Miss Christina get off Instagram and Facebook with all these lies. Bout u a nurse b*tch u work a Walmart.
Girl u need to stop buy aliexpress fake clothes for ur kids and hype like that sh*t real u and ur fake cousin stop telling people Kady is ur cosuin because she’s not b*tch.
My girl why don’t u give it daughter to the van man and stop push her on that old ass African man ehh. First it was the boys that don’t have no father so u put them in ur name fi get city help. Bitch stop act like u on top cuz a di city a pay yuh rent & a true dem cut ur food stamp u run gone a Walmart gone work part time. Bitch u went to nursing school and didn’t even finish mek yuh mother shame and hate u. And u sit up yuh sister mek she gone a jail left her kids dem pan yuh mother and u a live off her food stomp and nah give ur mother nothing out of it every time I see it mom she cry to me how u wicked and evil. Wicked gyal Yuh fi stop it man all yuh brother Jr fraid a yuh cuz after the girl married to him fi help him yuh carry news pan him mek the girl nuh badda help him evil gyal.


  1. This gyal Christina use to f**k mi baby father and watch mi pussy and carry news like crazy. A when since she start work a Walmart old hoe find ur kids father

  2. Hey sender stop watch di gyal pussy and life Lowe her mek she live in peace the f*** wrong with u tho kmt Lowe the gyal kids dem alone notice she take good care of them f**k who the father is

  3. Who Christina don’t f**k is who don’t ask from she a 13 she a catch STD til now the amount a time mi see her inn choices cuz that where I work when mi see her would daughter mi almost drop down cuz mi a seh rass she finally bring one a the belly. But is which African man she giving the little girl to most one big man cuz dem gyal yah nuh f**k young boy.

  4. Real talk she set up her sister fi guh jail I hear it from her brother blaze that why him leave new York cuz him fraid a her bad. Evil goal Christina u need to stop now give ur kids to dem right father now man,

  5. @This nice std is such a very broad range a things that are transmitted sexually. It’s not that uncommon even in women who are not promiscuous a you alone a comment under this or not? It’s about time us women realise that some things are not a disgrace per se std being one, that is how we end up not getting treated for simple ish like trich or chlamydia or heavy hitters like HIV and end up spread it, killing off ourselves. If u are sexually active most likely end up with a not strictly std but something that is transmitted or aggregated by sex at least once in ur life so gwaan throw stone bitches!!
    PS nurses and doctors work at Walmart maybe she work inna one a dem section weh sell glasses or something ? Bottom line is she working. A lot of women give man pickney that isn’t theirs that’s actually normal practice. Inna real life weh ppl can’t pretend to be perfect all the above is the least. Baabay

  6. ms.b go suck a dick who walk and f**k people like Christina and her fake bloodclaath cousins and waste friend she f**k too much. She a evil go her mother brother and sister that bitch mek her brother wife left him and him nuh get nuh papers. That bitch put coke Inna her sister suit case and when the gyal airport them find it and the gyal a do 15 for that shit left her kids. Then she beat off her mother and put her out Inna cold. A city put up her mother wid her sister kids. That hoe is evil

  7. Yeah a true she put coke inna her sister suitcase fi true, she told me that hetself, the sister f**k her baby father but when u hear from the shout it was the sister man and baby father 1st. Her daughter and the sister daughter a sister cousin hey if u see them they look just like twins omg dem to nasty. Christina u need to stop treating Hya like shit cuz a she mek u have green card and a she sign paper works when they were going to take the twins from u because u weren’t feeding them nor bathing them. Everyday u drop shades on Facebook about ur mother its not a good look girl

  8. The African lawyer man don’t want Christina him carry her go court to put her out of his house. The man married and have up him son. Angelica is not the man daughter. Christina too lie bitch aint no RN

  9. The African lawyer man don’t want Christina him carry her go court to put her out of his house. The man married and have up him son. Angelica is not the man daughter. Christina too lie bitch aint no RN

  10. The African lawyer man don’t want Christina him carry her go court to put her out of his house. The man married and have up him son. Angelica is not the man daughter. Christina too lie bitch aint no RN

  11. The African lawyer man pon suphtin Blvd him nuh want Christina the man married and have him son. Him want Christina out of his house. Angelica is not for the man and hya a lie to the man that Angelica belong to him cuz Christina fada white

  12. Christina Morris you are a whore one ugly ass whore I saw your ass in wallmart bitch like really. The lawyer man would sleep with you. He has no class. My friend is way better than you go get a career

  13. This bitch walk and f** people man plus her muma a liad cuz she know that Angelica punu don’t belong to the man but true them want to live for free she lie to the man that Angelica his child cuz Christina fada a white man. Christina the man only mek yuh suck and lick him ass cuz me know ur story from the horse mouth bitch.go find Angelica daddy ok the dna proof punu is not for the man.

  14. Bitch on welfare and actin like she is somebody bitch the man only bought u the jeep cuz him think punu was his ok. Bitch acting like the man was sending one heap a money on her. Christina am here rolling on the mutha f***n floor lol at ur dumb ass bitch working in Walmart and hype girl that African man don’t want you bitch he will not leave his wife for u. U were just a cheap f**k. You lick his ass for him to give you what 200 on a weekly bases

  15. Walking infection bitch ur pussy stink and sour Christina cheap clothes gal a f**k lawyer man who can’t even put u in high end brand bitch.

  16. Gal all tatoo the man name pon her body and know that the man live a house with him woman so stupid christina lee Morri u r one fool. What u think bitch that he would leave his woman for you girl please get a life. Am here roflma off at u

  17. The man never even go to Angelica christening nor birthday party that u kept bitch quite obviously the man knew Angelica is not his child. Bitch tell the world that he did a DNA on Angelica it’s 99.9 percent the African man is not the father bitch I got your meal ticket. So don’t ever come for me i will post the evidence


  19. A weak this lame ass gal wha full of STD she use norform pon a daily routine. Christina memba sey a you tell me how you and Anna call the man woman a trouble the girl cuz you want the girl to leave har man. Now the man want you out of the house what happened sweety u didn’t pay rent or him tired of your big stinking hole

  20. The coke argument is tru. I was frens with her and she always a talk say people better to play with her cause she f up her sister who she wouldnt mess up. That plus wah me say bout the lawyer man me take me time distance myself.
    The lawyer man married and is them landlord. Her mom force her pon him or him pon her when christina was sleeping with other men. When she breed she neva waa keep it cause she didnt know who breed her but her own mother tell her give it to the lawyer and blackmail him. So them end up a live fi free. But it look like him finally tell the wife bout the baby cause him stop make them trick him. So now theyre in court

  21. But the mother say Christina father is a white man that is why Angelica brown. That lawyer a fool him a idiot.

  22. But the mother say Christina father is a white man that is why Angelica brown. That lawyer a fool him a idiot.

  23. Her mother is user that is y her ass and blaze ass is out of the house. Them wicked bad. I hope the man work some shit on them like how him a african I hope him see all these comments so him know the type of person Christina is

  24. Woie somebody please send this to the lawyer man mi a beg unno who know this man him need to know the type of nasty gal him did a f**k

  25. I saw that bitch in wallmart the other day looking like a cheap piece of shit that she is. Bitch you and hya a wickedness bitch go find punu fada leave the old ass ugly man

  26. I don’t know who r what Christina did to this person mek dem come on pink wall with these made up story like seriously kmt, Christina well okay comfortable and living her life her kids well taking care of so u said bitches can go to hell. What away Christina life a mad u bitch cuz a u alone a comment and a use people name kmt u fake like wah
    Christina a mad yuh

  27. @ yes i said it stay the f**k out of it bitch these r facts and i have evidence go sit ur lame ass down ok. Christina a whore

  28. U have baby fada and ur kids hungry u saying she don’t and her kids well comfortable her house always full a food, her kids always well dress. My girl ur life said bad

  29. What evidence u have kmt
    U talking about DNA test done on the girl child which is a lie u people just come here to with ur made up lies kmt sad as f** kmt

  30. Bitch please kids hungry bitch neva dat we nuh rent bitch we own ok plus we don’t do welfare ok, get a life send Christina to come defend harself bye felica

  31. Bitch atleast my husband real husband take care of us neva mek nuh gal dis me like how christina a get pound bitch. Bitch Don’t have a career nor good job suh how she can buy high end brand. Please gal on food stamp my tax money put food pon har table suh how she fi hungry plus she can’t hungry to how she use har pussy like a roadrunner for little of nothing. Send call proppa tete aka christina morris fi cum defend har self. Just like how she put anna against crystal. Social Media bad gal

  32. Bitch u lame u use the girl sister name now u come a talk bout Anna and Chrissy bitch u sad bad.
    Christina a mad yuh so much that u afraid to even say shit to her face so u use pink wall so u van hide ur face hahahaha pink wall bad gyal suck out yuh mada bout husband nuh body nuh want yuh bitch, plus I know who u are watch how I’m going yo meet u say place outta merrick where u cut ur son hair and lick yuh Inna yuh face dutty pussy Milly we know it’s u

  33. Milly a nuh Christina men yuh nuh have nuh papers
    F**k bloodclaath Anna and Chrissy problem
    Chrissy a evil suh Anna cut weh left her
    That shit had ntn to do with Christina
    Milly remember our kids on food stamp too so don’t get it tiwsted that why ur mother didn’t help u and put ur house put of her house. Coming on pink wall type shit finger bad gyal

  34. Hype? Cause she confident. Whether brand new or old walk through confident. It aint all your tax money when gal work and collect. It’s her money
    Anybody who has worked had payed into the welfare system.

  35. Ha ha have ten seats back go tell african man who is a real lawyer to defend Christina you are doing a poor job in trying. Am done with you guys ps am not on food stamps. Please have the cops ready when you hit me in my face ok i already bought your texts to the Precinct so be ready as for Christina Morris i already gave the cops ur address.

  36. Guh tell har to run har sour infested pussy to get money fi move out of the man house cah him nuh want har in there no more a she show me the court paper that him tek har go court fi move out a him yard. Betta yet put har up cuz har pussy can’t get the 3 way fee to move out

  37. U have some nerves a try fight dis big sour hole gal war like really bitch go sit ur ass down a me you have strength for bitch a nuff peop on here a talk har business. Mi milly nuh fraid a yuh big stinky ole gal. Send call Christina a wah it a bite yuh skin yuh mad dough

  38. When Christina sit down and a call the people dem wife and trouble the girl and a tell lie on them why yuh neva tell har to stop when she gi the man punu why u neva tell her to guh find har real baby fada fi punu. She and Hya ole wicked

  39. I will see to it that the so called punu Angelica fada get these comments ok memba me know where him live and work Christina Morris try me cuz mi a mail them to him betta yet guh a him office and show him this since yuh love set up people so start tell him and jmg the truth

  40. Milly go find ur son father
    Go beg ur dsugther father to own her
    U worried about Christina when ur life unhappy dwl. U going yo show police messages dwl girl u sad as f**k. See how unuh love f**k wid people then run guh station dwl social media bad gyal Milly.
    Christina ain’t worried about u and her daughter father love her gone to bed bitch u said.
    What DNA u talking about kmt
    What court to put out of house u talking about kmt u lame as f**k

  41. Christina kids got they dad, the boys father have them every weekend and they look just like him. And her daughter father isn’t married, no DNA need because he knows she is his and he love and take good care of Christina and her daughter and also play a good roll as the boys step father. Christian working two jobs Walmart and at LIJ hospital. The girl just bought a new car she don’t drive the jeep no more. Sad sender and these said bitches commenting these fake shit u sad bad

  42. Bitch mi name Power Tina on FAcebook & unruly Tete on Instagram if u got something to say about to Fb inbox r ig dm me better yet add me on fb and write on my page. This pink wall shit is played out. my kids comfortable and happy, never short a food nor clothes well health and strong. My house and car my baby father bought me is driving my so call friends crazy dwl. I know who doing this but since u can’t say shit to my face u lame ass bitch keep talking

  43. Ha ha him love who Christina but him married really bitch his wife mek him a put out Christina

  44. I wish I was getting put out bitch haha a boss lady tete mi nah home girl,this house is in my daughter name so what u hoping and wishing for will never happen, bitch a new car mi just get less then a month ago good try tho better luck next time. Sad sorry bitches wishing they had my life hahaha wooiiiii

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