International celebrity Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose made a recent visit to Trinidad’s carnival a few days ago. Wearing a detailed costume that had all the shenanigans of what Trinidad’s very festive street party is all about , Rose looked awesome but there have been mixed reactions by Trinidadians as to why she made the cover of their popular news paper.
She came down and everyone making a spectacle out of it
Yall treating her like she’s some goddess or something
My word…
I wonder if people understand she’s getting paid to be here jus like miss Jamaica
Cause u know stripper are Goddess. Dont let Kanye hear u and run up on u, oh hold on he treated her like a stripper. never mind.
It’s always nice to know that someone comes to appreciate our culture, this is why we can’t go worldwide. Small minded thinking like this
So why Is she on the front page ? plenty of local beauties could’ve been there. You’re making a spectacle out of an ex-stripper
To everyone bashing the girl…she’s getting paid to promote a band…and by extension to promote Trinidad and Tobago Carnival…her Instagram post in costume with the #TrinidadAndTobagoCarnival hashtag is already on E! News website and T&T Carnival was mentioned in the article. After that whole ridiculous ebola debacle we need all the exposure we can get to bring more visitors to our shores.
Glad to see celebrities supporting our carnival
To everyone hating that she is on the front page, this is excellent. this is Trinidad trying to sell its carnival to the world by using someone who is known worldwide. people will look at this from all over the world and more visitors will be here next year. carnival is a business.. so relax.


  1. Carnival is a business so I don’t see the problem with her on front page my hairdresser was a Trini n believe me they take their carnival serious. She would start prepare two months before on her costumes n fly down every carnival

  2. These trinidadians are so damn annoying AS PER USUAL! even tho me nuh fancy Kaci Fennell a shudda she mek d front page suh dem coulda dead

      1. Fa real Honey lol…Wicked, please doe mek di Trinis dem runeen pa wi todeh come pressurize di board ca mi cyaah manage di headache todeh none atall :nohope

  3. A lot of bigger celebrities have graced our island with their presence . So I don’t see y there’s so much controversy surrounding Amber being there. Trinidad is the land of love and soca n unfortunately this article does not represent that . Shame on d negative people who chose to comment,y’all need to do better and shame on the people who bashed Ms Jamaica some of y’all sound illiterate

    1. Honest, what u talking about? Who said shiiiiit about Kaci? And what article? All I saw is the cover of a Newspaper! Btw, it’s your people who started a controversy about Amber.

  4. “After the whole Ebola ridiculous Ebola debacle”. Let me ask a stupid question: TNT had Ebola case?
    Well as for Amber, Island folks like to go crazy over foreigners wether she was paid or not. I was wondering what brought er to Trini, cause I didn’t know she is a carnival fan.

  5. Whats the beef? Trinidads carnival to others (other than Trinidadians) has recently began to get luke warm, Amber looks great and brought publicity to this years festivities…..find something else relavant to your island to make noise about such as the kidnappings and senseless killings!

  6. People need tuh understand that within every aspect of life, one hand always washes the other….certain people are always beneficial to the success of a business…in Amber’s case for Trinidad, this means more interest, more tourism, more revenue…stripper or no stripper,she looks great!!!!! :2thumbup

  7. Stuepsss honey bee I didn’t fart on cotton and give u to smell so don’t follow me up. I was referring to my Trini ppl critizing Amber and I was talking about the article that was put up about miss Jamaica !!! And how the trini ppl commented and called her all types of names. It wasn’t cool and I felt bad that d lady came to Trinidad to enjoy her self n they do her up like that

  8. Honey bee I didn’t fart on cotton and give you to smell so please don’t follow me up thanks! I was referring to the negative comments from my Trini people directed towards amber!! And I was speaking about and article that was put up by my people about miss Jamaica and how the people commented and called her all types of names. I felt bad that Kaci went to Trinidad to enjoy her self and they do her up like that

  9. Met I was not at all talking about people on your site I’m sorry I didn’t specify what I was speaking about and Calling us miserable is your opinion so I’ll leave it as that

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