Good morning Met, mi a beg you put dis pon pinkwall. Dis gal from Gloucester who mi don’t know from adams wha come tek set pon mi. Afta she air out de whole har business pon facebook and mi put in mi two cent jus like everybody else an warn mi bredren fe tek DNA fe prove seh de twin wah she gi him, a fe him. None outta a de two pickney dem have de slightest resemblance to him but still yet she nuh wah do no DNA test. My point is wah yuh fraid a, she claim sey mi a mek de whole world know seh him mus get a DNA test, well dats why mi want it pon pinkwall so de whole worl can know fe true, and mi nah stop seh so til she prove me wrong or RIGHT. She claim seh she nah sit back and relax, she a protect har own, well mi a do de same, mi a protect mi bredren and a dat mi want har fe know. When oonoo likkle careless gal a clean up de area whey oonoo live, use protection, cause if yuh did mi wudden haffe a warn mi bredren fe do DNA test. Mi sure mi bredren a nuh de only one yuh did a service but a him yuh wah people tek fe eediat and laugh after as they are doing behind his back now. Hey gal prove seh de so called twins are 150% his, and den mi will stop and if yuh don’t like it , come do yuh next best. Below is the message she inbox mi, wid a brite outta order self and the second one is my reply to her. Have a good day Pinkwall, cause I know I am…

“With all due respect Carole, you do not know me from anywhere, I do not know you from anywhere, how dare you tell the world he must get a dna test, WHY? We are 150% sure who the parents are for our beautiful twins! All we want to do is live our lifes happily with out all the lies that come from that families mouth? If you choose to believe the lies that they spread that’s on you, but I sure as hell won’t sit back and relax about it, here to protect me and mine!

Good day to you & God bless !!! ”

“I read everything from beginning to end and to be honest I don’t understand how you got involve when your friend was talking about his problem. It seems like you have a guilty conscience because you were the one who started the whole thing about jacket, so why are you upset if you are 150% sure that the twins are Blackie? With all due respect I am only going by what I see, and the photos that I’ve seen of the so-called twins has nothing for him, they don’t even have the slightest resemblance to Blackie….AND remember hence the name Blackie, and not even the colour not one of them have for him. You want people to stay one side and not put Blackie on his guard but let me tell you one thing I am definitely not going to stop saying it because I want Blackie to hear, so he can go and do a DNA test because I don’t want my bredren shame and put himself in any problem later on. When it’s done and proven that the so called twins are HIS, that is when I’ll stop. Right now I don’t understand why you inbox me because as you say you don’t know me and i definitely don’t want to know you. So please don’t ever pass your place and inbox me ever again.”


  1. You seriously need to take up knitting. Your breddren? Right! Don’t you have a life? Neither one of my children looks like me and what? If you tried this sh*t with me I would take it to the next level. You’re lucky it’s a inbox yuh get and not a proper well placed box across your face. Does Blackie not know where the family court building is located? You may mean well, but you have passed your place.

  2. Lady please go and mind your business and come outta de people dem life. You are out of order and it’s a pity the woman didn’t jook yuh inna yuh eye.

  3. Hi sister while I understand your concern, this is not the forum. Call your brother and discuss the issue instead of scandaling the woman. If DNA prove correct, how you gonna feel l to know you highlighting your nephews/nieces base on skin color. More so it look like your brother is comfortable with him jacket/suit so :travel

  4. Di man mussi dun hear di argument already. The way his ex woman put it out there from Gloucester to Bristol. And it’s not she alone chat it. But still.. he must know what he wants to do. He must know that dna kit sell in boots an Superdrug nowadays. Is his choice if he wants to do dna or if he want to accept the kids. Maybe he knows and accepts they are not his but that is not your business. Once a man form a bond with kids it’s very hard to convince them otherwise. Most man don’t want to accept the shame of jacket. They rather live in denial or not really knowing. But that is up to him. He don’t have no other kids bout yah so maybe this is his form of happiness now. Leave him be yah. What’s in the dark will come to light.

  5. Anyway, we don’t care about the twins. We are more concerned that blackie aka Fitzie turn prosecution star witness in big murder trial against his so called best fren.

  6. I’ve seen the twins they look just like him I don’t know the mother but get to understand she’s a hard working woman and those babies are well feed and forever clean if there his or not he’s claiming them so why is it a problem the main thing is that there lovedd and wanted someone has a bit of a bitter taste in there mouth to me let them live more life we seh

  7. This should not have been posted.
    And with a picture? Slander much!!!
    Surely innocent before proven guilty?

    Ah who business ah dis?
    The man is a big man. Has other children. He knows those kids are his and he will tell you so. I see the whole family together and them picney favour the mother, father and the lickle brother.
    COME OUTA BIG PEOPLES FAMILY BUSINESS with your dutty heart and bad mind self!
    Get a life!

  8. Oonoo all full of shit….nuff a oonoo a laugh an chat him behind him back bout de same jacket dem…dis person only say wat all of you hypocrites have been saying all along. Gloucester people know seh de gal a common bicycle wah every man ride and we all know seh a people man breed har but de original man mus deh jump fe joy cause fe him woman wont know seh a fe him. BUT wah hide a dark dutty Dionne mus come to light…

  9. All of Gloucester is aware that those twins are not his, dem all laughing and chatting him behind him back but won’t say it to him face. Dis person only chat wah all of Gloucester has been saying for a long time. Dutty Dionne a Gloucester local bicycle wah every man tek a ride wen dem ready an she know seh de people dem man wah she breed fah nuh want har an him nah lef him woman fe har so a Blackie wah desperate fe pickney, she go land it pon, not even one but two at dat. A de same ting wid har first child…ask har who a de daddy fe dah one deh…don’t tink she did lucky fe gi anybody jacket fe dat one. As far as mi concern dis person neva trouble har, she go inbox de person. Suck hood Dionne same way how yuh cah do DNA test fe de first child, a same way yuh nah go do none fe de twins because yuh know wat de result is going to be and it definitely nah go say Blackie….

  10. I don’t blame whoever put this up she was wrong to inbox the lady. Has was wrong to call out the ex whom her daughters defended in her absence and attacking the whole family.
    She is lucky cause if was me she would get more than box or pinkwall.
    Now she want to play the victim!!!!
    Hell No
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and like she said she don’t know the woman from anywhere so why inbox her.
    She claim they are 150% certain that they are his why justifie it to the world.
    I saw all what was said on fb by the person in the above picture and she was targeting a well respectful woman whom have left this so called baby father for many years now.
    So when she they are talking bout ex I know it’s not that lady they are talking.
    She was very disrespectful on fb trying to call out the woman and her two daughters put her back in place.
    She put her business out there in the hope that people would acknowledge her lies.
    But it seems like she took on the wrong person on this occasion. GOOD ON YOU LADY TO NAME AND SHAME HERn

  11. I cannot believe how uneducated this person sounds. This person clearly does not understand Genetics or DnA. Look at this picture the twins mother is of a lighter complexion and the father of the twins are of a dark complexion, hence the nick name ‘blackie’ their childrens complexion can be either one or the other or anything in between. They may even have a throw back. The complexion comments only seem to come from a deep and vengeful place of jealousy.
    Most people don’t have the time to broadcast such atrocity and air seemingly twisted information about other peoples business unless they are deeply hurt and scorned and if this is the case councelling is highly recommended.
    I can give you some facts about this lady, she works hard and is educated and trained in her job role. She looks after her children well and has a heart of gold. This lady prays and tries to do her best despite what life tries to throw at her. God chose to bless her with beautiful children and the twins might I add have strong distinctive features of the father. No DnA test needed and one certainly would not be done based on the desperation of a jealous scorned women. WOULD YOU?

  12. Suck hood….really is that all that can be said about her. When we all know you and your 2 daughter’s suck dick 2. Bicycle…everyone got a past love find me anyone over 30 without 1. Even the people commenting. This is pure vindictive lies from a hurt set of people who got a closet full of secret. Respected that’s laughable. Weren’t you a big time slag back in the day up and left your pickney dem. Why you worrying about blackie’s dick and who he may or may not have impregnated. Is any of you minding the pickney dem. Clearly got too much bloodclart time on your hands. Grow up look a life you sad pathetic bitter twisted apparent grown as people. Sick of the lot of you.

  13. Looks like blackies mad fatal attraction mad big woman ex is on the war path again plotting and scheming once again making stories and characters that don’t exist blackie looks like your going to have to travel the seven sea with your kids and your woman to escape her may the good lord guide you cause she’s Satan itself

    1. How? U obvs dont nothing so stop it secondly how many different ppl guna say the same ting abwt dis dutty dionne girl regardless of wahs been said the fact is dionne is a slimey slag n tryna look sympathy every minute when its her who causes tings on herself because she cant leave ppl man alone n her hoe’ish ways smh

  14. All whom chooses to defend this low life person clearly do not know her.
    Has if she’s going to let her family know she is low key prostitutie.
    When she was on Facebook trying to disgrace the woman and her family she felt like she was winning.
    This big woman have left this man for some five years now.
    So any ex she taking about must be the one in Bristol and the friend he was with that she took him from whom is the auntie of her so called best friend whom died and she later claim she breed for her whom for over six years been asking her for dna and to date she don’t give a dna.
    She is the one whom took it on her head to message her and talking bout letting the world know so they know now so deal with it.
    Maybe next time she decides to take on innocent people she will think twice.
    She wants the people them to know she have a clown for a baby father she get her hearts desire.
    I don’t know the man personally but I do know the family she’s referring to and the are well respected people in our community they are god fearing people whom have done a lot for our community including him from what I can see this man was with this lady for years and I have never heard anything about him until this bicycle revealed all on fb so all whom is defending her is her family.
    She work just like the same family she’s disrespecting works very hard too.
    The twins do not look like him full stop
    The colour do have a lot to with it but is not the be all end all
    If he’s owning them then she should have kept her mouth shut, and pray he never finds out.
    Her back ground is filthy
    She deserves everything she’s getting animal
    Her family well and knows the truth.
    She live in her mother yard with her jackets and hype behind phone screen
    I love how the lady do answer all now and I know she won’t because you don’t mean shit to her and family.
    Keep calling up the family and her name
    The woman have recently buried her 20year old son
    You really think the family have on them mind you are disgusting.
    The man is no good has well cause that family have done nothing but good for him

  15. All now I don’t see the woman in question say one thing.
    Dionne everyone in Gloucester knows you follow your mother and sister footsteps.
    I saw on fb last year the woman put watts app message that he sent her telling him to leave her alone she’s not interested in him has home made his bed go lay it she’s not interested and I clearly recall her saying even though she don’t like the hoodrat she’s not helping no man disrespect another woman and he must go look after him twin dem and go change nappies
    From last year you be calling up the woman name to the point of telling people to tell her your going to call police on her
    You call her twisted victim
    And to date I don’t see her acknowledge you once
    And a almost a year later you put your business on fb for everyone one to see you step past your place and message people and the woman call you out and your still on the woman name
    The Message Their For All To Read So Prove Carol Wrong Give A DNA
    Why you don’t tell pinkwall is your friend Maxine uh tek him from and not forgetting all the others him deh wid all now since so call twin dem born
    Him up club every week looking woman
    Him don’t want uh Dutti gyal
    Why uh Nuh guh look Fi Di tuff looking yardi him and Shi did ah wine up together up ah club every week
    Is you get what di woman lef and mi know she don’t want him
    You are not happy or you would never pon fb for two days straight seeking acknowledgement from these people or this woman
    You know the man love her and that is what is your problem God Don’t like Ugly and you and your family is Ugly in mind and looks
    Why you don’t tell the people them how you couldn’t wait for your best friend to bury good you go sleep with her man and claim him your jacket son to his father but still not giving a dna
    You are a nasty person just like your sister Annmarie
    Go get a life not cause a man own your jackets don’t mean him love you big fool uh
    He wouldn’t be cleaning up Gloucester like you if that is Love go be happy
    No one bitter over dirty dog like you
    Sick of you with your ugly self you can brighten a million pictures to make yourself look light you can never look good like that woman natural clean browning
    You have no class
    You all really think that blackie is fool
    More to the point the man isn’t owning you let alone putting his business out on social media you are on a proving thing
    The man recently lost his mother and look what your doing
    Where I see the woman putting her mother in law on face book saying how much it hurts and send out love to him and his family and all your doing is looking fame of the woman and family name
    The woman is grieving her son and mother in law
    More than what anyone can say for you all your doing is using both their lost to get acknowledgment reall skettle mentality
    How dare you disrespect respectful people in this manner.
    You feel threatened by the fact you and your dirty mouth family cannot and will never be able walk in these people shoes and more to the point they will not stoop to your level
    The bars are set to high for you to meet the standards she has set
    You All Need To Seek God
    Disgraceful No Ambition People

  16. God fearing well that’s the biggest joke I have ever heard. God fearing people would never have done this to the young lady. God fearing people are forgiving, clean hearted and kind. If the ex in question and her “God fearing” family have just buried a relative should that not be your only focus. I can’t imagine being in that situation and finding time to criticise others or care about who needs a DNA test or not. You are commenting saying you don’t know her yada yada yada but you know a lot of her apparent business and her families for that matter. You need help. You almost seem deranged and the young lady should be worried about her safety. This is some real single white female shit. My advise let it go. If she is giving the man a jacket ain’t your business. You trying to fool the world and disgrace this woman but what you are succeeding to do is show your true colours and do you know how low you are bringing her dead friend into it? Just a small fact for you as I can see you listen to idle rumours and don’t fact check yourself she was with her 1st babyfather long before the person who died was with him. That person has past away over 10 years now God rest her soul her son is 5. Ps they were never best friends either. Secondly why you disrespecting her sister and mother calling them names and calling up their names on here. I say they are a classy bunch and beautiful to boot. She is a Browning same as you she ain’t lightening her skin why does she need to. Dead the beef the children look a lot like their father. He loves them They are making a family let them be in peace. You wouldn’t wish this kind of thing on anyone’s family so why do it to the young lady but in the same breath have the audacity to try and make yourself into a victim. You are not no one is buying it. It is clear who put the post up and who is commenting and if you ask me it is utterly disgusting and you I bring it to has no class. You lost out to a good man. I would be hurt too. But I won’t stoop this low. God don’t like ugly. Pretty sure you got things in your own life to attend to. Get some help before you ruin yourself trying to ruin the lady. How fool fool will you look when the DNA test says it’s his and the 1st one is who she said as well. It’s slander it’s malicious and you can’t even keep your stories straight cause you originally come on him calling him your bredren but you let your feelings slip through. All you can do is try and degrade thr woman on a public forum. God dont like ugly and we all worshipping one God he is not going to pardon you for what you are doing here.

  17. The said girl above is a mix up she should have been tending to her man and babies instead of interfering with the big woman and her family on facebook she call this all on herself and further more if you read it properply its clear that this was not placed here by the woman or her family, she inbox an innocent by-stander and this is how said by-stand chose to retaliate, the girl is to mix up she should leave people alone and look about her black man and kids, she know who she inbox mesage so will know who is replying to her on here, if not Dionn herself put it on pinkwall because from what I see of her stalking and harrassing people not just this family she has targetted other families on facebook she seem to love the mix up, and as for talking rubbish about what God will pardon someone for, I don’t realy think thats your call

  18. Stop trouble people, the woman say please do not pass your mark and inbox me, because she dont know you from adams, this girl dont tierd ah trouble innocent people, if she need help why she nuh bother the Dr’s, this is the UK medical and psychiactric assistance is free on the nhs

  19. Dionne you are winning. Don’t feel dejected. The fact they taking so much time to sit on your name my girl you giving them problems and sleepless nights. They hurt over you and your twins. They crying over your man at night. God has you and he won’t give you more than you can bare. Cyber bullying will not get you. Mek them gwan a hot dem head bout your babies. All 3 of them doing good. You look good and you can pay your bills you ain’t sponging off none of them. Bitter twisted f**ked up people. The only thing that they have spoken that had made sense is psychiatric care is free on the nhs they need it bad. But don’t bother yourself because they wish they were you secretly

    1. Its not cyber bullying they are tellig the truth about Dionne!! So stop try water it down. That is what she is a disgrace and she did go with her “friends” man (RIP) on which he denied the child because of the same dutty reason of being a dirty hoe!

  20. Dion quiet and humble she don’t trouble people unless they trouble her 1st. You lot known for mix up sit down in hair dresser all day chatting people chu

  21. Dionne a either yuh or yuh family a de anonymous person because no one a Gloucester dont rate yuh cause yuh suck wood and f**k like dog….goway de man only love up de twins dem definitely not you…whappen to de photo yuh did a showoff pon facebook wid de man? yuh see how quick yuh tek it off..fe show seh yuh is nutten in de man life, yuh is only de mother of de jacket pickney dat yuh give him, yuh is definitely not and will never be de love of him life and a dat a kill yuh.

  22. Dis embarrassing. Ex woman u bitter bad. So much bitterness in one post. Bitter till di argument tun stale. No Sah!

  23. Di Ugly Woman inna deh picture luk well evil
    Di post is ah bout how Di gyal message di woman and bout telling har breddah fi tek dna
    I agree all di anonymous comments is definitely uh.
    Uh a pree deh Family hard
    My advice to dem is fi report uh
    Uh claim uh have di man
    Uh claim uh have him twins
    Uh claim uh god fearing
    Uh claim uh hard working
    Well miss mi cyaaan ask uh who ah luk bout eh twin dem an uh son while uh siddung pan di woman and har Family smh
    More so uh claim uh intelligent and well educated is this how ah intelligent and educated person
    People or entit
    It seem like di big woman ah mad uh
    It also show di wuman ah live har life whilst uh deh try scandal har uh wicked
    Fi real uh know di man love him ex ah dat ah kill uh bad.
    Uh mek eh big man sound like clown mussa road man
    Him Betta mine seh uh Nuh kill him
    Uh claim eh happy uh Nuh happy ah tall uh have way tuh much time pan was uh hands cause mi sure uh fi deh luk bout uh pikni dem and him muss hopeless inna bed cause it seem like him naaa please uh miss I advice uh fi tek ah dna an gi him truth an move on cause him naaa Service uh gud dwrl

  24. Di Ugly Woman inna deh picture luk well evil
    Di post is ah bout how Di gyal message di woman and bout telling har breddah fi tek dna
    I agree all di anonymous comments is definitely uh.
    Uh a pree deh Family hard
    My advice to dem is fi report uh
    Uh claim uh have di man
    Uh claim uh have him twins
    Uh claim uh god fearing
    Uh claim uh hard working
    Well miss mi cyaaan ask uh who ah luk bout eh twin dem an uh son while uh siddung pan di woman and har Family smh
    More so uh claim uh intelligent and well educated is this how ah intelligent and educated person
    People or entit
    It seem like di big woman ah mad uh
    It also show di wuman ah live har life whilst uh deh try scandal har uh wicked
    Fi real uh know di man love him ex ah dat ah kill uh bad.
    Uh mek eh big man sound like clown mussa road man
    Him Betta mine seh uh Nuh kill him
    Uh claim eh happy uh Nuh happy ah tall uh have way tuh much time pan was uh hands cause mi sure uh fi deh luk bout uh pikni dem and him muss hopeless inna bed cause it seem like him naaa please uh miss I advice uh fi tek ah dna an gi him truth an move on cause him naaa Service uh gud dwrl

  25. Gyal it look like uh ah mad ova di cock
    Please tell wi weh dis big woman tek from uh
    Di following above comments states Shi ah Nuh di one seh dem Nuh luk like
    Carol comment seh ah uh first talk bout jacket
    Weh uh want wid di big woman
    Uh get left ova girl uh not getting anything Shi Neva get before uh
    Clearly the woman didn’t want children wid him
    Or maybe him can’t breed no one
    Why uh so mad wid dis woman please explain
    You inbox carol is wat dis is about
    If upset that woman call dem Jackets why uh guh Talk to her uh ah try slander innocent people what not saying one ting to you
    Uh sound of key now sorry uh Nuh happy
    Comments ah nice seh Shi lef Him fi Years
    Even if dem ah Fren uh cannot stop dat my girl an him fi know wah di woman will do and won’t do
    What I read above people dem seh fi all di years Shi an him did deh dem Neva witness weh deh putting out on social media
    I’m sorry I agree wid dat person uh wrong my girl stop embarrassing uh self mout mek fi Talk an further more Shi Nuh muss Know If dem look like him if deh come from ah long relationship and if his big him must have more children
    Tek pride now uh have issues and dis woman is uh issue

  26. Weh dis fitzi tek up
    Fitzi is u did hound de big wuman from way back ah suga bar dayz di big wuman lef uh from before har son pass weh.
    Fitzi uh mek dem gremlin yah piss inna food gi uh.
    Mi watch uh ah ball ah tell de man dem how uh love deh wuman uh wudda fight all fly fi har
    No Fitzi weh uh Ugly gremlin ah guh
    Big bad man fitzi bloodclart I weh dis uh mek tek uh fah fool??? gremlin mus gi uh jack Fi real
    All murda trial uh link tu
    Pan uh frien no fitzi
    Yoooo ah set deh gyal yah set uh up bombart daaarg.

  27. Dear MET,

    Under your disclaimer section, rules 1 to 5 have been broken towards the lady in the picture! It would also be interesting to know what was meant by your last comment?? No more name changing ay??? Hmmm who could be name changing?? Also this post is under investigation by the Gloucestershire Police and solicitors for slander, so it would be helpful if you could be helpful, from the lady in the picture! Thank you #dontneedtohidebehindname

    1. You have no way of proving section #5 has been breached since u can’t actually prove anyone deliberately lie!!!More importantly even Stevie Wonder can see based on the formatting n wording of the prior 3 posts here…is the same insane smaddie.

      Most importantly the Admin is privy to our IP addresses… Thus can tell is u same one when u change yuh name a million times. One bag a yapping n lie bout solicitors… Go SYM straight!

  28. Cho. Sonia how u ah go call police and u send this in and then spend 10 days commenting back n forth with Di gal under 100 different alias’s and Then come to met about rules, when is u send this in! Sonia, remember u have history too mi dear. If the gal dis and gal dat, den what were u in your day? Sonia u ah stark raving mad Oman. U bitter over fitsy bad. Bout natural browsing. Yuh face bloated and saggy bad an u mouth smell like shit. With u big eye and big bags. U bad shape and belly big. No one cares about fitsy. Fitsy is turn professional singer for a living. Stop gwan like anyone interested in him. Fitsy no stop fck Di young gal dem ah Bristol whilst with u. He was with shani and we all use to laugh how dumb the two of u was, in competition with each other, all posting pics. Sonia no one respect u and it’s for games like this.

  29. Ah weh tek suck pussy fitsy
    Dunce lackah Bat!!
    Birmingham Hear bout how uh did beg di big ole woman Lavern fi baby Lavern trick uh wid har age an claim Shi did ah breed fi dun uh money
    Fitsy fyah uh ah fyah blank
    Lavern tek uh pardna money an spen pan har man an Neva stop chat uh inna hairdressers
    How uh dunce an cyaaa read
    Ah years deh Big wuman lef uh
    Gi Di ole fool jackets yes mi Gyal pikni Him want Jackets him get


  30. Shani Shani Shani
    Up to your old
    tricks again
    Everyone in Bristol knows you and Dionne turn big friends and it’s you two on here posting up di tings
    Shani for years fits hiding you dwl
    It’s you that post random indirect to get recognition you been trying to breed for fitzi fi Years

    Like you stork Gossette loooool

    Fitzi really turn uh mad
    Your worst looking than this person in the picture

    Shani time you get a life now this is not about you it’s about his jackets, dna and the above person inbox People.

    Shani you are like the same age has me 38
    And that thing in the picture looks about 40 none of you are young girls anymore

    Keep worrying about the big woman saggy baggy, fat or not she’s a lightly and looks way better than the both of you two put together

    Dionne Give The Man A DNA & Stop Inbox People
    Shani Get Ah Life this old news the woman left him years ago

  31. Well for all you bitter people whom chose to believe all the lies.
    Mark and I have taken a DNA test to prove that our beautiful babies are ours and it has proven he is the father and we are very happy and in love and living.
    Upwards and Onwards for us :alay

  32. Dionne, Yuh mout come in like yuh pussy..nasty and dutty. Mout mek fe seh anyting, a true Met wont low pickney photo pon dem site mek me nuh mek de whole worl see photo of de original Fadda and de pickney dem. Because Blackie illiterate an cah read yuh can put up any fuckery an tink people a go believe yuh. Yuh cudden do it to de fus baby fadda because him can read an him literate. Him still a wait pon de DNA test fe find if de likkle bwoy a fe him…why yuh a tek so long fe do dat one…stap lie dutty dionne…de pickney dem a nuh fe Fitzi an yuh kno but poor Fitzi, damn illiterate fool, him would nyam him name pon a bulla..only him yuh cudda fool but memba dis gal…wah hide a dark mus come to light.

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