Blacky teresa & the son Chrisette vs fadda (trigga) and him woman

People allyuh don see this dead dog of a mother gone for her son from his father guess she send him there to turn him from take man too cas he lean up .I feel sorry for his fadder but I also hear he was getting ill treat the mother hate the father next babi mother and they don’t get along. also hear the lil boi hate the de father woman as well and how people always in and out sleeping on the floor and eating up everything and when they eat the woman have a problem and cussing at them .little boy say the house is boot camp more like gay camp. trigga ain’t got no money nomore and they ain’t never got food for somebody that sell for a living how he always hungry. sad sad the mother should have leave him there to straighten him out but she walk and cry to everybody how she want the boi back for what reason I don’t know ,saying he get verbal and physical abuse and how they gonna report them to children service. the lifestyle he living selling (Edited) with these kids teresa u f**k up and down so how you got time for kids? is his girl a mad you that’s why you go for the boi you talk it say he was looking you last year and u run him people find a picture of the girlfriend and trigga send come

8 thoughts on “MI CYAH BADDA…DMV

  1. Y’all stop hating on teresa she is a good mother y’all always worrying about her pussy trigga you is a disgrace put young gal in front you child people send in the gal picture men watch who you bring around your children they I’ll treat them

  2. She look horrible in black and white Sophia dem chat her like shit after time you in dance you woulda stop the boy from his batty fetish even the girl stay so too

  3. To how she act she would write this her self and blame it on her friends notice how the only thing about her is she f**k everyone f**k that is human and everyone in Virginia from long time know that her big son is gay she use to bring him to bbq and everybody whispering so it’s nothing to hide this person want people to feel sorry for the innocent child involve she want to shine light on the father and him woman child service need to get involve because that is not right what the father do that’s why some children commit suicide bless him imagine how much he had to put up with poor child hope he finds peace you can’t stop a child that young from being gay its probably deeper than you guys know

  4. Hello. Sender I am asking you .to please get someone to help you out on your spelling. You need school. You need words. You need grammar, you need punctuation .you need Phonics. Mi want to take a letter and lick you upside your head. And give you some school F**king dunce Head.

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