NEW YORK (AP) – New York City police are asking the public to come forward with any possible information on the whereabouts of a 14-year-old boy with autism missing since last week.

Avonte Oquendo (ah-VAHN’-tay oh-KEHN’-doh) wandered out of his school in Queens on Oct. 4 and has not been seen since.

Chief of Department Phil Banks said Saturday that if anyone thinks they see the boy, they should call the department’s hotline at 800-577-TIPS. He says they will chase down every lead.

Hundreds of officers have been searching for the teen, who does not speak. His parents say he loves trains. Police have checked all 468 train stations, every tunnel, abandoned station and bathroom. Divers searched the East River near the school.

Chief Banks says police aren’t giving up hope.

Read more: http://www.myfoxny.com/story/23676475/nypd-asks-for-help-with-hunt-for-missing-boy#ixzz2hhJnL0Ll


  1. I still cant believe a schooo for disabled kids wasnt properly secured. These kids tend to wonder off. Im praying they find him soon. Have this posting on my fb and ig since last week. In the mean time im praying he’s safe and probably scared where he is.

    Good morning met, metters, peepers and all.

  2. So sad even though this little boy can’t talk his eyes speak volumes – I hope they find him asap…God is GOOD!!!

  3. I cannot believe a child can be missing this long and seem to just vanish into thin air in a city like New York. I pray for the better but it doesn’t look good being that so much time has passed.

    Buenos Dias Metty Y Metters!!!

  4. met i have a 5 year old how has autism an is non verbal i can’t believe that the school let this happen .this is so upsetting and sad you send your disable child from the safety of there home thinking they are safe in school and this happens when you have a child like this you are always on your toes you have to watch them so much .this is carelessness on the school.i so mad right now about this child cause it could be my son.

  5. This story really stress me out because there are monsters out there. I posted it on my FB and IG also. I hope and pray that they do find him safe. Can’t imagine what his parents and family are going through. Like someone said above, prayers move moutains. Just knowing that he may be cold and hungry and wants his family is very sad. You can tell by the sparkle in hsi eyes that he is a happy young man. Prayers and more prayers for his safe return. Hats off to NYPD, The Subway system and volunteers.
    Good Afternoon Ms Met and Meterrz.

  6. wake up humans their are something taking place thats so evil and cnn and fox news is not talking about it i don’t know if the government is responsible for all these missing children but this is very creepy. children’s being used as sex slaves some even being murdered just for there Organs this sounds untrue but trust me its real. just look at all the kids going missing lately.

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