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A wamuh to rando and hm wifi cause a wife deh nuh ready yet what was that she wear go a flawless party after a neva strip club settings she neva ready fi somebody Weh a com frm foreign yo need to tel yo man fi mind hm pickney and stop use Kayon fat fry d bby Christmas not even a Suite a clothes hm buy d Likkle boy and inna dance a hype you and hm Nd hm bby hungry

4 thoughts on “SIR, PICKNEY FI MINE

  1. Low the blood cloth man and his wife. You never know seh him did married? Bitch Pinckney nah hold man again. You did want Pinckney you get Pinckney. So gweh.

  2. @Anonymous, 1:46pm, Fu@k outta here with that bullshit!!!!! Go tell that SCUM OF THE EARTH fi guh MIND him pikney!!!!! Him neva know him did married when him ah grind di mother????? It takes two to Tango!!!!! All him haffi dhu is disassociate himself from di babymada; if him mean him marriage and wife any good, and STAND UP AS A MAN, TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY FOR HIS F-UP AND TAKE CARE OF HIS DAMN CHILD!!!!! That poor BABY is INNOCENT and DID NOT ASK to be a part of this nonsense, and should UNDER NOOOOO (0) CIRCUMSTANCES suffer as a result of it! There’s no use crying over spilt milk! What’s done is done! It’s now time to assume responsibility! That [email protected] dog shit, yuh si him rass face!?! Sickening!

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