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‪#‎gullybop‬ get your self together brether an me cah Offord to feel sorry for you cause you know what your doing.SOmeone pass on that message an thanks.. Not even produce me no wah produce him. (Now to my lovely once please I’ma say this but not intended to be rude… (BUT ME NO WAH RHASS HEAR BOUT DEM AGAIN, WE HAVE PEOPLE BEING KILLED,FEMALES AN TEENAGERS BEING RAPED,AN JAMAICA NEED TO BE A BETTER PLACE AN THE PEOPLE NEED TO CHANGE THEY MIND FRAME) COME ON UNU NO SEE THIS MAD WOMAN WONNA BE CHINCHIN SMH ME GOOOONNNNNEEEEEEE… ME AGO WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK AN TAP IT WHILE ME A TWERK TWERK TWERK TWERK TWERK. (VIDEO DROPPING SOON AM ONE TO NIGHT) I can’t bother this too much


  1. Chin obviously miss Bop or him money cause Bop nuh see u Chin, him move on wid him life and new woman dem, everyday u gitt up a call the man and him woman dem name and a put out statement like ppl give af

  2. One of two things going on here, either Chin is looking at the position and status she once hold and like many does not want someone else in that status. Or, she genuinely felt for this brother worked assiduously to reform him only to see her efforts die instead of growing. Either way she made an investment gains and loss were made, but there comes a time when you just LET GO. I wish for that day when Chinchin lets go….

  3. @Quena, Potahshit it name! One HUMONGOUS potfullahfreshshit! Mi nuh know weh di rassclaat she ah ramble on about!?! Friggin’ annoying!

    She claims “mi just ah gwaan dhu me”, yet she ah worry bout Bop and him clown! Actions speak MUCH LOUDER than words, gyal! Your mouth is saying one thing and your body is doing something TOTALLY DIFFERENT. CONFUSED MUCH! Just SHUT THE HELL UP and let your actions speak for itself, cause mi nuh know how you “ah dhu you” and ah worry and involve other ppl weh nuh really vital to your doings, or ARE THEY!?!?!?! If ah laugh ah cry, een yah!

  4. Chin should have handle her business better than that when she was getting that free money now shi inna pity party oh please gtfoh!!!

  5. A the old mileage done out corpse Dutty Amari send in this you no in a no better category than chin cause you lef from foreign come a Jamaica tek bout 500 likkle boy all them do a nyam out you likkle change and have you a f**k from hotel to hotel..

  6. Amari you get the what lef me nyam and lef you so desperate for a man you come scrape up bop go clean out you Dutty house you empty house

  7. Wait Uncle Sam soon tek back them kids deh from you you never know you no go bring man go live in a the welfare house all a get fat off the food stamp money..welfare give free furniture too so get some but be careful cause me no want no bed bug bite yo bop

  8. Bop Muss have a a tree trunk fi true bcus only the timber mek woman behave so. I heard he is a nice, genuine person so maybe she misses his support OR she trying to stay relevant

  9. Amari you name no in a the good book you Mek you man rape you 6 year old daughter while you watch a that’s y them did tek weh you kids..it sad how you a use gully bop fi publicity but you soon get the bitter end a the stick a hope you no prison him like how you prison every man weh you can’t have you dirty way with

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