What happen to Terry Berry. Dis is bout di 3rd party him keep an she MIA….. Dem leff or she just busy. Memba dem was dancehall fav couple. Altho mi did tink dem a try too hard wid do bag a kissing as dem see di camera. I hope all is well an she doing OK.

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  1. Ohhh That’s lovely. :angel :angel Congratulations NOT JUDGING TERRY AT ALL….( This is is just a general statement) I hope and pray most of these women that are suddenly entering into his gates with thanksgiving and praise are doing it for the right reasons because mi notice when man start give dem problems dem run to curch in hopes that God will miraculously just change the man. I hope they know that the man has to reach out to God too. IJS

  2. Oh and No unda cover tekka dem don’t divorce nor planning on divorcing either he supports her Christian lifestyle 100% so keep standing in line cause yuh wait ago long boo

  3. Mi like dem from
    Long time …hear she change har life … Dats good girl miss berry …mi soon change fi mi Dwl

  4. God the only top man.. he deserves all praises, not man. Congrats Terry you’re on the right path stay strong, trust in him & he will always see you through

  5. @ Anon 9:20am, a true man, when pressure reach dem, an dem cya withstand dem turn to organize religion and in some cases bed wid di pastor. (Not saying she will).

  6. Smh. Kerry Berry— So a man thinketh so is he. Maybe you are the one who is silently waiting for Paul to leave his wife. Why would that come to your mind. Someone simply asked where is she and you automatically equate that to someone want har husband. Unu good sah

  7. I saw the headline and my blood jus stawt BWOIL!!!
    Kerry u ansa RIGHT! And fi di CROSSES whe a chat bout too much wid the kissing when video cum roun… BITCH… They been that way prior to dancehall. Dat is a part of the reason him NOT leaving! Some ah unno nuh know bout LOVE cah nat even unnu mumah and pupah love unnu.
    Not only does she have a man that supports her but she has GREAT friends who don’t sit and chat her but has her back and best interest in mind… TWO things u chicks in dance don’t have and don’t keep- a man who loves u dearly and TRUE Friends who have your back. I wouldn’t even waste my time to even mention this this to her as she will care…ZEROOO! And for all who plan on taking me on YES…I care! This just further confirms some of u have no life and love to SHIT STIR!!!!!

    1. She and d man lef now mi hear. She tek d man while him did live wid him wife and breed fi di man. D man lef him wife wid d 5 Pickney dem and move In wid Terry. Terry eye water deh pon yuh. Gone all ah d woman yard wid yuh bright bloodclaat self. She should ah throw shit pon yuh.

  8. Anon… Both u and chocolate r stirring the same shit! The woman didn’t go to church to stop Paul from leaving. Unnuh DARK and IGNANT eeh???

  9. Chocolate Paul and Terry deh oh long him and Terry nah leff so wha a wha yes him lef him wife fi terry and wha happen yuh point is what? That story deh ole from high school days cum betta
    Mi nah lie when unno she ppl man and want dem unnoh go harddddddddd no sah chocolate him nah leff terry a bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. Want people man yuh seh?? Mi noh chat tuh bloodclaat dancehall man! Mi know him waaayyu before bloodclaat Terry!! D whole family to b exact. Ah dead yuh ah dead caws yuh noh know ah who mi be. BITCH SUCK A DICK OR DIE TRYING!!

  10. Chocolate God don’t like ugly yuh right and Terry run gone inna church a nuh sum whey bad she gaan tek a pages outta har book and find a church to cuz yuh heart waan clean up bad fi a carry over 10 year grudge fi Terry

    1. Carry grudge? Fi wah? Mi just ah state the facts as old as dem may be. Me glad she Ina church that’s is the best thing she do maybe she wi stop get the beaten dem from him… Ah Baaayyyy mi know oonuh secret.

  11. BOOOOOMMMM … Wtf!!!! Just dropped a bomb. DYAM BADMIND low lives.
    UNNUH and unnu CRAB mentality. Even if dem lef… What is it to anyone??? U all should try to put yourself in another person’s shoe… I think if u did that … U’d refrain from the stupidity more often!
    Terry mi fren… Luv yuh more dan cook food!!! May God continue to bless u and your family!

  12. Chocolate yuh sound hurt sey a di browning inna do front seat and not you don’t it see it deh mek yuh Neva sey so from long time hence the badwud dem yuh start cuss and yuh blood pressure all gaan up “secret” yuh sey ok beating right a dat yuh sey lol laugh afta you no one cares who you are but good night we will remember you in church Sunday we will pray you through boo don’t let your heart be troubled Go dung dutty bad mind we will chant for you Chocolate you will be set free from bad mind it had to go no thanks needed anytime boo anytime

  13. Chocolate yuh know mi deh here a read an mi confuse. Lol. Some one ask wha happen to Terry tru dem don’t see har and all of a sudden a Paul ppl want mek dem ask. Smh. Chocolate tanx fi come clear it up cause a years mi know Peter and Paul an a never know say Terry is beaten stick fi Paul. Anonymous neva say she go into church to hold Paul, the person just mek a general statement. Yet Kerry Berry a holla out stupid, badmind, grudge and all dese tings. Kmt. Yuh know mi always tink Terry fren dem was classy and sensible wid intelligence but who ever dis person is who is defending Terry, yuh not doing har no justice. Cause u dark like outta door. GN

  14. Congrats to her but when u mash up ppl married life drama always follow u. She use to see paul wife and trouble her suh when paul start give her a dose a the same medicine she run go church bout ppl a obeah are. A karma a beat u.

  15. When Terry and Paul started to date… She had no idea he was attached. I mean she was a teenager. Also, if a man spends weeks at your house at a time (without going home) u r likely to think he is not in a relationship with someone… Let alone married!!!! By the time she found out he was married it was well In their 2nd year together when love had ready set in. Then she found out he had kids (4) at the time caz let’s be honest… Charmine slept with him even after he left… Hence the 5th child. When Terry attempted to leave upon learning this info he parted ways with Charmaine as she expressed to him she would not be with a married man. They’ve been together over 15 years now and u r still reflecting on that ancient TALE!
    Yes someone did ask for her BUT let’s be honest … this was just a card played… as that is not the info sender wanted to hear!!!
    As far as u thinking Terry’s friends were classy r concerned… Don’t WASTE a thought as we could care LESS what u think and do NOT need your validation!!! Mi sure yuh head ah hat yuh right now since that’s probably the most u’ve used it.
    It’s so sad that u guys seem to thrive of other people’s unhappiness!!! Oh and BTW, that’s how I know u guys r EVIL. Caz truth b told whether Christian or not… Terry was NEVER one to trouble people especially her husband’s ex-wife. Why would anyone do that? That would just cause additional termoil in thier relationship and the co-parenting relationship Charmaine has with Paul. Another thing is if UNNUH did know Terry… U’d know she would NOT tek nuh lik fram nubady… Paul included!!!!!!!!
    UNNUH need fi get a life. ChalklLATE… Ur feathers seemed to have gotten a bit ruffled… Take it easy! We will do u the favor u asked above, don’t worry love. Di devil trang Bwoy.

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