Gooday MET;

this is the comment that made leanclean private her page yesterday. The person blasted her for being a fake. No matter how them hide behind IG screens them file deh a road. It stink how Nicole “tied” Sasco fi tek him from his baby-mother. No wonder he looks miserable with her.

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  1. Smh! You know seh unnuh fool bad! When we seh suptn unnuh always react and prove we point! Pinkwall can make nuff a unnuh do just about anything!

    Lean hear wah gwaan if you a promote di healthy lifestyle etc you haffi go slap your husband into shape, so when you a tek pics and a promote your thing it will look more convincing. Also friend your husband mates and use them for promotion! You know you nah go stop get bun, so might as well use wah gwaan!

  2. dem too ra$$ nuff, hyping, profiling, showing off them tuff self as if them more than others, is a group of dem, who posts so called healthy meals taking pure crap & acting like them life clean. The go around & pay the online/IG blogs to post them up. PPl tired a dem now, only a few u see a bosts dem up, with all the money in the world them still look wishy washy & all dem do a kiss ppl ass fi get ahead. Nicole u a longtime fka gal, from olint days u a scamma, leancleanteif how u fi wah tell ppl tings bout relationship when u husband have somuch gal pon di side??? nicole how u claim say u bright when u speak so bad???? it stink a stony hill say nicole a ole wicked. She obsessed with Sasco like a real lifetime phsyco woman. go & comb your daughter hair & pay attention to your son, weh u find time ova yah & pon IG?? u claim u busy but u still find time post up pic smh gal i wuould be shamed if i were unuhh

    1. Does the son have a speech impediment ? mi wonder I have heard talks upt that somethings is wrong with him but mi nuh want fi bring the kids inna dis none tall.

      1. And what if he does? You did want to bring the kids into it or you wouldn’t mention the boy at all. It’s none of your business. Deal wid the gossip if you want but asking about a possible speech impediment is low down.

    1. She too much. The more she climb a the higher the fall. Mek she stay deh. Isn’t it tiring though, to get up everyday pretending to be someone you’re not? Although I think they have been pretending for so long they actually believe their delusions.

  3. There is nothing wrong with the little girl’s hair, I’m here for the tea but leave di f*king Kids alone!!! Why the f**k can’t the little girl wear her hair out?!! Because it nuh long and straight??!! Den we same one talk bout institutional racism.

    1. Nicole, no one is being negative about your child. We a talk bout your hypocritical ways, you and your rat looking sister.

  4. ……Also there is nothing wrong with people wearing a uniform for house work (Nicole I hope you paid for it) it saves the individual time and money who the phuck wants to worry about clothes to go and take care of someone’s house and kids you’re going to get messing!

  5. @Met, your blog is apart of my daily routine, I’ve been following for years now and based on many of your post and the help that you provide to people, I know that you care for people of color and people with a curtain texture hair and in different posts way back you’ve encouraged self love, awareness and acceptance, I know you don’t have control over what an individual wants to say, but this is why I get my panties in a bunch when people come on here and want to talk about a child’s hair like that.

    1. You see how unnu stay though? NOBODY is over here talking negatively about the child or her hair! This is not a Beyonce/Blue Ivy situation! It’s like you want people to say something about the child’s hair! Unnu gweh wid dat!

  6. @Little Lady what the rass is this. I never know there is a way to talk about hair lol
    I bet is Nicole this
    Bout Yuh have the ppl dem wearing uniform
    Nicole u is a big piece of Shitzzz that’s Why Jeffrey will always bun u
    U is annoying and pretentious
    & tough like rock gtfoh

  7. Gyal yuh blind!!! yuh nuh si up a top dem a send Nicole fi guh comb har daughter hair!!!! and since the spilling of di tea random people keep staying the same thing!!!!!

    1. Nicole, secretly buy a GPS tracker. Put in pon Sasco car under somewhere so him caan find it. Read the recordings and you will know his whereabouts. You caan track these men out in the open like that. They know you’re watching and will be very careful. What you need to do is give them enough rope, men always hang themselves.

        1. Met I tell you these uptown types dem well fool to man and them have the resources can hire private detectives if dem really want to know what is happening.

    1. I am not dancehall famous or instagram famous so if my man is giving me bun is just a few know about it, not the entire Jamaica and frens diaspora/ worldwide. I thought it was you that said bun nuh matter because the man coming home to him wife? What time does he come home though? Where is he when he isn’t home? Buy the tracker and find out.

  8. Greg Christian is a whore he’s currently fuc*kibg this slim tall gal her name hard to pronounce. She pars with but bobiesha and the same mAndy girl on usain story. They give Greg 3sums. They all go over maiden cay on boat eat and drink and have orgies. There is a few men that go with them. Usain and bibi . I am telling u facts met. Greg love give and receive oral sex and he goes without condom lots of time

  9. Met see de tough face gal lil boogie a dash Har wud pan we ova yah..It bun Dem seh we a dash out dem dirty file. Memba de tough face gal Weh hard fi look pan? She and deneque was in miss Jamaica.Two iddiat gal. Lean clean all deh pon Har post. Lil boogie, gweh! U hole full a shit gal!

    1. I saw that shade lol, liboogie is moneymike door mat leeches she is a nobody memba a kymani Marley doorstep bobiesha mate she had a Instagram beef over the community cocky.she has to latch unto gregmilli fi stay relevant. Face tough like iron.
      You yellow rat, before you a like post you go check where you husband is Cah anno Saki a lead now a Tasha…. She just get the vehicle and house a expand.

      1. Bwoy the amount a crotches she haffi nyam fi get that though… some gal stomach strong, a dem say get it by any means.

  10. I believe him bout Sheamara Todd. Greg ting no normal I tell yuh. Greg sex off all dem girls deh inna dancehall. All platinum and dem girl deh Greg sex. Sak get car outta Greg. She nuh play fi run the threesome dem. She and Mandii a real freak dem. From u say sex dem ready. Saki best friend name Renee all she sex Greg too. Saki bring all a her fren dem come sex Greg, or participate inna the orgy. Saki used to deh wid Bounty Killer a wonder if a so she used to run the threesome dem pon Killer too.

    1. Mi neva hear shemara name call wid him yet but if him calling har name i know he shall call it no more after tonight :angel

  11. She delete all him pictures and dat of her kids too but she kn sah him is a sex addict shi a have problem wid him long time dats y him big soh cause shi cah control him fi feed him good

  12. Front page please Cah Mi know fi sure Saki ano the only one that got a car ohh, she just one of the two Rachel Yuh Mab license plate end wid GU….the Toyota bammm!!

  13. No sah mi read till mi bladder full up! Shellings sweet till mi cudn badda pee noo sah! Boy oh boy o hsve to applaud these wives for putting on the perfect married lifetime show for us all to watch their acting skills! Well done ladies :2thumbup :ngakak :ngakak yes man mi haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate and tiyad to see the bitch exploitn the lil girl kmt bitch plz comb the likkle girl hair cuz in our time going to school hair fi comb! A wah cuz she a guh merka school?? Kmt sasco u a real mascot cuz nuff daddy wudda see to it dat head comb

  14. Yea man greg is a real freak. Even the other when usain deh a florida i saw greg him aswel on rebecca snap and she said something about him. I was not surprise because rebecca a QUEEN WHORE. I wouldnt be surprised if his wife just watching her diet because she have some type a sickness and dont want it flare up. Because good dieting and exercise will keep them thing deh Hidden. I am surprise greg lifestyle nuh reach here long time. Met u know mi i never send it things but i only comment on files i know facts about

    1. Greg ooman dem nah dash out the story because just like the wives dem know which side dem bread butter pon and being with Greg gets them on boats endless drinks, VIPs, cars trips, dem nah throw that all away like that.

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