Hide mi ID deh pinky …but i dont understand how this girl so leggo and worthless..every party mi see her she just a carry on like one big waste gal..look how your pretty and u just a waste your life away..where are your kids??..as far as i can see u dont care for none of them not one of them lives with or spend good time with u,more than u deh all over the place wid one bag a careless gal gal and man man..i use to admire wen u and rickel was together look like he was trying to turn u into a woman but seems like that was hard for him to do because u never cut out for that at all to how i see u carry around yourself🤔..mi naa lie as much as people say rickel gay and say all sort of bad things about him,ive know him for years and all i can say he is a very humble dude! Me and rickel is from same community and no one there has nothing bad to say about him at all we have never seeing him in no funny play,that gay shit is just mouth talk all because he might look or dress a certain way..
Smh..i think he even engaged her at one point..but they fought alot the words she tell him infront of his family and kids are very disrespectful and disturbing,she tell him fi suck out her pussy and suck his mother and call him all sort of name and the neighbors could hear it all sigh,she flop him out in the street wicked ..basic him put her on the mop and she take him off.all because of her its like nobody look up to him certain way anymore ..naa say dem never have infidelity problems but u was worst than him u f*** alot of people ina him circle and people knows people suh u know how that go..and him never loud u up but she take it out of context all the time even disgrace him on social media over simple matter that could have dealt with better sigh..girl u need to get your life together keep your kids close to u..be a mother figure to your young babies ..u too pretty fi so loose .

4 thoughts on “WHEELIE HEEN

  1. sender go find something and duh, uno see say the hatered and badmind uno have fi each other worst than racism, and uno see say a black people a kill black people more than anything else because of badmind. levae the girl alone. sender people like u sound bad mind and damm evil, uno worst than thief.

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