I met I watch this interview and I think sher is too much, always want to hold the floor and out of all 3 headtop is the most sensible one she speaks very well, did this girl sher said there’s no competitions out there in so many words, there’s a lot of female dancers doing good sher is too damn wicked! Reene look lost she talking about going out with hair line!!! What did reene did only bill puppy tail, so how reene in bounty killer lane, these people make no sense, sher you is not the best dancer girl stop it and give other people Credit!! This girl need to fall back miss bully!

15 thoughts on “MI TIYAAD A SHER DEM OO OH GOD

  1. Sad reality nuff , dem a Jamaica can dance but are not great dancers! Everything deh pon 1 level! Skin out and whine! Dem nuh try get di depth of dance, learn di history, see other dances from around the world, go back a school and go learn how to read, write and speak properly. Understated seh diet and exercise et play a big role in how they’ll dance. Learn how f properly market and present themself. And the biggest one fi stop fight dem one another, cause it deh deh fi everybody!

    That’s why dem white gal deh come a Jamaica tek dance and travel wid it and mek it big!

  2. Sher greatest talent is fi guh pon her headtop, she has no style, her body is whack, fi a young girl har titty dem shouldn’t reach grung already. While she trying to be BOSSLADY, she need to go back to school and get an education because her “career” soon dun. Slowly but surely new dancers will take the scene. Dancing Rebel a badddddd dancer, Pretty Pretty very unique and the list goes on. Sher and Renee move unu stale dun out self from yah. Nobody nah look.

  3. Met all me wan say is if sher really told the promoter to that nickeisha when with a man sher is a wicked bitch, the man say nickeshia came and never had a sweater, that is the most heartless thing a person could do.. Sher is a evil gal.. If you have a fren and the friendship done, fine but to want bad to happen to the person, that is unbelievable heartless thing to say.. What if the promoter had lef her and something happen to the girl? Shee you would have to lice with that for the rest of your life.. Wicked and corrpted evil minded women. Just because the girl tek a man u don’t like? Mek she find out her own mistake and wish her well, u a mek video a tell ppl fi do what sit not with their mothers?

  4. But look who she a f**k DONANDREKMG who a f***k everybody her life nuh better dirty girl and love act like she nice her mouth ugly thank god fir filters everday she throw shades girl bye with you stiff ass fir a young girl you tuff bad

  5. Sher talking about there’s no challenge out there how dear you to go on live tv and talk that shit!! Sher badmind is eating out your heart there’s a lot of female dancers out there doing good look at dancing reble the girl bad and neat!! You not in bounty killer or beenie lane so stop fool your damn self everyday you in party sking out and you call that dancing?? I know you is a heartless individual when you went to the U.K. And do all that to your one time friend and talk bout the girl live with her mother!! Something is wrong with all them young girls who look up to you as roll model! I can’t stand your evil mentality and your dirty ways for a grown girl and why you and reene body look pop down for young girls.. education will always be there put yourself in school and better your self. Is not like you dancing for BeyoncĂ©

  6. Met that interview could a stay because dunce bat Sher didnt make any sense. All of you guys are unprofessional, uneducated etc. Sher yuh dunce and confusing like, dont go on no more interviews untill yuh buy some class and a dictionary,suh when the ppl them interview unuh and call big words, unuh know the meaning. All this YEA and Due TO HOW TALK and this skettle thing bout unuh nuh look good or sound good. All unuh manager junior a fraud weh nuh stop thief unuh money him caah even tell unuh bout unuh behavior, or tell unuh fi speak properly on interviews such a damn shame. Sher you is a evil wicked bitch, and remember when u digging hole fi nickeisha dig as many for your fake self too because your gonna need it. Sher yuh swear yaah BOSSLADY, Sher anybody can have a Lip line yuh dunce bat yuh . Renee go buy some ambition, the whole a unuh big an fat and stink like. Headtop top follow them an tek side, because a nuh you and nickeisha have anything.

  7. I can’t with these girls no interview skills wow they talk as if they in the jungle talking to some of there Piers.. no proper English nothing what the hell was that what map you put dancing on?? The one show you go and dance at amber slut walk girl please!! Did amber rose reach out and call you herself child please!! Go back to school girl, I see this old tuff gal trying to put everyone up against nikisha!! Miss bully sher go fix your sharp dog teeth at the side of your stink mouth!! Bout people don’t on your level what level?? Do you have education? Own a house? And a proper ride?? Sher go sit down only the rat and roch them on your level big pig

  8. Sher fi leave nickesha alone bout di girl live wid her Madda…. Sher and har careless f**ky box Madda ginger kotch Inna her aunty Joan whey dem hate so much a wah day she move…sher like how you make all that money yuh need fi throw that white dresser That NEED to fix outta door cause white furniture stop wear Inna house! Di way how unnu bad Unnu shoulda own something suh leave Di girl alone and Renee MI tired fi si Dah white wig deh now

  9. Me wudda waan fe knkw what is wrong with living with your mom . As long as unnu no deh pan De same bed and u a contribute to rent or mortgage . Or property tax u is quite fine .
    I want to know what’s the big deal . Sher a talk like seh she own some 200 k bedroom set .
    Car , house and land . Just because u have a likkle more Dan a next girl don’t make u better u bitter bitch .

    Right about now if she had something more going on for her and even a better attitude I would see where she coming frkm . Looks isn’t all
    It will all fade away .
    As for Renee . Girl I understand that skinning out the pussy may be fun now but u need something stable .
    I don’t expect this level of hype u ladies have should still be taking the bus .
    Buy one cheap car . 400 k can dweet . But is like unnu cyaan do maths

  10. Big box body Sher need to leave Nikki alone now man tired of man body sher. It bun yu because everyone know nickiesha dance 10 times better and enuh hate the girl for her natural body that she give birth from and still look better than all of enuh wa look like enuh have 5 6 Pinckney. She can show her man but which one of enuh can show enuh man??? The crowd waiting fi see a man own dirty big body sher up. Sher what u drive? Since u so hype??? Everyday u on headtop and not even a ride? At least nikki humble gal don’t even see this barrel body gal

  11. Sher Sher Sher Sher Keep talking about amber rose slut walk did amber rose herself reach out to u please remember seh is the crawny batty man weh claim seh him name dhq Chrissy mek u perform with him there did any of the celebrities there book u after that? Kmt girl u need a chill pill an Renee six thirty ave a right fi name puppy tail cause di big idiot gal jus a follow back a u an a live in ur shadow like she a ur tail Renee u is what u ugly shape bad an caa dance u need to take several seats these young ppl that looking up to u about idols smh something wrong with them that’s all I have to say

  12. Oh my! Who ever sent in this story hate Sher bad! Badmind is real in the Jamaican community. Sender stop send in Sher stories we now you don’t like her.

    She winning while you loosing sleep over her.

  13. What is Sher winning? I think Danni Boo and Nikki can dance better than Sher..The others should be careful because with “friends” like Sher, you don’t need enemy.

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