Met so they lounge crayfish Wednesdays in Fort Lauderdale and I went to support and taste some of those appealing food I’ve been seeing on instagram. Met when went I asked for fish the guy told the fishes that was left are big they cost US$40, I said $ 40 not even kingfish cost that much. Then he said the only other thing they had was crayfish so I purchased the crayfish and he told me it cost $30. Met please to let Stacy know she can go back to Jamaica and don’t come back, we don’t want her here because this is robbery from poor people we work hard and its almost back to school. We can get peppered shrimp at fins an tings for $16 and we can get nice tasting food at pan fridays for $12. Met the food taste good but it was too expensive, even the crayfish cost too much and in all my life on earth I’ve never seen fish selling for $40. It will not work she can take her business to Dubai. $40 can send to a family member in Jamaica to help out a situation.


  1. So glad this story land I was waiting on it. Stacy don’t come back with your thiefing self to Florida because the food is so cheap in Jamaica girl we not responsible for your ticket and fi u stay over drag queen yard. 40 and 30 fish crayfish 30 and its 1700 for it in Jamaica. This gal thief nuh rass and the way how she hype I would think it would be at a better place met not even gloves she naw use u can look on ig and see the videos for yourself not even gloves everybody a use them hand touch the raw food and collect money and it take them one hour to serve 3 people so I don’t know what kinda money she can make with that slow service plus a pure rain. This gal is too wicked we can’t help u throw cocky Pardna eno we a hard working people

  2. Very funny. But that shit does look good on istagram nah lie.. had to unfollow she post too much a the same thing

  3. Met I swear on my child’s life I’m not trying to put her down but the next morning I had diarrhoea I was even late for church, I don’t remember if the guy who was serving me had gloves on. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m out to get her because I haven’t met her prior to Saturday.

  4. Me know a man a sell fresh catch snapper, scrapped and wid 5-6 in a bag fi $20! Me nah buy NO restaurant ONE fish meal for $12-$15 a America. Cheaper fi cook a me yard…oil, salt N peppa, vinegar, pepper fi pickled veggie, bread, dumpling,a box a festival mix nah cost me so much.

    Who ever buy dah gal de food at dem price de a look friendship wid har.

  5. @smh can I get the man number for the fish link if he lives in ft Lauderdale!! Only eat fish and vegetable and that’s a good price for snapper fish

    1. Tiffany, If yu serious link Met (if she don’t mind) and I’ll pass the number to you with her. I’ll do it just for you. Just tell Met the city and I’ll find out if he comes that way, if not then I won’t send the #.

  6. Where was her drag queen friend why she couldn’t help her so she can serve more than 3 people an hour

  7. Lol. Not putting her down either but they need to be more professional. The place in Ja is so dirty. Never been back, it was such a turn off.

  8. Listen if u go to the people them place and the food too expensive f***g leave why go spend and then complain kmt. Them a one bag fi $500us fi walk round wid it empty so what if u spend $30 and $40 fi full yuh hungry belly low the gyal Jamaican people always trying to bring down each other kmt thats why we cyah better

    1. Yu too RED eye :maho bag can last fi years and go pon consignment.overprice crawdetts and big fish is fi less than 24 hours :ngakak

      Unu too thief and want fi dig in a other people pockets wid feelings behind it :d

      Crabman305 not even cause dem price de

  9. Can go joes crab shack with my $40 n get a steam pot with lobster, crab, shrimp, corn, sausage n potatoes! Brite! Bout $40 fi fish she can stay a Jamaica!

  10. Di $500 bag wah u talk bout can sell back u kno how much site online a buy back Dem tings deh?? If a even $50 u can get back fi it and dat can stop hungry# ijs…..a suh dutty good done restaurant pon white plains rd waan sell Mi Dem ackee weh come a can fi $13 mi tell di gal seh did dat $13 mi can buy a chicken and a 1b a rice meck dem go man shit an gweh.p.s an a did waan small foot to kmt

    1. Lmao I said the same reason thing the other day. Mi nun know a who n good dine bout 10 for Likkle ackee crumbs DWL


  12. How much if a stesm fish. Cheap bit#$%ch how much fah. Wah u noh goh nyam dutyy gal an rice an lef d ooman tings alone. A lie u a tell d food noh expensive. U jus cah afford it. A soh nuff a uno yaad ppl tan up yah. Love compare tings like a yard unoo dah. Goh cook u own food crasses an leave d ooman food alone

    1. Bitch all dutty gal a top food to crayfish.

      Crayfish a sea wata cockroach 😀 😀 and a bitch not paying gas money fi dat shit…unu come beat we and tek we money! Ya’ll desperate hoes a look come up at unreasonable prices :hammer

  13. How much fi d wig pon u head. How much fi u fake eye lash how much fi u fake ass an nothin pon u noh tan gud but u a complainbout d ooman food

  14. Har food too bloodclaat dare fi true. Mek shi guh back a jamaica guh cook dead frog gi people. I will neva buy a har stinking shop again

  15. But fish and crayfish nuh cheaper a Florida y the food more expensive? A true or a lie unna tell pon the girl? Memba we on the uplift each other now don’t fight her progress.I like Joes crab shack big bucket a seafood @ a reasonable price but still
    I like support mi own ppl

  16. But Met Red Lobster brand bigger and it no so dare maybe she a charge fi di Jamaican element cah “Jamaica” a big brand! Her brand not even reach no weh yet

  17. Some a these females running business and dont know the 1st step, who is she selling to ?? Clearly Jamaicans in Florida, and I see Joes crab shack mentioned more than once which means they are competition. This is a new business the only way they will hold up is if it tastes waaaayyyyyy better than Joe’s if not then her business nah guh hold up cuz the people dem aguh stick to Joe’s. She shoulda strt wid a small price and bet nobody would complain, then she can tek time raise her price when it sink in and people feel like its worth it. Worse dem barely have worker so howww u jus drop big price pan di ppl dem suh. $30 USD is almost $4000 JMD she is delusional and swear she smart.

  18. Mi luv Mi Jamaican ppl dem. No Lie! but anything mi a do. Mi nuh want dem support cause dem a hole dung. I don’t know this girl so mi naw hate but Mi luv fi See ppl a try Mi luv see ambition….. An mi sure is a one time ting She a stawt up $40 a di least fi spend pan a fish one time fi support somebody but instead dem bad wid dem mind. Most Jamaicans especially di one dem a yawd always have brukfoot mentality jah know. Do you ting yow Yuh already a get a fight an yuh ting a grow suh Yuh keep going a two time Mi see dem dash Yuh ova yah since. Sell Yuh crawfish pan dem b@$##&€*!.

  19. This is sooo funny, same experience. I called in the day time and asked about the crayfish price and I was told to mix the box crayfish and crab was $25 and by the time I got there in the night crab was out and it was $30 for the crayfish alone. To top it all off basically when I started eating all I had was crayfish head never again will I support her in Florida. I’m better off buying a ticket go Jamaica before I support her

  20. Leave my friend Stacy alone. A so u know things a gwaan when people a talk bout u big up u damn self Stacy me sorry me never deh a Florida fi support u. All who nuh like her progress kill uno self she nah stop. Stacy Weh u say New York next? You’re the topic girl keep shining

    1. Going about like if a bitch a Stone Love or King Jammys fe mek a dollar pon Salt wata cockroach and over price fish is really de pinnacle of true success :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak DELUSIONAL bitch be there for her when food inspector roll in :travel go choke pon a shell or fish bone and stop cuss we Fe we hard earn ca$h.

  21. I went to this place when I was in Jamaica on vacation and they were so unprofessional. The soup was cold and sweet like sugar was in it. Rain had fell the seats were wet n they didn’t care if we sat on them or not. There IG looks impressive but the actual place and service was a disappointment

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