Smh trying to keep up with apple you so desperate that you went and order fake red bottoms and your own friend talk your secret. You should be trying to get out that basement it is not safe for living conditions. The time you spend everyday discussing Trini p you should be spending that time getting your son in a school. I’m not talking bad about your kid I’m letting you know this is America you can’t leave kids home alone to go out and stalk the girl man. This is a warning the next time I get a call that you leave him alone im going to send the cops there , I don’t care who agree or disagree with me it’s too many kids dying because of careless mothers like you. You telling people that shotta and Trisha son going to be a bulla man because they have the batty man around him but you is a wicked because the same batty man was going to help you fight apple when you and him was bench and batty. Trini p was never wrong about you. You need to tell everyone how you does print Kizzy picture off computer and put it under black candle wicked tell the people how you took apple picture to the cemetery and bury it. I know about the voodo doll you order from Trinidad that Is suppose to be Kizzy yes I know you planning on breaking the fingers off so she can’t make money.



  2. Nuh dis same gyal keep going to jail fi thief???? Yuh voodoo cudden keep you from getting caught. Plead the blood against evildoers and workers of iniquity in Jesus name. Believe kill and believe cure. Mothers be careful what you do when you have kids. Mi nuh surprise unu young gyal love obeach suh because unu very badmind…,

  3. met one day i was in wallgrens and i see her printing out pics of kizzy baby girl funny thing is that she dont know me.i was behind her waiting on my pics she try to hide it but i saw it when one drop,im shock to know this is what she is doing.kizzy is my cousin friend so i didnt repeat what i saw because i cant bother with mix up. this is wrong she needs god in her life

  4. met this girl reminds me of a african movie, she will not stop untill she gets this man. why is she talking about the girl kid going to be a battyman,met i dont feel sorry for brenton because you did worn him one time when he came on this site cussing everybody for this wicked girl

    1. well i have no comment cause cutty p did seh candle was burning from kizzy end to one a di time so dem know why dem burning everybaddie burning :tkp

      1. Met yuh see how yuh neatly seh dat and cut. Wooooiiiieeeee!! Met mi parey seh the dancehall hot gyal dem love obeach bad. Him tell mi about one wah write gyal name pon paper because she grudge de gyal fi har things. Mi glad dancehall a nuh my thing. Yuh wudda shock some a de obeach wukking dancehall stregge dem. Him seh him see him BM a wil obeach fi get second 8 afta dat him split because him nuh trust har…!!!

  5. I think Trini P sent this in. Nuh too believe these things bout obeah this n that. This chick spend half of her life in jail a wen her no papers ass get time fi a send to Trinidad back n forth kmt sender you need more people & so what if her shoes fake it look good. Obviously Jay icon still a fucc her cuz I don’t see how this would be relevant at this time. Her Kizzy & Apple are the same on the same level thief nuh rass! Kmt what’s this story even about? We know Zulika a teef n tekka & CAYLISSS from the baby conceive but what are you getting at? Sender?

        1. also ip address nuh come ina email but fp se she know how trini p writes..this is an email trini p sent me years ago

          Hi met this trini p…from what i know the people on your site is
          saying that is me who crop the picture to get back at zalika..they
          been at war since 2006…and for those who didnt know bbm is a
          personal connection in your phone that i cant get in to do
          shit….paris has personal messages from zalika stating that its her
          body and she is so mentally convinced that its her body and her agency
          in ATL told her to pose and dress like paris…smh….for all those
          who really no me i’ma one army bitch i don;t need to team up for
          war….and if u think for one second that this is the way to get back
          at zalika for putting up my personal pictures… so highly
          convince you’ll ppl dont know me….because trust me if i was to get
          back at zalika it will be a national holiday in brooklyn call the
          TRINI P DAY…anywho folks have you’ll self a wonderful day…WINK

      1. Metty dis fool up a top have mi a dead bout swell foot :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer ___________________________________________

  6. dem people ya is a set of mad rass people,one bunchie fowlbirds of a feather fux together, nuh better herring no better barrel, all dem a doe the foolishness fi keep the wuthless man dem weh some a dem affi mine fi keep.

  7. Di hole a dem a wuk obeah so what’s new??? Kizzy and apple do it tooo. Yes met one big bwile did gwan wid cutty and Kizzy cuz even di fambily members fi jj say Kizzy wuk di obeah when dem was enemy, now dem a fren so Kizzy obeah trang. Set a fools.


  8. Met the ongle obeah weh apple get a di ppl dem cards weh she teef! I remember when this girl n Trini p was in argument & like choc said the writing can’t hide! & anonymous u are a wicked person fi say u see d gal a walgreens a print Kizzy baby pics really???!!! Apple foot swell cuz she walk up and done and thief too damn much !! Har foot must swell it shoulda buss to! .. Kmt I hate mix up ppl !!! Tru because dem know the gal is a maniac dem a start pare foolishness. I don’t believe this story one bit!

    1. fashion ow yuh suh sure seh dem a lie suh, birds of a feddah flock togeddah do u noe weh dem use to duh wen dem a did fren? anonymous gud to be a very “close” fren a dem seh is onli yuh fren noe yuh secret

      1. Well yuh right still. Who to know but I just don’t believe the WALGREENS incident at all. Everything else possibility but Walgreens NOPE

        1. but fp if u dont know her u nor me cant se if it nuh go so we can seh we wish a lie and di person wicked if is lie but obeah is in dem dna and trinp and the sender dont type the same.everyting dem always blame trinip so that is why mi waa clear it up

          1. Ook Metty. I get what you’re saying but I think them a try spice it up & add on dem fi tappi man

  9. fashion you making a clown of yourself every post put up about this girl you claim you dont know her but you know all the details. who you fooing? look back at the post three years ago about her and come again. you think all of us is fools on here

  10. Every post anonymous? Don’t tell nuh lie pon mi jezebel!
    I comment on what I feel like comment who must stop me though?
    Anonymous YOU ARE MAKING A CLOWN OF YOURSELF! You are quite obsessed with this theeevin gal but for what though? Your life must be just as pathetic as hers! I’ve seen all the posts about ZULIKA & being that you just accused me of being on every post with her & then asking me to look back justifies why you are a complete IDIOT & don’t know wtf yuh ah chat say! Kmft I just call out effry as mi see it! Must be someone she’s currently beefing with using old shit against her that is not right!

    @Met ok cool. But mi still feel say a smaddy a frig wid Har man

  11. its trini p years ago she was attacking my friend behind a fake myspace page an talking about my friends friends in that dancehall circle she love to try an keep her self relevant when she need to sit down trini p your era done. media takeout ass she do anything for a hype

  12. U know mi feel sorry fi zulika she believe the hype bout she can tek any gyal man due to her shape now she leff out in the cold and her same frens was hyping her that I witnessed
    Obeah tiefs your spirit u too young fi o beah leave that to the ole woman dem

  13. lawd thank u father god,for they way that me and my family are don’t mix or mingle wid dutty dancehall people :maho thank you heavenly father for my few friends ,,,,, dangerous people :tkp stay far far :tkp

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