BirdBox Me ID!Worsts Jamaican inna the Bahamas she do hair, name Anna-lee Everyman run through her! From friendzy to unity drink out the man them dun her out. Come Nassau come make Jamaican look dyam bad.From the contractor man young gyal beat her out the man life she tun idiot. She use to bun the man go an come an galant like she a goodas. Every Gyal she friend she sidung an chat especially the Gyal wan own the bar name Simone with the one foot she no wrong go done her.

Have one child a hear an she rather mine man than take care a her child, last year she fight a police an inna lock up an she did have a friend wah good to her an do all her run up an down fi her the gyal diss the girl cause things water down fi the girl. An a the same girl did have to end up cal the contractor man fi come clear a Complain wah him did file fi him . See how life funny one bag a people good to she an all she do a f**k them up an f**k them man.

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  1. Sender Do they have a Jamal version in Bahamas?Find out and sign up for remedial classes with immediate effect…focus on ur education and stop focussing on goodie’s front mileage.

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