We didn’t cut Spice’s set – Organisers claim innocence after artiste’s shocking outburst

Spice performing during the Rio Sports Gala before exiting the stage prematurely.
The organisers of the Rio Sports Gala and Awards ceremony have denied interrupting the set of dancehall artiste Spice last Saturday night.

The deejay prematurely ended her performance at the National Indoor Sports Centre, and blasted organisers on Sunday hinting that they had cut her set. But Lenford Salmon, the producer of the event, denied this, saying the artiste’s DJ is to be blamed.

“We did not cut Spice’s performance. The incident that occurred was from her side! We asked all the acts scheduled to perform to come to a technical rehearsal the day before and every performing artiste showed up, except Spice. We even asked them to bring their own disc jocks because we know how technical this issue could get. Spice and her people came when the show had started and her DJ was in a tizzy! He was even saying to our technical operator that he isn’t even sure that the CD would work and that was even before Spice went on the stage. He took over the console, played the music, and so said so done!” explained Salmon.


Salmon revealed that during the planning of the event, there was a discussion as to which artiste the athletes would want to see perform and Spice was mentioned. “Spice’s name came up as one of the artistes the athletes would have liked to see and we discussed it with Headline Entertainment. But we knew that her dress, lyrics, and dancers may not have been appropriate for the event, and her team assured us that she would dress appropriately and adjust her lyrics, so we would have nothing to worry about. She, however, did not stick to that agreement,” he said.

Salmon has shunned speculations of prejudice saying that the organisers have worked with other controversial artistes successfully because they followed instructions. “We have had other controversial acts such as Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and even Mavado conformed to occasions as family oriented as Grand Gala. All we had to do was speak to their management and every single one of them conformed. We try to integrate these artistes because we don’t want persons thinking only negatively of dancehall as it is our culture,” he said.

Carlette DeLeon, a representative from Headline Entertainment, confirmed that it was an error on the part of Spice’s DJ which caused her performance to be cut. DeLeon also pointed out that it was Spice’s technical team which was asked to attend the rehearsal and not the artiste.

Spice walked off stage on Saturday after asking for the rhythm for her song, Indicator, and it was not forthcoming. But after she exited a group entered and began dancing to the very same song.


On Sunday, Spice blasted the show’s organisers, via social media, saying there was no technical difficulty. “I’m not bashing these lovely dancers who I love dearly, but they were dressed in short shorts and bra top on stage wining and a skin out. Girls wining on man back it up and all, but I wore a dress and it was inappropriate,” she posted on Instagram. “Or is it because I’m not from ‘uptown’, it wasn’t OK for me to sing my own song but they could dance to it? I wonder what they expected me to sing …” Efforts to speak to Spice yesterday proved futile.

Salmon said the dance group which performed after Spice had brought their own CD and again pointed out that there was no interference during the artiste’s set.


  1. It annoys me when people try to compare their wrongs, the fact that she came out talking like this she clearly was planning on purposely singing the slack songs. Spice stick to farrin weh u can behave classless, u nah no class or respect fi nobody bout u wah be Saw, even a blind man could do betta.

  2. Spice you really f**k yourself.

    You and the people them agree to a thing, from the athletes, to the prime minister and how ever much politicians, doctor, lawyer and the gg, etc…and if you or any a di idiot dem weh a run up unda you think what you turn round and do appropriate unnuh dead wrong.

    This is why your ratings can’t deh up deh fi most ppl. And that’s not even comparing you to Saw, but you by yourself forever a flop yourself more while!

    So fi all di idiot dem weh a talk bout dis dem artist, a she inna di wrong…them ppl deh will never look pon har fi do ntn again! Disgrace!

  3. Everything is about controversy for this girl..grow up spice yuh always wanna play victim and yuh so dam dry eye wid yuh lies. I cannot stand you and I have never met you in person. You too dam cantankerous

  4. BUT…. a how she reach deh, she should not be on that show wuss if she no rehearse, her mode of dressing for that function, the minister accept some part of the blame, babsy always on point with functions like those why this one of had to go so wrong, where tessanne shaggy and others poor asafa eyes wide open lol time and place for evrything

  5. Spice it really shows that you have no diversity as an artiste. You are stuck in one dimension. Lady Saw would have killed that show as Marion Hall. Even Popcaan would have some decent songs to sing. I hope you use this as a lesson to work on some decent songs. I am tired of hearing you sing about your underneath and your underneath apparently isn’t all that (deep and wide).

    This also speaks to the “yes men” that Spice have around her. Nobody could tell her not to sing her usual songs and go out of the box for this event? Spice has a nice singing voice she could have covered two songs and entertain the people.

    I doubt Spice will take heed. Once a germs always a germs.

    1. Let me correct u, spice can’t sing a rass, her latest song Philosophy have to mix over so much time cause she sound so bad and di final product still sound bad. I agree with u seh she nah nthn bout her. And a try mek dis an uptown vs downtown thing Kmt…..it nuh matter weh yuh cone from, yuh a public figure, try gwaan decent even fi 1hr man

  6. Thank god you not from uptown cause the boot pon line would have you as neighborhood clown

    Spice you’re vile! and there’s no going around it. You will be played out for good by 2019 :nerd

  7. Yow dis shit funny das all me know… I got dis donkey round a back yah I laugh till I weak… :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  8. Somebody stared on another post seh Spice and Bolt deserved each other because they both look unkempt so maybe just maybe PP a him request her yes :ngakak :ngakak

  9. Now Im starting to see how dancehall nuh really rated yo. I understand that she could of fixed up herself for the event but for crying out loud, spice is a DANCEHALL artist. Her music comes with certain stuff. Its either you accept that or you don’t. The promotors should of known better.

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