Last year a picture was posted on your site about skye or @iamofficialskye and the fact that she got butt shots. But here goes the actual photos of the shot and the message she send and where she went to do the shots. This is proof that her ass is fake.

8 thoughts on “MI CYAH POST HAR BATTAM BUT………..

  1. These messages can be easily faked. Maybe a Skye send this in me no know but something no right.

  2. Why is this big news???

    Everybody already know seh Sky sloppy batty not real!!!

    She seems very happy and content with her life right now, well from what she shows us on the gram.
    Cooking, dancing, hanging with har hubby.

    Enjoy ur life Sky;if doing your ass give you more self confidence i am all for it!!

  3. I can’t understand who would or could question that. It’s obvious that she is enhanced but I guess because they use fat instead of implants they don’t consider it surgery.

  4. “Dead ass” she says ….pun intended ?
    These thots never learn I tell ya until these shots become fatal. God go wit yuh all …some people want longer life and cya have it …yuh plastic dollies have and jeopardize it FOR THE LIKES.

  5. The niceness is on @Shaun.te_j ig page

    She said the Benz isn’t Skye own
    SHe borrow her bags and the list goes on
    I can’t be bothered with these fake rich boss bitches can ig please shut down and end their fake life

  6. Met. Mi know di 2 a dem. Stand up sida dem inna events. Friends to neida a dem. D benz belong to shaunte…or whatever she name. Mi did shock cauz sky always inna d benz a seh “bitches need to level up” Di bag dem belong to har to. Me hear dat wid mi own 2 ears dem when dem did a fren. dat’s y mi nuh fren, mi nuh barro,mi nuh steal. boring 9-5. Mi too black fi orange jumpsuit

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