Dear doc: My sexy holiday job
Q: Doctor, my husband, like everyone else in our community, thinks that I am a decent, respectable member of society. They believe that I am incapable of wrongdoing. But they are mistaken.
The fact is that, twice a year, I go off on what is supposed to be a visit to my relatives in America. But the truth is that I do not have any family in the United States.
In reality, I go and stay with an old school friend of mine. She has become pretty well-off through running a kind of escort service in her city. Men contact her when they want female company.
You may wonder what I do during my little holiday with her. Well, Doc, the truth is that I work part-time as one of her escorts.
I am sure you know what that means. Men call the firm, and if they ask for a beautiful, big lady, then my friend sends me. Sometimes I get to have dinner with the man, which is usually kind of fun. But invariably, I end up in bed with the client – sometimes for an hour or two, but often for the whole night.
I admit it sounds sordid. But I usually enjoy myself, and the money is very good. Also, because this is a high-class agency, I have not had any trouble with men who get violent or nasty.
My problem is that my husband is starting to ask me more and more questions about my relatives in the US. And he is a little puzzled by the fact that I always come back from holiday with more money than I started out with!
What do you think I should do? Should I drop him a hint about what I do in the US?
Also, I’m worried about how this lifestyle might affect my health. Next time I return from one of these trips, should I have a blood test done?
A: I must say that you are leading a really dangerous existence. As far as I can see, the possible hazards which you risk are:
If the American law agencies catch up with you, you and your friend could get arrested;
You could get deported;
You could very easily catch one of the half-dozen veneral diseases which are very common in the American city that you visit;
Though you describe your friend’s escort agency as high-class, you could wind up getting beaten (or worse), as that is a well-known occupational health hazard for women of the night.
In addition, there is the fact that your husband may get very mad if he finds out what you have been doing! Men can become violent if they discover that their wives have been engaging in prostitution.
So, let me answer your questions:
1. No, I do not think you should hint to your husband about what you have been up to.
2. Yes, I do think you should have health tests, but right away, rather than when you next return to Jamaica.
Also, you need more than just a blood test. You should have swab tests on your most intimate areas, as well as urine tests. And if you test positive for anything, you must have treatment. Also, your husband may well have to do tests and have treatment.
As you can guess, I think you should give up this crazy-but-lucrative holiday. It is much too dangerous for your health and safety.


  1. Sadly, I believe it. Maybe the letter was her way of inadvertently telling the husband, especially if she knows he reads that publication regularly.

  2. Dat nasty ooman is nut’n but a scum bag….and mi mean literally. How dat sore fi come ah Merika and sell hare tired tretch out front, den guh back ah Jamaica and unleash it pon di poor unsuspecting husband. No sah….dat dutty gyal mek it bad fi all di good up good ooman dem weh nuh sell front pon dem man.

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