Why this little Roly Poly looking gyal dont sit her a** down and
behave herself and stop hype up herself for more than she already
f***g is which is no f**g body??This fat b**h need a
motherf**g reality mothering check and stop gwaan like she big and
f***g bad knowing damn well she can’t f***g fight!!!!!!She walks
and f((k every damn r***t man her p**y jumps for like seriously
why you putting so much mileage on your p***y little young girl??It
doh look good!!!!!!!Slow your roll d**k and men aint going
nowhere!!!!!!You worst than the innocent sound men that every p**y
they come accross they want to mash down and f**k same applies to you
every cocky you come across you want to jump on and ride off until the
sun comes up!!!! FullSizeRender






10 thoughts on “MINE HEART ATTACK

  1. Senda, the girl fling stone in a hog pen and it claat yu?

    The girl say fi stop beg the man things off of simple introduction through she…you hoes do that till onu all offer onu mouth, batty and crotches fi favors. THEN onu tek set pon exgirl like man and onu in a anything but a damn Bater fi things!

    Hoe stop being a pussy gage an lo de girl crotches!

  2. Hey gal hop off a di girl nuh Mon my God every damn day suh …as the headline seh mine u have heart attack..go look a life an low di girl alone bitch.

  3. She and that girl in the back ground weh name tiny is ah set of the biggest whores inaa mia/Broward county fla
    I mean literally dem run tru the party scene upt & garrison party dem AJ PIMP OUT tiny pussy long time

  4. Why is my name friend being f***g called in a article pertaining to f***g rassclaat Kellen!?!?Nobody aint about Kellen f**g ass!!!!Leave my friend name alone!!!!!How is it beneficial to my friend life talking bout Kellen ass worst when they aint messing with the same f***g niggas kmt
    That girl aint worrying bout yall it must some other bitch sending in shit bit it aint my friend so leave her name out the fu***y!!

  5. My friend never met whoever she referring to a day in life muchless beg anyman anything so why is my friend name being called in some b.s she know nothing about my friend got a damn job so she nuh haffi ah beg and borrow awhoa
    Come off ah di gyal name
    My friend don’t even live in Ftl so why her name being called in some mess in Ftl kmt
    Yall got some nerve

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