44 thoughts on “MI DOE LIKE AMARI BUT

  1. A bucket a shit she should a dump on him how u sit in front da woman n tell har u sen duppy in her house with her kids in there me nuh rate dat

  2. So bap. Get him teet run up the woman credit and splirt..just like a jamaican…that’s foooouck up.bap


  4. Met tief doh love fi sey tief wid long bag a di same obeah shi did use and get gully pop and treat and deal wid him like shit and now is the same obeah mek shi lose him , mi doh sorry fi har shi move har rass

  5. Obeah Waste and Mad Waste. Di two a dem fi dash inna di garbage…. Disgraceful bunch of nobodies trying to stay relevant…

  6. Suh dis MAMPY 5 minutes of fame over and she still trying to be relevant? GTFOH , Yu clown out crackhead bop fi Yu own selfish reasons. The ride is over, have a couple chairs cause one cyaa hold yu

    1. :hammer

      Ole sow need fi hold couple flatbed trucks , lol

      U see de false speach in demon language she a do? Dem things de why any and anybody NO fi offer onu grace and prayers.

  7. I’m agreeing with some of the comments that I’ve read so far regarding this situation. But for real though, with Gully Bop gone, Amari vex, because now she really lose out pon de money wey she did a go get from de reality show producers dem. Lol.

  8. Dr love mussi waa suck out bop cum out a amari puzxy mek him a haunt the lady like a bloodclaat duppy. Lef di woman. All when amari no have much sense and it me caa stand her. This batty man fi lowe di woman man

  9. This is cyber bullying.. all joke and fun aside.. dr. Love taking it too far…yo pop dunn music career you ah try revive offa gully/amari.. amari talk trash n acted a fool, but this is not the typical bantering btw entertainer or for the lack of better words wannabe entertainers. Leave deh woman kids outta yo mess. You so concern about their well being, yet you dragging them in an adult problem…your wife must ah geh you burn deh way you live pon social media.

  10. I feel bad for Anwar and the children. See him there ready to fight Dr Fast for his mum. I hope Amari move on and left this disgraceful chapter of her life in the past. She never want Bop as a man she wanted a come up. Bop wrong for some things but she felt she could treat him how she want. Want all lose all. CPS nah miss dis woman if she don’t keep her kin quiet. She’s pissed things never work her way and as you can see she don’t really take anyone’s feelings into account, she can’t see past herself. She embarrassed those children so much and subjected them to a whole heap a crap. This may be an example of why her older children stay far and don’t deal with her too much. Dr Fast needs to get a life and find something to do instead of making mischief from inside his vehicle where he makes most of his videos. I neva see one smaddy get up and find him van to record inna so regular, all a wipe out sleep from him eye corner when him a chat. Him mussi live in den when him woman fed up a him. He behaves like a waste gyal.

  11. Dat mad rass woman nah stop putting her kids out there until somebody hurt one of them, wait and see. She out of order, no reason to throw things at him. Him shoulda flatter her son a grung.

  12. Really (flatter her son a grung) y would u say that he was trying to protect his mom and even if she was wrong that’s his mom. So don’t say that about the kid he did nothing wrong.

        1. Amari son that’s there beside her in th e video,the oldest child is 32 ,youngest twins a musi 9

  13. Move Unuh bombo claat an gweh whether he’s 2 or 102 any Pitney a go defend Dem mumma straight up it’s just natural. Dat mowley naw brush teeth stinking mouth bwoy need fi hop off a di woman fenda.

    1. take a breath or two yea…..smaddy comment thinking he was a child, which he is not..suh by all means and rite if crosses mr.man waan lick off him head clean bcuz him a step tuh him then all bets are off cuz him grown….where yuh see seh him nuffy defend him wukliss muma

  14. I agree and disagree with most of the comments here on what transpire on this back and forth interview or war these two have going on… I agree that it doesn’t matter what the boy mother did, Dr. Love shouldn’t of attempted to put his hands on his mother and he has every right to defend his mother, he is not in the wrong at all and whomsoever feels he shouldn’t of done anything to defend his mother even if she’s right or wrong his a fool! Now Dr. Love shouldn’t be talking all these nonsense why are you putting this women children lives in danger with obeah, things can go wrong and the what you intend for their mother can always be pushed off on the children… I do not know what type of evil obeah his Mr. Williams is into but this man plays it up to a T and doesn’t mine to say he deal with obeah… I wouldn’t even be with this man, I would stay clear of him… He working obeah to keep whatever women he wants too.. The obeah doesn’t last forever, he is playing with fire he has already sold his soul to keep this so call protection, and the way he speaks he is proud of the obeah… But he got out of hand seriously and it is could he was kicked out and her son had every right to defend his mother… I’m glad that Gully Bop left her, he needs to start a new fresh chapter in his life and stop all the nonsense…

  15. Obeah my asssssssssssss no such thing believe in what you all want!

    Simplicity – I am so angry at you for saying that! I like you PP, and Needleye love reading you all comments and jokes but this one is on the real side. If the woman child is 2 years old and any one tries to hurt her that baby will hold on to that person and tries to help his mommy, facts! It doesn’t matter if he is 26 years old he is still her child. He will help his mother! None of us here correct me if I am wrong MET, no one here will stand by and watch anyone beats their mother, no one!!!!! I don’t like that woman for some strange reason (pad on tv bull-shit), but I don’t understand how she sat there and took all that trash talking from that blackness! I could barely see him to how dark he is but my mother always said nothing too black isn’t good ( she did not say anything black, she said nothing too black is not good)Point proven!

    Pinks DC

    1. Are you ppl reading with understanding or what, the lady comment seh the man nuffy lick him dung a grung cause he is a child and i am simply telling her he is Amari child yes but a grown ass one so any thing goes..like wtf!!!

      1. Numba one, di man neva dash nuttin pon har or lick har or spite pon har.

        She too fuc-king out of order, him shoulda flatten har. She careless bad, and careless argument naah go bring nuttin gud. So di careless argument she a participate inna, rub har di wrong way and she well dash tings pon di man.

        A she di man a go afta, and di son run come inna it sohim tek on di son. Mi nuh wrong di man, she tink a golly bop she a deal wid.

        1. Lundun nuh defend him …Amari shudda melt ever feature pan him face him is a wicked and a stalker . Yuh tink a likkle stalk him stalk mi and mi page and cause mi nuh run him video dem him go report mi page to facebook ..Amari shudda melt that face

          1. Met, yuh know i don’t know dat fassy

            I was just basing my comment offa di video.

            But since yuh mek mi know seh dis BIG DUTTY PUS-SY a tek set pon yuh…..Amari yuh ave nuh more pad save up??

            Amari weh di pad dem deh???

            Bout docta luv, yuh mean docta fish, yuh tuff and luk hard like dry bulla

          2. Lundun full full set a true u nuh know..When him report mi page and see seh it still up him report agen..She shudda nyah nyah up him face he is a stalker. I never put up him video because a bay lie him used to tell and him mek fake page and come send me message..one day a light him and him block mi yet still come a comment and drop video..all mi profile him report Lundun so trust me him deserve anyting anybaddie give him

    2. Mi wudda defend my mother straight so I dont blame him for that but she shudden bring him there fi that happen that is all

        1. Him claim him a artiste , him did send in post bout gyal rob him one time but after dat mi notice him did a try send and send and mek up all kinda lie story.

    3. Pinks, me only a reply to the ‘several seats’ comment. An offspring have all rights to have a parent back when an offense is in play.

      Other than, that me no like de oman or the ugly man.

  16. Damn right Met beat his assssss! Words are hurtful and he is there talking big crap in her face. Check out her son reaction to what he is saying to his mother. Not once did the man intervene or said anything to him. She wet that rat face Stevie Jay looking bastard up because he talking shit! She should have taken the chair and opened up a new horizon in his head! Hate a man who beats on women!!!

  17. Dr Love we know u over here reading. U need to pull that big black dildo outta your ass and go look a wuk. U claim u a artiste and your videos cant even get 1k. U cant sing, cant dj, u only know out fi run ur big dutty mouth Miss Lashy. That’s why your sadamite wife was pegging u like her bitch. I doubt if u ever got one f&%K offa har, u were always on the receiving end so u cant say nothing bout nobody stinking man/gal.

  18. i can’t believe dem f**g ediot ya ah tek up fi amari me huh have nothing with none ah dem me nuh rate dr love either but she pass har place when she tek it physical and dr love had all right to do everything him do mi did a want dr love give hard sum rass tump fi style the bop big ole stinking mouth piece of dawg kart

  19. DWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL his nose maiden ha ha ha ha ha is he a vergin Met or an old woman? kapleweyyyyyy ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha OMG Met you and PP have me away!

    Love you guys.


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