One thought on “MISSING WITH FUNDS

  1. She probably gone a farrin. If she rob millions, then invest some money in a private investigator nuh and meck dem flush her out. Some ppl different een man, you paying dem and dem still teefing and a bruck dung you business. Dats why more time when dem a bawl bout no job opportunities nuh deh mi nuh look cause if past business owners were to come forward fi talk how teefing employees wreck dem business space wouldn’t deh fi all dem stories told. Is whole heap a business a yawd pop dung sake a teefing workers. One a di media house fi do an investigative report on it cause a serious ting mi a talk.

    At my former workplace they had a stationery room where you go and get what you need to do your job whenever you want and nobody nah monitor you. I never one day teck a ting seh mi a bring home. Dem paying mi, so what dem pay me is supposed to take care of my personal needs. Unnu fi stop steal from unnu employers, and mash up ppl business. Nuff a unnu white squall fi teck unno under unno bumbo cause as soon as anyone hire unnu automatically unnu believe is a free for all inna di ppl dem place, so yes unnu life fi full a poverty and lack cause unnu too rass teef. Teefing can never better unnu cause unnu breaking a fundamental, immutable universal law, so all di teef unnu teef di money or goods will always bring destruction pon unnu, and that is a fact!

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