So mike and Lauren wore the same outfit tonight…. lawks … dem look good thou… boy maybe am just weird.. but I like seeing them together than Roxanne… I think roxan does tooo much … if she a walk go toilet she mek a video… she scream “thirsty” to me … sorry … Mike I can tell Lauren dress you tonight… you look damn good …. hide my Id

8 thoughts on “MI JUS CYAH BADDA LOL

  1. Bwoy Mike nuh easy enuh. Him deh a Chillin wid Roxann inna di mawning and then Cabana inna di night with Lauren. Money Mike yuh have a proper beating fi get when God come fi him place.
    Plus dem girl yah have major issues, fi deh wid this man who disrespects his wife and mek unu tek turns fi when him can spend time wid unu. Unu sure Mike a nuh Muslim???

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