Met me really wah fi know a wah do toya pretty p**y this a the girl weh use to give r babyfada bun wid daffy till dem use to seh the Baby a fi daffy own the gyal file long the other day she post pic bout she engage to the boy from brooklyn till dem all go pan vacation but the boy find out how she lie and wicked n lef r now she shame so she disappear off a all social media mi wah know if she still a walk and watch r babyfada and still a tell lie pan the man


  1. Sender i hope you reading this, how yu so fass! Why you waan know if she a watch har babbyfadda or a tell lie pon man? How is that your business tho.. Go cook some food a yu yaad, clean yu house and tek care of yu man and stop watch ppl business man!

  2. But senda yuh already ansa yuh own question. Cause u waan know weh she deh but u say she ina hiding cause har man leff har. So if she ina hiding she cyaan watch har babyfadda……don’t it??? SMH

  3. nastiness toya dem a blow up u spot. This bedbug biych wicked and lie. She lie so till she actually believe harself. She a muma mixup all she do a siddung pon ppl name like back pocket. She f**ky f**ky bad. PDA.if u ever happen to run cross did parasite run fasssss cause wicked is har name

  4. Unno crucify ppl when dem deh pon di scene and dem come off and unno still a crucify dem. Maybe di girl relocate and start har life ova, everybody deserves the opportunity to amends dem wrongs to rights. If she off di scene let it go, dis sound somewhat obsessive.

  5. she need fi blow up Bronx nastiness.when lie did give wey she dey front line.thats way marlon run r baby fada.ppl dem need fi run pan u.

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