh own dwl how yuh mean war yes fi yuh comments :ngakak a loike it. Anyting tep out yuh tep out tuh :ngakak

  22. Thats why we as a nation can’t and will never change. Real killy killy??? Lets see how it goes when he gets his head buss or him end up a prison and man a fuck out him batty. Stop praise murderers. And tuh cant bad and a run up and down. Real killy killy nuh run.

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