Met Tina at it again and lando still na acknowledge har every week she post a different video with lando fi get social media attention she claim she live and learn like she nuh learn long time Lando don’t want her get a grip on life girl



  1. She need more dan a grip. S :salahkamar he need a barrel as a matter a fact send her a container, one a di long 40ft one dem. Mawning and manazzz oii :mewek

  2. Him handsome fi true. So thankful that it’s ambition that makes me horny, dem girls can keep the handsome guys

  3. Fi di life of me if is a second time u and di man a work it out n him still na look pon Yuh Tina u sad bad it don’t look good. But wa day him up n down a linger round the upscale barbie dem it look like that’s where him interest deh all pon flyer him put dem Tina it nuh look good again fi the second time

  4. Tina is a confused girl. 1 minute she posting her girl and next min she posting her man. Lando said him don’t want Tina because she too freaky and vulgar and her life she live is dirty but Lando homeless and broke so him start hide and f..k back Tina . Lando bring her back and fourth to work so he has a vehicle to drive and he stay by her house for free and Tina buy him clothes and shoes and give him money to spend. No man nuh want Tina her body too soft suh Tina p…y must big. Tina u kno u like eating p…y ,you know u don’t really want no man u just love 3sum and freaky life.

  5. Suh wait deh u mean fi tell mi Tina put in all this work n lando never put her pon him flyer even when dem did deh a which one a di barbie dem

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