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  1. why can’t these people start by reading the bible then the newspaper…and they in dancehall hyping and cant read or write…..sad sad sad.

  2. That is a sad story. It just goes to show no matter how much you are there for people, when you arein need you can’t depend on them.

  3. The writing and the reasoning a beat me baddddd cuz if di man call you fi bring food then where and when this person can help u when you get lock up????? If he can’t find food money a bail money him ago find???? Mi nuh wrong di man yuh did gaan wid yuh man yes a nuh lie him a tell yuh gaan wid di police man

  4. Wow, u know what I notice about a lot of theses ppl, dem can’t read and write for shit. What the f**k, I barely understand shit she’s was trying to say, I had to try to put 2 and 2 together, smh, what the hell u guys was doing when u were suppose to be in school? F**king?????!!!!! Smh.

  5. Most times when ppl are upset they type fast and don’t read back after they type she seem to be upset about what happen y’all act like y’all never made mistakes bbefore. I went on her page and everything else she has post is spell correctly. Give her a break she is free

  6. Maybe di phone did ring just like how she write/spell suh di man get suh confused and messed up in di head it nuh baddah answer. Is your fault chile u said di man seh don’t worry when u reach u car suh,if dat is wah u meant to say? All u needed to do was tun round and guh back to u bed, that would have been 3:05. Plus is u responsible fi u vehicle, wah u deh have big truck and saspended license fah, and a drive wid phone innah hand at dah u nuh hab di “blue teeth” :ngakak :ngakak. Fuss mi deh hear seh di devil is a list dou…dah one wicked!!
    Met, di list saspended and so is di man it look like..

  7. Di dutty devil is a list :ngakak an dis poor gurl deh ah di top :sorry What ah misfortune fi all ah we weh haffi read dis 2-3 times fi even get di gist of di story. Fi spell 1-2 words wrong ah nuh crime…..but no sah if the policeman did read dis yuh woulda definitely serve time :ngakak Unno tek illiteracy to ah chronic level….:travel

    1. Waan man call her up out har bed at 3am fi come bring food, could be 3pm, no specification provided. Shi get in har cyaar widdi food and police hold har fi suspended license. Di smaddy wah meck di food order was nowhere to assist har in har hold; anyways, shi ketch back a road and get back har truck ongle fi find out seh di radio stolen. Shi seh di sed ppl who u dere for when dem in time of need is nowhere to be found in your time of need. She also mecking di smaddy know seh wid all shi guh troo shi free at last. She went through quite an ordeal fi chu.
      Moral a di story: unless a u husband, nuh get out u bed fi bring no broke man food.

      1. Tenk yuh fi bruk bruk bruk bruk brruk bruk it dung fi mi Anon, yuh deserve a trophy fi dat, cauz a swear mi get an instant migraine trying to decipher dis bullshit, all moral a d story we get to, lol hold day trophy yah mumma :pertamax she lose mi right after she seh “good afternoon fb, d dutty devil is a list” s rigght desso she write mi off neva to recover, cauz mi cldnt mek sense out a dah nonsense deh at all

  8. @4:16 u finally break it down fi me low self esteem gal a carry food guh feed har bruk hungry pocket man n him tun roun n diss are hope now she learn har lesson mnl dwllll wat a stress fi guh tru ova 1 cocky lolllll

  9. D mon she talkin is Rico ana rico premier truck, she dun kno r license suspended and still ah drive. Plus she av unpaid tkts, too..him always a diss r true she feel him nuh kno bout all ah d mon dem she ah f**k!!!!! Wanna b jamaican tek several seats. D mon doa bruk, ah she bruk wid r fake asrse.
    Get a career gurl, and fix ur face, it saspended like ur license!!!!!!!!

  10. This dumm bitch… Is not everything good fi eat good fi talk!!!… Guh pick up a BLOODCLAAT book yuh too damn dunce!!!

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