Hello Met.

It seems to me like the Mobay artiste dem a bring the scamming to Kingston? They move to Kingston for the music, and them scammer frens that they need for the hype move with them too. Not saying it wasn’t here before, but it’s getting bigger with more people involved. What they don’t understand is that nuff Mobay yutes go inna badness because of scamming, but Kingston man dem a born bad man, they murder people for no good reason, so imagine what is going to happen when Benz and bimmer and millions of dollars are involved? We Kingston residents are going to hold our belly and bawl. The police need to prepare themselves for the massacre that is coming. The big belly manager need to watch himself as well.


    1. Yes to rass call dirt..nutten naw gwan.only fi dem. I Kno a hot. Gal.affi runwey. From scamma a mobay. Say it was getting too dangerous

  1. Romeich is the manager. Him look like him allow any and any one to come down him place and par. This is getting serious, The bagga man man parring nuh make no sense. A because them have the scamming money everybody laugh up with them but these yutes bring nothing but death and destruction.

  2. Absolutely NO lies told here. Waiting patiently….. cause obviously dem nuh know se, weh u reap u MUST sow.

  3. suh met them take away all a pop caan visa, every single one a dem. Uno notice that Drake not even fool around him anymore. Is pure mixx up pop caan name a call up in, it is alleged that him buy gun give some youth a broke valley and them kill 2 a dem and them run go mobay and a pure small hotel aka guest house pop caan and him man dem live in a out a st. thomas. three a di boy from brook valley go a guest house a mobay and the people dem call police pon them clath . Suh nuff a uno whey did a chat bout pop caan a good youth, look what a go take place now because poppy name a call up big big with gun activities. right now him move from one guest house a st. thomas and mash up the people dem place, all the people dem TV dem mash up and them run gone to another guest house. Now this is popcaan that have house uptown and cant live there and have house a st thomas and refuse to stay there. a night time when him a sleep a bag a man outside a watch him like dem a him security guards. so what exactly is pop caan mixxed up in???? see how them a nip those mobay artist freinds that mr. romeich sign yes sah it is gonna get worst yah now.

  4. So WHO exactly are they hiding from? A some Colombians? Russians? Police? Military? Is so dem man deh bad, that so much hiding has to be taking place? All now that part of the story don’t talk. Who wet up Pablo Don and Michii, plus Teejay 3 frens? No one has a clue? Something is rotten in Denmark.

  5. I tell you …ppl just get up and accuse and say things just like that…it is really not fair…all because someone doesn’t like you ?

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