An Ohio father’s worst nightmare came to life after he discovered his 11-year-old daughter living with a 30-year-old sexual predator.

According to reports by the Chronicle-Telegram, an 11-year-old girl from Lorain, Ohio was reported missing on Feb. 19. Police and family members searched for the young girl, but her whereabouts remained unknown for two weeks.

However, the girl’s father continued to search for her around the city. On March 1, the father spotted his daughter leaving a house and getting into Chris Sims’, 30, car at 1 a.m. The young girl’s father followed the car and called police.

Thirty minutes later, the police stopped Sims and found the 11-year-old girl sitting in his backseat. After taking Sims into custody, the young girl revealed details of her relationship with Sims.

The girl told authorities she met Sims on Facebook and the two met face-to-face on Feb. 19. The girl eventually began living with Sims and the two engaged in sex on Feb. 26.

Sims was indicted for raping a minor in 2010, but charges were reduced to gross sexual imposition.

Sims is awaiting sentencing on that case and is currently being held for $1 million for having sex with the 11-year-old girl.

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  1. Good afternoon Met and Metters…. Wtf is wrong with these damn sexual predators. I would kill any man or woman who would ever try to prey upon any of my children. How do you take advantage of a child. I’m 31 and still have pain from havering intercourse. Imagine an 11 year old or a 5 year old being raped. If that was my child I’d be in jail and he’d be in a damn body bag. Smdh

  2. Dem likely kids here too hot in the pants. At 11 you don’t need a social media account, there are two many dangers lurking online especially if your not smart enough to know not to deliver yourself over to online strangers. People need to enlighten their kids that predators lurk everywhere and will approach you in the form of a twelve year old boy or even girlfriend. They’re lucky he hadn’t already killed her and to think he’s a black man. She should have been home reading a book instead of engaging in online tryst.

    1. Have you ever try telling a 13-year that? You deactivate the account and they go behind your back and re-create the account. They say if you can’t hear you will feel. No matter what you say, these kids are hell bent on joining these destructive sites, not to mention the fake profiles and attack on their “enemies”

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