1. Didn’t she put up pic awwhile way back bt going to Stanford for Nursing or wateva wat happened with dat certification if any?
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

        1. Oh kinda sad how these girls were so pretty but were just mentally corrupt..had they jus stayed on the str8 n’ narrow, they would’ve became successful within their business and personal lives…such ah waste..

          1. Not a bad looking lady however if your wants are well above your means and you have no huge talent (well in Shawna, Dolly, Sweets, they know how to put their clothes together, cheap to brands, their talent) to provide you with these things reach you. It’s been a few years since Shawna’s cash cow was murdered and she has not corralled another like him since so the high end life has been challenging for her to keep up.

          2. Quen Quen, vanity *along with good looks an tight hole* will only get you but so far smh…suh alla har weekend rendezvous tuh the Hamptons , neva land har ah rich man???

  2. Dem a get tiad fi lick dem up for de same shit den she did phuck a top druggist like dat nd neva really bank ntn offa him for dis rainy day….shawna suda well phuck’n off if she did truly smart suda all sort out from wen cuz money did a run fi she even pay smaddy smfh

    1. If you cannot prove how you enter the Country legally, no amount of money is going get you a green card. She should just leave and come back with new identity, maybe using @Puertoriquena links up in Upper Manhattan.

    1. Shawna had an open existing case for thiefT, ICE was alerted, hence why she is now fighting deportation. Jue is awaiting a better deal, he too had an open case and instead of waiting for the outcome headed on the Sprain with the CoCo to maintain his and my friend (in my head) Kerry’s hype life. The outcome will be time…….wait for it!

      1. Jue gonna rub time for sure and Kerry like shawna didn’t have enough money put down. This is a constant issue. The one boy raja who favor jue Fi watch and learn. 1. Never get caught carrying keys. 2. Don’t rob dealers. 3. Get a humble girl who has a regular job and is not too hype and can at least get a home.. 4. Save up bc there are only two ways out ant pitney haffi provide for.. 5. Stay off social media and don’t tek pics inna party.

          1. Raja a one likkle youth weh a try be jue. A him same one zuleka and one brown girl a fight over. And it post pon here regularly. Mu think he call himself raja_dat or something like it on the gram. Anyway, he get too hype and the girl is worse. Like shawna and a number of others them love subtract and hold the money but don’t know if add and build. Jaimie left the wife with a house that was in foreclosure bc the tenant Another dancehall bat wouldn’t pay the rent. Then your friend in your head Kerry couldn’t maintain so car get repo, what kind of nonsense is that and rent can’t pay. If a keys the man a work with and get caught with how come only a few weeks worth of money is available. It is frightening. Quena you di school them on how to live the life under the radar.

  3. From Lefrac dead this gal nuh stop thief,Fi show seh him never rate her,thieving shawna a gwaan like she did wah diss the man wife but the wife living comfy nd shawna nuh stop thief till them tired fi trow har in a jail.

    1. So it was a married man she was dealing wid? Such a shame for her, and di wife having di last laugh as nine times out of ten it guh.

    2. Has nothing to do with him not rating Shawna, from onlookers he didn’t rate the wife much more either because he never hid Shawna from her. In any case the wife has a profession and had it while Roc’ was alive (smart lady), it doesn’t matter what the man your involved with has or is into, you suppose to be able to eat and drink with or without him…..his should always be desert, if so choose! Shawna had a little money holding but smart accounting shows you can’t just subtract, you should be adding whilst!

  4. Yes. According to ppl weh link me from same place shawna there fighting deportation so she willing to spend 6mnths to 2 years a immigration because she dnt want to go down. But me ask her a few questions. Shawna you have Pickney up ya or anything that will cause you distress if you get send home? So how come you fighting? Kmt. This is a fight a dnt think you gonna win. All them bag an boot money could’ve sort out ur papers. I dnt know why unuh can’t know say get the paperwork in order fuss. Unuh priorities too backward..

    1. She can always use the lesbian angle…saying she will be killed because she is a Lesbian and they kill Lesbos in Jamaica. Might work.

  5. Shanieka use to fuk lefrock an pose up wit shana inna pic wid dolly dem a wonda if shi tell shana say si use to fuk har shi nih stp run behind retoe weh own squads an him treat har like shit..

  6. I wish Shawna the best and hope them nuh dip her but the time she did tek fi go the man yard nd a tell the wife a bag things,till him come run her y she never go look bout her papers damn fool

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