Dear Met,Metters and Peepers

Happy new year to you all,I’m just here wondering if some of the negative trends will get left behind in 2016! I saw a couple of these negative trends and I’ve got a theory.

Two things steeped in negativity are tattoos and bleaching by black people. I saw the unbelievable ridiculous sight of this jet black girl with the tattoo of a man’s name on her busom.One could barely make out”SHELD” ,so u had to squint ur eyes and assume it was Sheldon. This dilemma of obscure tattoo leads many black people to bleach their skins to highlight the tats.

Even more disturbingly after bleaching they get these tats in places where decent ppl tend to cover up.Hence they typically wear these barely there n flimsy clothing to show off their expensive tattoos .

Met look no further than that Aneka chick.She always a wear piece a cloth showing off her mark up crawb up leg.I bet if she has a breast tat,she wouldn’t wear a bra! Cmon my black queens your skin is royal, act like it.


  1. Tattoos cant go outta style. Tribal markings have always been around n will forver b around. Now being a bleach out hoe idk but dat

  2. Yes it can. you have somebody name that you are no longer with. So some pic that is no longer relevant. The thing with style is that it changes !!!

  3. Sender sound like one of dem who has a problem wid aneka why her out of all the other so call black queens who bleach I don’t think you positively brought this across sound like hidden agenda to

  4. Sender you clearly have other motives, tattoos has always been around and always will be ass for the bleaching I don’t know. One thing for sure. I matter how much she bleaches she is still a hoe lol and a big nose ugly bitch

  5. This chick is on here so often. I swear most of you actually like her & fraid fi talk… she’s that bitch that b causin all this conversation! !!

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