Miss Shanna-Kay after yuh f**k down the whole a balcome drive u come a new York a gwan like u a somebody. Hype everyday on Instagram first u ambulance teck then u a chef now u a nurse. But u a CNA . U got turn down back in 2014. F** box u f**k ur cousin baby father and breed fi him and war wid yuh cousin day in and out on facebook. Then u f**k ur bestfriend from blacome drive days pinky man and breed fi him and nuh stop drop shadez on pinky bitch. B*tch get a life go find a man yo help u so u can help our mom and mek she stop walk and sell p** a back road


5 thoughts on “MISS DASH IT DERE

  1. Sender you sound hurt she have a job and a great man kids taken care of why you upset. Go look a job and stop watch the girl pums.

  2. U bitches just hating on Shanna because u can Lowe the girl she happy her kids comfortable and her husband nah left her

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